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Transcript Audio Burst  BEANS HELPING BEINGS

Let’s talk about beans helping beings on Anchor Pointe. Here is an Anchor Pointe diet truth. No eating plan can be sustained over the long haul if it’s boring. That’s one of the main reasons I don’t recommend specific diets because over time every one of them gets really boring. Most popular diet plans out there, no matter how healthy, if the food featured in the diet does not have variety, if it isn’t satisfying and really if it’s not exciting, it’s going to be really hard to stick with it. When I was diagnosed with cancer, my wife and I immediately started looking at ways to further improve our diet.

We already knew the importance of diet in fighting disease. We just hadn’t been practicing it. I’ll give my

wife Terry credit for this. She came across this book, which I am recommending now. It’s called th

Complete Mediterranean Cookbook, and it’s just loaded with different types of foods and recipes and they’re not only healthy, they’re satisfying and very exciting. I’ll put a link for you to this book on the transcript page for this episode at An important staple and healthy eating and it’s emphasized in this book is beans.


They just offer so many health benefits. They’re an excellent source of healthy protein and they contain folate, which is essential in making healthy red blood cells. Beans are rich in antioxidants and people who consume beans regularly are less likely to die of a heart attack or other cardiovascular problems and no, everybody, I’m not suggesting eating only beans or even eating beans in every meal or eating them every day. I want you to just consider including beans in your overall diet.


They’re so high in fiber and studies have actually shown that they can reduce the risk of cancer and they may even help to stabilize blood glucose levels, which can help prevent diabetes. So I’m going to make this totally true Anchor Pointe statement, beans are really good for human beings. As you plan your diet, make sure that you include beans. The book I’m recommending, The Complete Mediterranean Cookbook, has a ton of very tasty recipes for all types of beans. Yes, they are, everybody. Beans are good for beings.