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by Skip Orem | Anchor Pointe


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You will often hear me on anchor point, encouraging people to get back to Jesus. To find Jesus if they don’t yet know him. Procrastination meaning just putting things off that need to be done. That’s not good because in our age group, if you are procrastinating right now with your health, don’t do that. It can be deadly. As I think we’ve started the show on these episodes of Anchor Point, firing up your faith, finding faith, making sure Jesus is in your life. I don’t wanna sound like a salesperson trying to close the sale quickly, but with Jesus, with getting him into your life. We really are talking about life and death every day that you’re procrastinating on getting Jesus into your life, you’re rolling the dice on eternal life. Jesus, he said this in Luke chapter nine, verse 61. This guy says to him, I’m ready to follow you, master, but first you need to excuse me for a while. I need to get some things straightened out at home. And then Jesus, the answers in verse 62, No procrastination, no backward looks. You can’t put God’s kingdom on hold until tomorrow. You need to seize the day.


It’s the devil who’s telling you that you have plenty of time. Take some time to think this all over. You don’t need to rush into this. Jesus, He’ll be here when you’re ready. Well, that much is true, but will you be here? Truth is we don’t even know what the next minute holds. We don’t know anything about the

future. Yesterday might have been okay, things are going fine today, Tomorrow might be looking pretty

good. Fact is, we don’t even know if there’s gonna be a tomorrow for us.


Please don’t put Jesus off. He’s calling you today. If you’re already a Christian, perhaps like I was, you’ve straight away from him. You’re back sliding. Just drop to your knees right now and ask him for help and for forgiveness, and of course that Jesus will forgive you and welcome you back. If you don’t know Jesus, he knows you. He already loves you. He knows everything good and bad that you’ve ever done, and that hasn’t stopped him from loving you. Jesus. He wants to forgive you for all of that right now. He wants to put his arms around you and welcome you home. Do this today. Walk into the first church that you see. Tell the first person that you see there in that church. Let them know that you don’t know a whole lot about Jesus, but you want him in your life. That first person that you see there in that strange church that you just walked into, you’re gonna bring a smile to their face and then you and that person right there together. You’ve just experienced a moment. Neither one of you will ever forget, and that person is gonna introduce you to your savior, Jesus Christ.