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STAYING FIT ON VACATION  Web Radio Today Episode 41

WEB RADIO TODAY, The Faith and Fitness Podcast

Faith, Diet, Exercise, Attitude, Positive Imagery, Music and Research




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Skip Orem: (00:15)

Happy 4th of July weekend everybody. From Nashville, I’m Skip Orem welcoming you to the July 4th weekend episode of WEB RADIO TODAY. Thanks everybody for deciding to push the play button and spend a little time with me talking about our faith and our fitness. We are the baby boom generation. Us seniors in our 60s, 70s and beyond, we’re on a quest to fight off disease, stay healthy and live a long, happy and active life.

Skip Orem: (00:59)

And we are doing that by using the seven elements of the WEB RADIO TODAY disease fighting and fitness model, faith, diet, exercise, attitude, positive imagery, music, and research. And it is that diet element where we will spend a little time on today’s episode. As this episode releases today, July 2nd, I’m in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on my summer vacation enjoying the ocean and spending quality time with my wife, Terry. We’ve been doing this trip as a annual summer vacation wrapped around the July 4th holiday for just as long as I can remember. So to be totally truthful with y’all, I’m recording this episode today during the last week of June. While I’m on vacation, like many of you, I’m going to be tempted to overeat. And so that’s why on today’s episode we’re going to discuss a strategy that I’ve developed for helping you to maintain control of your diet by modifying it to allow you to perhaps cheat just a little bit while on vacation and on some of these summer holidays that are coming up.

Skip Orem: (02:24)

Also, later on this podcast today I want to spend a little time talking about why faith is important in our quest to live a long and healthy life and to fight off diseases. But right now let’s get started first with a feature of almost every one of our episodes, a WEB RADIO TODAY mini workout. And then after this many workout, a brief medical news update, which will include some important new information for those of you dealing with diabetes. However, right now this is where we spend a couple of minutes getting our heart rates up and burning some calories. This is where you can move in any way you can, walk around, run around, jump up and down, dance, whatever you can do to get your heart rate beating a little faster. You can even do this mini workout by sitting down, just move whatever parts of your body you can safely move while sitting down or driving. And to help motivate you to get you going during this mini workout, a very special appearance on WEB RADIO TODAY, here’s Verona Red, They’re Out of Chicago and No Way Home.

Skip Orem: (06:32)

All right. You can bring it down, slow down and cool down for the next few minutes. Keep moving a little bit, but at a slower pace. Let’s talk for a few minutes about the challenges of trying to maintain a healthy diet over the 4th of July weekend or any holiday for that matter, or when you’re on vacation. Most of us in those situations are tempted by all that special food available to us. We’re tempted to overeat. We need to go into these situations, holidays, vacations, with a plan so that we don’t overeat and so that we don’t gain weight, because if you eat too much and you gain weight over the holidays or on vacation, you feel bloated, it’s just going to put more post holiday stress and strain on you because you’re going to worry about that extra weight, and you might have to work extra hard to just get back with the weight you started with when you went on vacation.

Skip Orem: (08:02)

And then the other thing, and this is actually a very important thing, if you eat a lot of unhealthy foods, sugars, foods high in fats and sodium, you might put your immune system at risk and then maybe get sick after vacation. Here is my special plan to help you not overeat on vacation or holidays, and at the same time, not feel deprived of some of those special treats, drinks, or meals which seem to always be there during the holidays or on vacation. Now, listen up, if you have a specific condition like diabetes, heart disease, cancer, you really don’t have a lot of flexibility with your diet and you know exactly what foods that you need to stay away from. So that means with those foods, there is not any flexibility. If you have a specific disease that you’re trying to get rid of or control, I’m sorry, but you don’t get any vacation or holiday pass, you are fighting a disease. Don’t let up. Don’t retreat. My plan is to control over eating on vacation, control affecting your immune system in a negative way, and, of course, to control weight gain.

Skip Orem: (09:38)

If you are allowed sugar in moderation, if you’re allowed to drink in moderation, if you’re allowed to eat foods high in fat in moderation, and you’ve done a fairly good job of maintaining control over those foods, you’ve not gained any weight or you’re actually starting to lose weight, you certainly do not want to give in to temptation while you’re on vacation, but hey, it’s vacation. It’s a holiday. So well, maybe I could treat myself just a little. My plan says, “Okay, you can just a little, but with a very specific plan. My plan begins at meals. You’re on vacation, it’s a holiday, so eat whatever foods you want, but only half portions. If your fist is a measure of a full portion, only eat half a fist. That way you can eat a variety of foods, enjoy their taste. But at the same time, not overeating in quantity. With buffets and potlucks, only one trip.

Skip Orem: (10:57)

And it helps me to use a salad plate instead of a regular plate for my one trip to the buffet bar. With alcohol and sweets, plan a day ahead for the next day. The plan, with alcohol, one or two drinks per day, that’s all. And it’s easy to plan that. If you plan ahead when you want to have the alcohol during the day based on what the next day’s activities are going to be, are you going to want a drink of alcohol while you’re sitting in the sun? Maybe you want to use it as a happy hour drink. Maybe you want to have a drink with dinner, whatever the next day’s plan’s going to be, what you’re going to be doing the next day, figure out before the day starts when you’re going to use your to drink chip. Plan your sugars and your sweets the same way, allow yourself one half fist portion of sweets per day, and plan when you’re going to have the sweets.

