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by Skip Orem | Anchor Pointe

Transcript Audio Burst CAFE OF LOST YOUTH Skip Orem: (00:00)

Well, the leaves are gone. Everything’s dying. Winter is coming.” It’s a negative way to look at things, but I read this quote and it puts a much more positive spin on Autumn.


It’s from a book titled The Cafe of Lost Youth. That’s a pretty inviting book title, don’t you think? The Cafe of Lost Youth, written by Patrick Modiano. He’s a French writer. The book’s written in French. This English translation, it might not be totally true to the original writing, but I like it. Perhaps you will too. Let me put some music under it and read this very short positive take on Autumn. I hope it brightens your day just a bit. “For me, Autumn has never been a sad season. The dead leaves and the shorter days have never suggested the end of anything, but rather an expectation of the future. There is electricity in the air on October evenings at night fall. I don’t feel low with that hour of the day, nor do I have the sense of time flying by. I have the impression that everything is possible. The year begins in the month of October.”