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Hi, everybody. From the Nashville Studios of the XBHS Radio Network, I’m Skip Orem and welcome to the Beans Helping Beings episode of the Anchor Pointe Podcast. On today’s episode, we take a deep dive into the Anchor Pointe disease fighting and fitness model element of diet. Everybody, November has arrived and with it your commitment to get healthy, fight off those diseases that are trying to attack us baby boomers and to ultimately live a long, happy disease-free and faithful life. I’m just back from a trip to the Florida Panhandle where I had the distinct honor to perform the ceremony at the marriage of my niece, well, actually, she’s my grandniece, to a wonderful young man.


I was so proud of her, proud of that couple and proud to be able to perform that ceremony. We are, everybody, gaining new listeners with each new episode of the Anchor Pointe Podcast. So, well, let me extend a special welcome to all of our new listeners, but I also want to say welcome to our thousands of regular listeners. I’m very proud to say that some of our listeners, some of our regular listeners have been with me since the early days of the Get Fit Pod back in the early 2000s when podcasting was just beginning.


Before we get started, I want to encourage every one of our new listeners to visit the website, Anchor Pointe is spelled with that magical E at the end, the website address, T-H- It’s a really good idea for new listeners to visit our website, because all of the episodes since we began and transcripts are located right there at All right, let’s get today’s episode of the Anchor Pointe Podcast under way right now. Here’s your medical news for seniors.


Eating a well-balanced diet is an important part of staying healthy as we get older. One in four older Americans have poor nutrition. Not eating right as we get older puts us at risk of becoming overweight or underweight. And in addition to making us extremely vulnerable to disease, poor eating habits can weaken our muscles and our bones. As we’ve aged, for most of us, our nutritional needs, our appetite and our eating habits have changed in several different ways. We need fewer calories as we age, so eating more calories than we burn is going to cause us to gain weight.


Then with that weight gain comes less energy and we start to lose muscle mass. In a later episode, I’m going to spend some time talking about how losing muscle mass can lead to injuries and even further weight gain. Now on the other end as we age, some of us actually experience a decrease in our appetite. In some cases, our sense of taste and smell decrease, and this can lead to us not eating as much food as we should. Some of us take medications that may affect our appetite, causing us to eat more or eat less.


The bottom line for us older folks in our late 50s, our 60s, our 70s and beyond, we need to make sure we are eating nutrient rich foods, while at the same time not over or under-eating. And that, everybody, is your Anchor Pointe medical news for seniors for today.


At our age right now, more than ever before in our lives we need to be focused on what we eat. I mentioned on an earlier episode about the importance of talking to your doctor before beginning to change or modify your diet in any way. And everybody, let me repeat, if you’re joining us on this Anchor Pointe health and disease-fighting quest, your doctor needs to be involved. If your doctor has prescribed any medications for you, of course get those prescriptions filled and take the medications as prescribed by your doctor.


Then and only then can you start focusing on your diet. I don’t recommend any specific diets. I’ve tried so many. Some have worked for me for a while, none of them have worked long time. I found that the best strategy is just you working with your doctor, knowing your weight, your body mass index, and then tracking those numbers as you start to improve what you eat. That can pretty much manage your diet. The important thing though everybody is to get started right now.


Whether you’re talking about the Bible or ancient philosophy, all of the ancients believed that one of the worst things was a person who lacked self-discipline. So as far as your diet goes, I urge you to have self- discipline to take control of what and how much you eat. Folks younger than us, well, they’re motivated to diet because they look at people with the perfect bodies and they look at the before and the after pictures. I think it’s easier for us to get motivated because at our age we need to be motivated to watch what we eat and how much we eat, because well, because we are trying to save our lives.


The length of our lives depends on it. This scripture about diet, I find it both interesting and true. Proverbs 25:16, “If you find honey, eat just enough. Too much of it and you will vomit.” And then Proverbs 23:1 through three, “When you sit down to dine with a ruler, know well what is before you and put a knife to your throat if you are given to gluttony.” And then of course everybody who’s studied the Bible knows this. “Our bodies are the temples of God.” First Corinthians three 16 through 17.”Don’t you know that yourselves are God’s temple and that God’s spirit dwells in your mist. If anyone destroys God’s temple, God will destroy that person. For God’s temple is sacred and you together are that temple.” I may be overdoing it with the Bible verses here, but I want to make the point of how important it is both in God’s eyes and in your battle to get and stay healthy to be focused on how much you eat.


Let’s talk about beans helping beings on Anchor Pointe. Here is an Anchor Pointe diet truth. No eating plan can be sustained over the long haul if it’s boring. That’s one of the main reasons I don’t recommend specific diets because over time every one of them gets really boring. Most popular diet plans out there, no matter how healthy, if the food featured in the diet does not have variety, if it isn’t satisfying and really if it’s not exciting, it’s going to be really hard to stick with it. When I was diagnosed with cancer, my wife and I immediately started looking at ways to further improve our diet.

