ANCHOR POINTE Audio Burst with Skip Orem

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 Audio Burst BATTLE PLAN #1 ACT NOW  with Skip Orem


a battle plan. You’ve been diagnosed with a life-threatening disease. You are in a battle the day you receive that scary life-changing news. Shots have been fired, you’ve been diagnosed with a life-threatening disease. You finish the call with your doctor or you leave the doctor’s office after hearing this terrible news. What now did the doctor say what I just thought I heard, and then what else did he say after that? I’m confused. I’m scared I might actually die. What am I gonna do now? What usually happens you don’t believe what you just heard. Did you just really hear what you thought you heard? You’ll be sort of in shock. You’ll go through all the stages of grief and loss, denial, keeping everything to yourself, anger, laing, depression, and then finally acceptance. Those stages could happen quickly or they might occur over a couple of days, even weeks. However, this is important for your survival. You need to skip ahead in that process, that denial part, deal with it

Immediately accept you do in fact have this disease. You don’t have time for denial because there’s a fire in your house. There really is no time for these crazy stages of denial and all that to occur. You need to get the family, your pet and yourself out of the fire to safety. Go into action immediately after you get the diagnosis. Put your battle plan in effect, get moving. Time is of the essence. Step one, take control of the situation right now. Of course, you’re in shock, but you need to take control immediately. It’s your only priority. Your only job right now take control of this disease or it’s gonna kill you. And then step one a, ask for God’s help. He’ll be there for you. Don’t leave him out of this. You need God more now than ever. God’s not been in your life. Or if you are like I was a backsliding Christian, this disease is coming to destroy you. It will bring you back to God.

Involve him in your battle with this disease. Pray for his help and guidance. Ask others to pray to him on your behalf. There will be a tendency as you’re going through all this, you might start to isolate yourself for a while. Take some time to get your act together. Well understand this. You don’t really have any time. You don’t have the time to isolate yourself and get your act together. There is a disease in your body. The goal of that disease is to take you out and it’s growing every day. You need friends and family. You need people and you need to act immediately and you need a partner, someone who loves you and can provide constant help. Usually that’s a spouse, a partner, an older child or other family member or close friend. Your partner needs to be someone you can be totally honest and open with about everything.

Someone you don’t need to protect from what’s going on. This person doesn’t need any medical training at all. However, they are now the head of your medical team, your medical director. My wife was my medical director. From the day of the diagnosis forward, we made a decision. She would know everything I knew and actually more about my medical situation. And this is so sad, but it’s true and it’s important for your survival. You cannot be your partner’s protector right now. You’re sick. You’re looking at death in the face for your partner’s sake as well as yours. You need to get well. And the best person to help you do that is your partner, your new medical director. You need to be able to count on your partner to go on the medical appointments with you. Two people listening to what the doctor’s saying, two people taking notes, two people asking questions.

You need that. Some of this stuff you’ll be going through, it’ll be gross. It will gross you out and it will also gross out your partner for, forget about being private or embarrassed. This is life and death stuff and you control freaks out there. It can’t be just you in control. Everything needs to be shared with your partner as your medical team. If you feel you need to protect your partner from some of this stuff, perhaps your partner needs to be someone else because there can be no secrets or hidden information. The in sickness and health clause is being invoked.