ANCHOR POINTE Audio Burst with Skip Orem


by Skip Orem | Anchor Pointe

Transcript Audio Burst FITNESS TRACKING DEVICES  with Skip OreM

NOTE: This audio burst was recorded in February 2023…New fitness tracking devices are constantly being introduced.  Some of this information may get out of date.


Skip Orem:

Wearable technology is the top fitness trend in 2023 for tracking important health metrics for seniors. Seniors who are serious about good health are now wearing devices such as fitness trackers, rings, and smart watches. These devices can track your heart rate, counts your steps, counts your calories, measure your sitting and sleep time, your blood pressure, your EKG, and even your respiratory rate.

These new health and fitness tracking devices can be invaluable tools for hitting your health and your fitness goals. And really, whatever your fitness and health goals, these new devices that are out now, they can provide you with personal health and fitness information as you are striving to get and stay healthy. Some of the newer fitness trackers, they’re like pocket-sized personal trainers. New smart watches, they offer a range of amazing features with sleep tracking, stress management, workout tracking, real-time heart rate training measurements, prescription management, and health and medical record keeping.

But everybody, we need to keep in mind, just getting one of those personal tracking devices, they’re not going to encourage you to exercise. In fact, studies have shown purchasing a fitness device, it’s similar to when these people purchase gym memberships and hope that that will encourage them to exercise. They start it for a while, but then they stop going to the gym. Fitness devices can work just like that, so you need to have other motivating factors to get out there and start exercising. But for us older folks, better health, disease fighting, and living a longer life, that should be your real motivation to get active.

And then once you’re going full stride with your fitness program, these fitness devices can increase your daily motivation to exercise, get good sleep, and get and stay healthy. At the very least everybody, fitness tracking devices let you keep score on how you’re doing with exercise in your health. Bottom line, fitness devices are not going to get you to start exercising. But if you’re already doing an exercise program and monitoring your health, fitness devices can be a great help in keeping you on track. for today.

I’m a firm believer everybody that wearable technology, fitness devices and fitness apps can help you to stay focused on your health and your fitness. Let’s focus first on those fitness apps that are out there that you can use on your phone and/or on your computer. They’re just so many available right now and they can help you do everything from tracking your weight, your daily eating, your heart rate, your sleep patterns and so much more. I can only talk about the apps and the fitness devices that I use because they’re the ones that I’ve had personal experience with. And I’ve done a lot of trial and error both with different apps and different kinds of wearable fitness devices.

My center for all my personal fitness tracking is my iPhone, with most of the apps I’m using available from the Apple App Store. But I think many of the same apps that I use are also on Android so you can literally use them for any type of a cell phone. And I also recently just started using the Apple Watch Ultra. But my progression for fitness apps and hardware started with a Fitbit and then using just my phone. And then a few years ago, I switched to the Apple Watch and just upgraded, like I mentioned, to the Apple Watch Ultra earlier this year.

But way back in the day, like back in the late ’70s, I used my trusty Timex chronograph to measure speed and distance and then I just write that information down in my daytimer. We all right now should be interested in tracking, first of all, our calories and then that critical marker of weight. Those things, they can be measured with a standard scale, taking your pulse, noting the time, start and finish time on a regular watch, and then writing that stuff down with pencil and paper.

However, with these new fitness devices and apps that are available now in so many different price ranges, many of the apps are free, it might be worth your time to investigate what’s available out there in terms of fitness apps and devices that might work for you. There are even stories now of how some of these wearable devices have actually saved people’s lives. And since we’re all focused on improving our health, being able to monitor sleep and rest, and keep health records, manage our medicines, they’re all important to us and there are devices and apps out there that help us do that. And there are so many different price points on most of these devices that they can fit within most any budget.

I have used and really liked the Fitbit because I use an iPhone and sort of an Apple guide, I changed to the Apple Watch several years ago, I love how it works together with the iPhone. And by the way, the Fitbit does that too. And the newer Fitbits are priced still lower than even a refurbished model of an Apple Watch might cost you. Prior to the release of the Apple Watch Ultra, much of what the Apple Watch could do, again this is prior to release of the Ultra, much of what the Apple Watch could do could be done on your iPhone without using the watch. If you can afford it, the Apple Watch Ultra, combined with your iPhone and Apple’s fitness app, is definitely the gold standard in health and fitness tracking management and health records keeping.

But whatever fitness device or app you use, these devices and apps are also fun, and I really feel that they help to keep you focused on your health and your fitness. And the way some of these wearable devices interact with our bodies to provide lifesaving information is just amazing. One last thing, my wife uses the Oura Ring. Now, it’s not much help with tracking workouts, but she enjoys it so much because it does interact with her body to provide some really cool health and fitness tracking. She just loves that Oura Ring.

And then everybody, one fitness app that I think is an absolute must have is MyFitnessPal. It’s available at the app stores for any type of a cell phone. It’s free. I mean, if you want additional bells and whistles on it, they’ll charge you some additional money, but the basic app itself is free. And I use the MyFitnessPal app to track what I eat, count calories and fat, measure my weight, and then credit those exercise calories that I’ve earned while exercising. And also, the MyFitnessPal app, it integrates really well with the Apple iPhone fitness app.

Now, everybody, I don’t get any money from the MyFitnessPal app. Actually, you all know this, we don’t advertise or sell anything on the Anchor Pointe Podcast or our website, but I would definitely recommend MyFitnessPal as perhaps a first step towards using fitness apps. Remember this though, none of these devices or apps are necessary in order to have a fun and effective health and fitness program.