ENCORES Tom Edwards

Encores with Tom Edwards



Tom Edwards was “smitten” with radio as a pre-teen when he listened to, and then met, some great local disc jockeys in his home town, and then started “broadcasting” from a spare room in his grandparents home in Columbus, Ohio.

He was also “smitten” with the rock and roll of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s — the greatest years in the history of rock.

That’s why when, after retiring from 45 years of television directing, he dived headfirst into XBHS with his high school friends Skip Orem and the late Mike Alan (Krupnick), all of whom shared the mic doing morning announcements every day on the school PA system which they called WBHS.  Also while in high school, Tom did everything he could get his hands on in local radio — from answering the telephone at a station, to being a teen guest DJ, to hosting a weekly Junior Achievement radio program.

In college, Tom jumped into on air DJ shows at the Ohio University radio station to “playing the hits” at a local, small town station in the college town where he went to school.  Then there was a curve in the road and he became a staff announcer for an NBC television affiliate in Columbus and transitioned into TV production in, and after, college.

So now Tom is excited to join Skip and others in this exciting new internet station, playing all oldies, all the time — the music he still loves.

Thanks for listening to Encores here on XBHS.com — the most exciting sound in internet radio!

Encores with Tom Edwards is one of the LEGACY PROGRAMS on the All New XBHS Radio.

Featuring the biggest hits from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, the greatest era in the history of Rock and Roll, Encores brings back memories of youth through the present with the sounds of yesterday.

It’s great to have you along on the all new XBHS Radio, the best new sound of the internet.

Thanks for coming along for the ride.