We already knew the importance of diet in fighting disease. We just hadn’t been practicing it. I’ll give my

wife Terry credit for this. She came across this book, which I am recommending now. It’s called th

Complete Mediterranean Cookbook, and it’s just loaded with different types of foods and recipes and they’re not only healthy, they’re satisfying and very exciting. I’ll put a link for you to this book on the transcript page for this episode at An important staple and healthy eating and it’s emphasized in this book is beans.


They just offer so many health benefits. They’re an excellent source of healthy protein and they contain folate, which is essential in making healthy red blood cells. Beans are rich in antioxidants and people who consume beans regularly are less likely to die of a heart attack or other cardiovascular problems and no, everybody, I’m not suggesting eating only beans or even eating beans in every meal or eating them every day. I want you to just consider including beans in your overall diet.


They’re so high in fiber and studies have actually shown that they can reduce the risk of cancer and they may even help to stabilize blood glucose levels, which can help prevent diabetes. So I’m going to make this totally true Anchor Pointe statement, beans are really good for human beings. As you plan your diet, make sure that you include beans. The book I’m recommending, The Complete Mediterranean Cookbook, has a ton of very tasty recipes for all types of beans. Yes, they are, everybody. Beans are good for beings.


Like many of you, the cross is such an important symbol of my faith, crucifix depicting Jesus nailed to the crosser or just the plane cross without Jesus on it. I find it comforting to have that symbol to focus on it and think about what Jesus did for us, what he gave to us by his horrible death on the cross on Good Friday and then his resurrection on Sunday morning. He gave us new life and to me, well, that’s what the cross symbolizes. Not only his suffering but our new life in Jesus. Thinking about the cross, looking at it, it helps me to keep his death and his resurrection always in the front of my mind.


The suffering that Jesus endured, the suffering he endured so that we might be saved, that if we believed in him, believed he was the son of God, followed his teachings that we’d have eternal life. Jesus, he bought and paid for all of that for us, suffering on the cross and then his wonderful resurrection. I was in Germany several years ago. I was on a cruise. I don’t remember if it was the Rhine or Mosul River. It doesn’t matter. As we went up that river looking at all the scenery, I was looking at the churches along the way and it struck me that some had crosses at the top of their steeples while others had a rooster.


A friend on the cruise with me told me that there was sort of a pattern in Europe of crosses being on Catholic churches and then the rooster on churches of the Protestant faiths. He didn’t understand why the differences, but it caused me to start thinking, what about this rooster thing? I was thinking that other than the rooster’s involvement with Peter’s denial of Jesus, I didn’t really get the symbolism of the rooster. It interested me. So I did a little research and I found that in Christianity, the rooster is actually a symbol of Jesus, just like the lamb.


And then in a lot of literature, the rooster, he has this darkness and light symbolism attached to him like Jesus. The rooster announces the light that follows the night. Think about this. The birth of Jesus meant the appearance of new light into the world. The rooster on the weather vane always faces into the wind.

So it’s sort of a symbol of Jesus facing into the sins and dangers of the world. I was thinking that of all

this symbolism of the rooster, I kind of like the symbolism of the rooster announcing the new dawn. (14:49):

Like the rooster announcing the new dawn, Jesus’ death and resurrection announces, well, it announces the new dawn of our new life with him in him. And everybody, whether it’s the promise of the cross or the new dawn being announced by the rooster, my invitation to you, if you haven’t done so already, won’t you come to the light, enjoy the new dawn, leave the darkness and come into the light. Be refreshed. Cover yourself with the light. This is your golden opportunity to have the past wiped away, your sins forgiven. I’m not going to lie to you.


Your days and your nights, they might not be easier. Troubles, they’re still going to be there. Those troubles of the world, they don’t get wiped away. But now, what’s happening is you’re walking in the light, a new dawn, and listen to this, Jesus is with you. He’ll show you the way, he’ll comfort you in times of trouble, forgive you when you get off track. He’ll challenge you to be a better person, a Christian, a follower of Jesus walking in the light. The rooster is crowing. The new dawn is here waiting for you.

Why don’t you walk out of the darkness into the light and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and your

savior. There’s no more time. Do it today. Experience the light. Feel the release. Accept the gift. (17:49):

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Next week, we’re going to continue to focus on the diet element of the Anchor Pointe disease fighting and fitness model. Next week’s episode, sugar can kill you and it’ll be released on Friday, November 11th. From Nashville and for the stations along the XBHS Radio Network and for the Anchor Pointe Podcast, I’m Skip Orem by everybody.

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