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Skip Orem (00:06):

Hey, everybody. From Nashville, I’m Skip Orem and welcome to the Web Radio Today podcast. This is episode number 40. Welcoming in the summer [inaudible 00:00:20], which will occur this coming Sunday night. In honor of the beginning of summer, this entire episode of web radio today will be a guided positive imagery session. This very special guided imagery session is especially designed to help you relax, relieve stress, and turn down your anxiety level and especially to get yourself ready to enjoy this wonderful coming season of summer. To get the most out of this guided imagery session, it’d be best if you could be alone in a very comfortable, quiet space, lying down or sitting very comfortably in a chair. This session is going to last for 20 minutes. And if you don’t want to do the session right now, maybe you don’t have time or you’re just not ready yet, you can simply hit the pause button and then once you’ve got everything ready and you have 20 minutes to spend with yourself in a very relaxed way, just push the play button and enjoy this very special Web Radio Today guided imagery session.

As we began, position yourself as comfortably as you can adjusting your weight so that your body feels fully supported. Taking a nice, full breath, inhale as fully as you can, sending the warm, cleaning breath deep and to any parts of your body that may feel especially tense or tight. And then as you exhale, release and clear out any tension or discomfort that you might be feeling right now. Breathe it away with the exhale. Continue to breathe in and out, letting your breath go to all of the uncomfortable, sore or tense parts of your body. And notice, notice how with each breath in and out how your cleansing and clearing breath is beginning to loosen and soften those tense and sore places, taking all of those bad feelings, taking them away with the exhale.

As you continue to breathe, deep breaths in tension and worry going out and notice how you’re beginning to become more relaxed and safe. You can actually see the cleansing action of your breath removing tension and strain, worry, and doubt, harmful feelings and resentments being sent away. You are choosing right now to clear your mind and let your body relax. And as you do this, think for a second about something that the Apostle Paul wrote so very long ago to the Christian Church in Philippi. And honor Paul’s words, as you clear your mind and prepare your mind for the session. Whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is an excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.

Think about only these things now, as you clear your mind of anything else. Because in God we have all that we need, no matter what. He created the summer season, this beautiful summer season that this year will renew you. You pledge now to open your heart and let that happen because you know that as you look to God, you can count on him for complete rest and restoration. Jesus makes it clear that worrying about the future is a waste of time. And Jesus reminds us that our heavenly father values us above all else, and he will care for us just as he does the beautiful summer flowers in the fields and the birds singing in the trees.

Think about how wonderful it is to know that right now you are giving yourself this time to let your mind and body relax, to prepare yourself to enjoy the coming summer season. And now with your eyes closed, imagine a special summer place where you feel safe, and peaceful and easy. A summer place, either real or imaginary, a place you used to go to in the past, or maybe a place where you have always wanted to be. Perhaps many places come to mind, a summer morning at the ocean, sitting alone on a porch swing on a summer evening.

Imagine one place, your favorite summer place and think about it. Now allow this place to become real to you, look around and see everything. Focus on enjoying everything that God has created. See the colors, hear the sounds, birds chirping, the waves rolling in, the soft, warm summer breeze blowing through the trees. Feel the summer air blowing warm and dry, or maybe the wet humidity of

the ocean or a coming summer rain. The gentle warmth of the sun warming every part of your body all

created by God for your pleasure.

And now feel what it is that you may be sitting or laying upon. It might be soft grass, a warm rock, the sand on a quiet beach, lawn or beach chair, a bed or chair that you used to love in a room at your grandparent’s house, a log near the campfire. Smell the fragrance of summer, flowers, the salt sea air, the sweetness of meadow grass, the smell of a freshly mowed lawn, all created by God for you. Begin to familiarize yourself with this place that is so special, so safe for you. It’s summertime, and you’re in your special summer place, alone and relaxed feeling so happy, so grateful for being there.

