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by Skip Orem | Anchor Pointe

Transcript Audio Burst DECISION MAKING WITHOUT STRESS with Skip Orem

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We know now that stress is dangerous to our health and we need to find ways to keep it under control, lower it, manage it. I find, and I bet you do too, that decision making is often stressful, especially with very important decisions. God has given us the freedom to make our own decisions. I consider it important to talk with him and ask for his guidance whenever making any major decisions. Whether it’s about healthcare, marriage, family, careers, those decisions, they can be overwhelming and bring on so much stress. If you include God in your decision making process, he will help you through it. When our hearts and our minds are focused on God, we become more aware of what he desires in our lives.


Now we can gain valuable insight from God to help us make those difficult decisions. When I had to make some cancer treatment decisions, I began by searching the Bible for any verses or guidance I could find with those very difficult decisions I needed to make. There are many verses in the Bible that can help you with decision making, and of course, we need to be careful not to misapply Bible verses. Here are two that I found pretty helpful to me. James 1:5, “If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach and that wisdom will be given to him.” And then this very important verse from Proverbs chapter 15, verse 22. “Without counsel, plans fail. But with many advisors, they succeed.”


Those two verses give me both comfort and direction when I’m confronted with important decisions, whether they’re about family, healthcare, finances. I talk every day as I hope you do too with God. And so with regard to decision making, it’s only natural that we involve God in our decision making process. It’s so critical not to make decisions in a vacuum. If you involve God in your decision making process, ultimately God will lead you to a correct decision. And then there’s no longer any need to continue to rethink it or worry about it. You can be confident with God’s guidance that you’ve taken the correct course of action. You’ve made the right decision. Look to God, look to the Bible. Comfort, advice and direction are in his words.