The In the Zone Workout 

Episode 14, July 31, 2020

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Skip Orem coaches in the End The Zone Interval Training Workout Plan..Special Web Radio Today Episode

Recorded at Skip’s Voice Over Studio Nolensville, TN

Web Radio Today In The Zone Interval Training Workout

IN THE ZONE INTERVAL TRAINING with Skip Orem (for a PDF printable version of the structure of this workout, click the button on the right)



Skip Orem (00:09):

Hey everybody. I’m Skip Orem, welcoming you to episode number 14 of the Web Radio Today podcast. Today, we are interrupting this July 31st episode for us special Web Radio Today Workout episode. Next Friday, the August 7th, I’ll be back with a regular Web Radio Today episode. But for today, we are doing a Web Radio Today In the Zone Interval Training Workout. It’s going to last just short of 25 minutes. Everybody, right now, I want you to strap on your workout gear, plug in your earpods or put on your headphones, turn up the volume. And welcome again, everybody, to a Web Radio Today workout episode.

Skip Orem (01:29):

All right. Now, we have started your warmup interval. For the next three minutes, you should be moving at a warmup pace. This warmup pace will be at 50 to 60% of your maximum heart rate. We’re just warming up, so your breathing should still be regular. And you should feel like you could probably move at this pace for a fairly long period of time, as you start warming up and burning some extra calories.

Skip Orem (02:17):

This workout you are doing today is the Web Radio Today In the Zone Interval Training Workout, plan A, which means you’ll be moving in three different heart rate training zones as you do this workout. You will be doing 15 intervals during this workout today as well as this warmup period, and then a cool down period at the end of the workout. Keep warming up.

Skip Orem (03:16):

We’re still warming up, however, now I want you to move your pace to heart rate training zone two. You’ll be expanding a little more energy, breathing’s going to become slightly more difficult. Might be difficult to carry on a conversation, but you can sing if you want. So move your pace now up to training zone two.

Skip Orem (03:56):
It’s now time to do a short interval, 15 seconds in training zone three, your aerobic heart rate training

zone, 70 to 80% of your maximum heart rates. Ready, set, go.

Skip Orem (04:34):
Bring it down, heart rate zone two, recover just a bit for the next 30 seconds. And then when you hear

the tone, move it back up to zone three for 30 seconds.

Skip Orem (05:36):

Back down to your recovery zone. You have 60 seconds to recover here, and then we’ll do one of the longest zone three intervals of the workout, going to last for 60 seconds. And I want you to try as hard as you can to stay in zone three for the entire 60 seconds. That’s at 70 to 80% of your maximum heart rate, developing stamina, increasing your aerobic fitness and burning both calories and fat at a much more intense level.

Skip Orem (07:53):
All right everybody, bring it down to your recovery zone. You have two full minutes to recover here.

Skip Orem (08:31): (singing)

Skip Orem (08:31):

Were you able to complete the entire 60 seconds of that last speed interval? Now, if not, don’t worry, just try to stay in the interval as long as you can. You’ll get better with these zone three intervals, the more you do this workout.

Skip Orem (08:54):
Get ready now to spend another 45 seconds in zone three. Try to go as hard as you can, however, it’s

okay to slow down or stop, if you need to.

Skip Orem (09:48):

Back it down to a heart rate training zone two. You’ll have 120 seconds here to recover and reenergize before we do another long speed interval. Just a reminder, you are listening to Web Radio Today episode 14. And this special episode is a workout episode, designed to help you spend close to 25 minutes today, strengthening your heart with interval training. We are using plan A today, which has us exercising in three different heart rate training zones. And we’re recovering here in your healthy heart rate zone, 60 to 70% of your maximum heart rate. And then our speed intervals are in the aerobic zone using 70 to 80% of our maximum heart rate. Even in this recovery zone, you’re burning calories at a higher rate and then, when we do those speed intervals, you’re burning even more calories, as you develop stamina, increase your aerobic fitness and burn fat. The next speed intervals coming right up. It’s going to last for 60 seconds. This one will be difficult. Get ready to start moving in your aerobic training.

Skip Orem (12:01): (singing)

Skip Orem (12:05):

All right, everybody, you have 90 seconds to recover here in zone two, and then only three more speed intervals to go. I hope you’re enjoying this Web Radio Today workout episode. Just a reminder again, this is a plan A, interval training heart zone workout plan A, meaning that we are training in three different heart rate training zones.

Skip Orem (12:36):

This plan A workout is designed specifically for beginners, folks just beginning to do heart rate training. If you’re enjoying today’s workout, I hope that you’ll tell your friends about it. This workout episode of Web Radio Today, it’s episode 14, and it’s available on all the major podcast platforms. You can search either on Web Radio Today or on my name, Skip Orem. Coming up, a speed interval in zone three. That interval will last for 45 seconds.

Skip Orem (13:40): (singing)

Skip Orem (14:24):

Good job everybody. Bring it down, recover in heart rate training zone two. We’re nearing the end of the workout. How you doing with it today? Remember, it’s not important to stay in the speed interval zone three for the entire time. You can stop and slow if you want. And it’s really not important that you complete the entire workout, especially the first time that you do it. Just keep coming back to it again and again. You’ll continue to strengthen your heart. And that strong heart of yours, it’s going to help you stay healthy and fight off diseases.

Skip Orem (15:35):
As a special treat, you’re going to be inspired to go fast in this next interval, by the wonderful bands

who’ll play, of Ryan Shupe and the rubber band. Stand by for the tone.

Skip Orem (16:27):

Slow down, move to zone two for 60 seconds of recovery, and then we’ll do the last speed interval, the last zone three interval of the workout. When you hear that tone, start moving fast. I want you to try to finish as strong as you can.

Skip Orem (17:59):

Back to the recovery zone, everybody. You have completed all of the intervals of the Web Radio Today In the Zone Heart Rate Training Workout. Congratulations. The workout is not actually over yet. You need to cool down, but at a much slower pace. So start walking at, well, almost a strolling place, like perhaps at the mall or downtown just walking around. This cool-down period is a very important part of the workout. Keep cooling down, starting to relax, and I’ll be back in a minute or so to end the workout.

Skip Orem (19:27):
We are coming to the end of today’s workout. And thank you so much, everybody, for giving it a try. And

I hope that you’ll come back to it often.

Skip Orem (19:41):

After you do this workout a few times, you’ll begin to learn the sequence and the timing of the intervals. It’ll all come natural to you, and you won’t have to listen to me. You can even add your own music if you want. And you will improve each time that you do the workout. You’ll also continue to build your heart strength, burn calories, and burn fat. And another added bonus, even as you’re sitting on your couch tonight, because you did interval training today, you will continue to burn calories at a faster rate.

Skip Orem (20:22):

Next week, Friday, August 7th, a regular new episode of Web Radio Today, as we continue to use faith and fitness to stay healthy and fight off disease. For the Web Radio Today podcast, I’m Skip Orem. God bless you and goodbye everybody.