ANCHOR POINTE Audio Burst with Skip Orem

10 Minuet Practice Interval Training Workout

by Skip Orem | Anchor Pointe

This brief 10 minute practice workout is designed to give you a brief over view of heart rate traning and the different heart rate training zones

I want to emphasize the importance of talking with your doctor before you start working on any of the exercise or diet elements in the Anchor Pointe disease fighting and fitness model.

A doctor’s okay is the first requirement for the diet and for the exercise element of the Anchor Pointe disease fighting and fitness model.

Actually, you probably should talk with your doctor about this entire journey you’re on right now to improve your health and fitness and fight off disease. Heart rate training is simply moving. That can be walking, running, dancing, stair-stepping, cycling, spinning, whatever movement exercise you enjoy doing.

If this is your first time doing any heart rate training, you might just want to dance or sway your body in some way as we do this workout. We’ll start off in zone one. I call it the warmup and recovery zone. If you were tracking your heart rate during this workout, in this zone, your heart rate would be beating at about 50 to 60% of your maximum rate. There is a formula for calculating your maximum heart rate, but let’s don’t worry about that today. Instead, we’ll listen to our bodies and we’ll let them tell us which training zone we’re exercising in. I will talk you through each of these heart rate training zones and I’ll show you how to listen to your body to figure out which zone you’re exercising in.

This’ll be a fun introduction to heart rate training and remember, everybody, we’re just practicing here. If you can’t keep up with a workout, that’s no big deal. You’ll get better each time you attempt the workout. And remember, during the workout, I’m going to be talking you through the different heart rate training zones. -Skip