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Our regular listeners know that a key component of the Anchor Pointe disease fighting and fitness model is exercise. That exercise element though has two equal parts; heart rate training and strength training. Several of the upcoming Anchor Pointe episodes this year will focus on heart rate training, but on this week’s episode, the focus is strength training. As we mentioned in our medical news for seniors

as we get older, our muscle mass decreases. And that decrease in muscle mass, it can cause us some serious health problems. Not the least of which is that it puts us at a greater risk of falling and then incurring bone fractures. And this is important because I want you to know this, strength training, it doesn’t add weight in terms of weight gain, muscle mass burns fat causing you to actually lose weight. As we age and we continue to lose muscle mass and strength, we need to do everything we can in our 50s and 60s, 70s and beyond, to keep strengthening our muscles and guarding against muscle mass loss.

As we try to build back aging muscles, it’s important for us to focus on age specific strengthening exercise. That means exercising your muscles against some type of resistance; think exercise machines, free weights, resistance bands, barbells, dumbbells. And then of course, as you continue and grow strong with your strength training program, you want to increase the amount of resistance as your muscles continue to get stronger.

Us older folks, we want to start our strength training with very light resistance. My recommendation is to not start strength training by yourself. The ideal situation would be to have a personal coach or trainer. Most of us can’t afford that. But there are classes available in most communities where folks our age can work together with an expert coach to help us build strength. There are also some good videos out there. But I want you to remember everybody, you are not 35 anymore. Start light and increase the resistance as you get stronger. Make sure that you know how to do the exercises. If you’re doing exercises wrong, especially with strength training, it can cause injury. And starting with weight or resistance that’s too heavy, it can also cause injuries. And try real hard to do your strength training with a partner, a coach, or in a group.

On future episodes, I’m going to get into more detail on the different methods of strength training. But I encourage you to investigate what type of strength training might be best for you. I’ve used the resistance bands before. I’ve used weight machines. And by the way, I think weight machines may be the safest way to do strength training. Those machines make it real hard to do the exercise incorrectly. The problem with machines though is you have to go to the gym to use the machines and sometimes there are lines. But machines are indeed a very effective way to do strength training. Most gyms, they have people who will, without any kind of fee, they’ll show you how to use the machines. Most of the machines I’ve used in the past have very clear, well-written, including diagrams, instructions right there printed on the machine.

For a number of reasons, right now I’m doing my strength training at home. So I’m using two very compact little dumbbells and then I also do planks. My personal strength training with dumbbells is focused on my chest, my arms, and dumbbells work great for that. And then I do planks to exercise my core muscles; those muscles of the stomach, lower back, and hips. That’s my routine, but choose whatever method you want. Just be sure that strength training is part of your overall exercise routine.

Again, I want to emphasize this point. It’s so important as we age to make sure that we can maintain muscle strength. My personal plan is to do heart rate training and then strength training on alternate days. But you need to develop your own plan, your own personal plan for how you want to do heart rate training and strength training. Remember two things everybody: strength training is important as we age, and muscles burn fat.