ANCHOR POINTE Audio Burst with Skip Orem

Transcript ( Computer Generated) Audio Burst GOOD VIBRATIONS (Counting Your Blessings( with Skip Orem

SKIP OREM –       I find it’s often a challenge to stay positive as we get older, us older folks, baby boomers, we, we tend to get left out of the loop as far as being able to correct things that are going on in our world, our, our country, our neighborhood, even our family sometimes. And then this feeling of being left out overlooked, not consulted, becomes somewhat a challenge for us older folks to stay positive. Here are a couple of things that help me to stay positive at our age. We’ve absolutely figured out that every day is a gift from God.

        I always try to to be outside at some point every morning. It’s easy for me because, well, that’s typically when I do my exercise, my running and rainy day, sunny day, cloudy day. I try to enjoy how different things look based on the weather, the color of a flower, the color of the grass changes, the smell in the air changes based on what kind of day it is. And I so enjoy the, the feeling of warm wind on my face on a windy day, and I guess equally, at least at first, the wind on a, on a cold winter’s day has a, well, a special feel to it. I enjoy the miracle of how trees change the green leaves on a tree in summer, that bright green color and then the autumn color show the beauty and the, the structure of a tree when it has no leaves in the wintertime or the snow or the ice clinging to the branches of a tree.

        It’s all beautiful. It’s all created by God. If you really appreciate it, it’s hard not to be positive. And if I’m feeling down, nothing pumps me up more than counting my blessings and thanking God for those blessings. It makes me feel so special when I realize that those blessings we have that are given to us, that they’re a gift from God. And so thinking about my blessings, it helps me feel God’s love during the day. If, if a negative thought pops in my mind, I ask God for help in dealing with that negative thought and then I send it away.

      Negative thoughts do not deserve our time, our energy. They’re only gonna bring us down. I’ve actually shouted away negative thoughts before, and you know what? It works. And one thing everybody we have that younger folks don’t have, we can put everything that happens in a day and every day in perspective. We have enough minutes and days and years behind us. Now we know a negative thing that happened one day seems like a big deal, but then from the perspective of time, we can look back and know it wasn’t a big deal after all. We’ve probably forgotten that at least half, maybe three quarters of the, the negative things, the the negative thoughts we’ve had during our life over time, all that stuff just seems to take care of itself. And another thing we’ve learned because of how old we are, we know you cannot predict the future yet, even now, it seems like we spend so much time worrying about the future. God has your life planned. He knew your story before he even placed you in your mother’s womb. God has a plan for you. God is going to take care of you. So stay positive everybody. Look at the good in everyone, the beauty in every day, and keep love in your heart.

        Don’t let negativity destroy you because there is proof that it can affect your mind, your health, your life. Stay positive. Keep God in your life, love in your heart, and spread kindness to everyone. And yes, I know this is just me ranting, but I don’t want anybody to get sick because of negativity in their lives. There’s so many reasons to be positive. Well, sometimes we might have to search for them positivity and love. They’re all around you. Reach for it and grab it every day.