Your body is actually starting to tingle. A pleasant energy is flowing through your body. You don’t know what it is. This energy, it contains expectancy and excitement. You’re beginning to have a sense that, well, something wonderful is about to happen and the sense that something wonderful is about to happen it brings us smile to your face because you haven’t had that feeling for a long time. Feel the magic in this special place of yours, because you know that something wonderful is about to happen. Look to the sky and notice the magic light there in the sky. It’s shining down on you, bringing a clear and crisp sharpness to everything around you. And you immediately know that this light is a gift from God. High definition light covering you with this amazing feeling of total relaxation and safety.

And with the light shining, you see such fresh new beauty in everything around you. This wonderful circle of light is effecting everything around with its magical brightness. It even seems to intensify the air around you. And as you watch this light shine with such a peaceful joy, you know without a doubt that God loves you and is with you always. The light is sending its energy and its strength deep within every part of your body.

Feel the light gently dancing on your skin, tingling all around your scalp, moving softly into your head, neck and shoulders, moving down through your body deep into areas where tension and stress may reside. The warmth of the light penetrating into your bones and on down into every cell within your body. This magical light, this gift from God is working its magic deep inside your body. And placing your hands over your heart you can feel a shift happening, it’s happening deep inside us as you feel the light move within your body, to the center of your chest, warming the area around your heart and within your heart, causing you to feel, well, causing you to feel love and warmth, and kindness and renewed strength.

This magical light is continuing to open and clear those areas of tightness within your body. The warmth of the light is lifting and sending away tension, anxiety, heaviness, and sorrow. You can feel your heart expanding, opening, releasing love, and gratitude and peace all through your body. A soft warmth moving into every corner of your body. You’re now totally safe and relaxed as you feel the strengthening power of this light. You know that this time alone right now is a gift from God. He’s been with you throughout your life, he had plans for you before you were born. He wants you to have this time of peace and comfort. He loves you as you are, and he will always love you.

You began to realize that you’re not alone in this place and you began to realize that you’re really not alone in this life of yours, that there is a powerful presence besides you. Feel the power and beauty besides you. You know that it’s there to guide you with its divine wisdom. And you know without a doubt, God loves you. He has plans for you. He has joy and happiness waiting for you. The peace of God represented by this special place and this special presence besides you, this light, it is there for you always, enjoy it.

God, he wants you to have this time of peace and comfort. He loves you as you are. He will always love you because you trust him and look to him for daily guidance and redemption. You know that he will never ever abandon you. And you also know that the more you can allow yourself to let go

of unreal expectations for yourself and for others, the more peace, love and contentment you will feel. As your body continues to be at peace, your mind free, tension released. You know that God’s love for you, gives you both relief and power.

He is your father, you are his child. God’s love is everywhere. It’s in this special place of yours. And it will be with you every minute, not only this summer, but throughout every second of every day of your life. You realize now that with this change to the summer season, there will also be a change in your life. An exciting, wonderful time is ahead for you this summer and beyond. Now you’re going to focus on enjoying all that God has created for you, especially the summer, but throughout the rest of your life, you will remember God has a purpose for you. Your father’s love is with you always. You can begin this coming summer season at peace, with courage, kindness, and love. You know that the summer sun will be brighter than it has ever been.

This summer is a time for you to show your love to others, forget sadness, wash away sorrow. This summer will be a time to begin your life new and know without a doubt that this place, this light, this close presence of God, it’s here for you to visit whenever you want. And that God is in fact, always with you, keeping you safe and loved. You quietly thank God for his presence in your life and for all that he has created for you, for his love, for his caring, for his strength. Now, whenever you want, you can begin to slowly open your eyes and come back into the room. Knowing this you have done good, powerful work today, and you have.

Our next Web Radio Today episode will be released on Friday, July 2nd. That episode, Web Radio Today, episode 41, July 2nd, will feature some very good information about how not to overeat during your summer vacation or on these summer holidays. And then our new season of episodes Web Radio Today, season three begins on September 23rd. From Nashville, I’m Skip Orem, goodbye everybody.