Skip Orem: (12:05)

And, of course, stick to the plan every day. And if you figure out that you can not do anything bad one day and then double the portion the next day, no, that will not work and that will cause you major problems. The whole plan for the whole vacation is voided at that point. And this is important, if one day you binge and you go totally off the plan and you feel really bad, that doesn’t mean you’ve blown the vacation so the heck with a plan. No, start the plan day one the next day. Just follow those easy steps, no eating of foods that you have to avoid because of your condition, plan your day in advance, have an eating plan, half portions of every high fat, fried or otherwise bad food, a half portion is half of a fist, only one trip to the buffet or food table, plan for only one or two drinks per day, plan for one half fist size serving of sweets per day.

Skip Orem: (13:24)

Everybody, if you follow those steps, you’ll be able to keep your weight under control and it will keep your mood under control, no sugar highs, which will then cause you to eat more, no intoxication, which will cause you to drink more. You’re going to gain maybe a pound or two, that’s okay. The goal is to not overdo it, so that you don’t lose all the progress that you’ve made so far. When you come home having gained a lot of weight, you feel bloated. That’s only going to increase your post vacation blues.

Skip Orem: (14:21)

Time for a WEB RADIO TODAY news update. Medical news for seniors. The headlines today, diabetes blood sugar control, it’s getting worse for adults in the United States, and are seniors at risk for injuries while cycling outside?

Skip Orem: (14:56)

A new study finds that fewer people with diabetes in the United States are successfully able to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Folks at risk for type two diabetes, and that is a significant number of us older folks, and also even if you don’t have diabetes, reaching and maintaining a moderate weight and doing a lot of physical activity, it can help prevent type two diabetes or delay its onset. And if you have diabetes right now, managing it is absolutely possible, but it does require effort, especially maintaining healthy blood sugar level. We need to work closely with our doctors to make sure that we’re doing everything we can to stop or delay the onset of diabetes. And if you have diabetes right now, please do everything you can to get your blood sugar lowered and to monitor it and to keep it lowered. I’ve linked to some additional information in the show notes for this episode at This is episode number 41.

Skip Orem: (16:14)

Bicycling is an excel

lent form of exercise, but are seniors at more risk for injuries while cycling? The answer is yes. Some of the problems with aging do put us at an increased risk of injury while we’re cycling. Cycling is a great exercise, but us seniors, we need to be extra careful cycling. On our next WEB RADIO TODAY episode, July 23rd will be the release date, episode number 42, I’m going to spend a lot of time focusing on the benefits of cycling as well as the things that us older folks, us baby boomers, us seniors, the things we need to be aware of when we are bicycling. That’s our next episode, Friday, July 23rd, episode 42 of the WEB RADIO TODAY Podcast. And that everybody is your WEB RADIO TODAY medical news for this episode. There is a lot of good information available at, and I hope that you’ll check it out.

Skip Orem: (17:31)

If you haven’t subscribed to the WEB RADIO TODAY Podcast, I hope that you’ll do that soon. We’re on all of the major podcast platforms, Apple Podcasts, iHeart, Outcast, we’re anywhere you get your podcasts, just search on WEB RADIO TODAY. And you can also listen to any of the current or past episodes, audio bursts, from our episodes, all available right there at

Skip Orem: (18:09)

My level of physical fitness played a strong part in me beating prostate cancer. But I want you to know this, everybody, it was my faith that saved me. For an old guy, I was very physically fit at the time, but that did not stop me from getting cancer. My high level of physical fitness did, however, allow me to have the risky procedures necessary to get rid of this disease. But everybody, it was my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, along with a world-class medical team that saved me and what joy, what comfort it was to be living under sort of a death sentence and yet to be able to lay down each night to go to sleep knowing that everything was in God’s hands. Attitude is important in fighting disease. It’s one of the elements in the WEB RADIO TODAY disease fighting and fitness model.

Skip Orem: (19:21)

I firmly believe this, and I want you to believe it too everybody, faith nourishes attitude, faith powers a positive attitude so that when cancer came into my life, came to destroy me, it brought me back to God. Everything, it’s in God’s hands everybody, to stay fit, to stay healthy, to be able to fight off diseases, to be able to get rid of diseases if they come and visit you, come to take you out, whatever plan you put together to combat all of that needs to include a strong faith in God. It needs to have God’s help.

Skip Orem: (20:21)

Many of you will, of course, agree with me that faith and healthy living go together naturally, each of those elements providing support for the other. The faith and fitness connection, what it does is it helps to bring meaning to our fitness efforts. And I know practicing good physical fitness, I know it will strengthen your and think about this, our faith, it helps us to see our health and our fitness in a much broader context. Most of us who do aerobic fitness, running, walking, rowing, cycling, especially when it’s done outside, people who do that will tell you how those fitness efforts, while they’re doing them, allow you to connect with nature, to free your mind, and then to put you in on what I call a more spiritual place. I often talk with God while I’m running. In those instances, because I’m out there all alone in the groove, I feel more separate from the world and more alone with God.

Skip Orem: (21:37)

Some of the tenants of our faith, patience, diligence, perseverance, self denial, well, aren’t they some of the same things we need to do to take care of our bodies and stay physically fit. We need patience because even as we work to get our bodies into shape, it takes more time, and often we don’t see the results right away, don’t see the immediate gains or improvements that we might want. As with our faith, we need to be patient as we practice fitness and disease fighting. To get and stay physically fit we need to be diligent, stay on that diet, make sure that we exercise daily, and like we have to persevere in our faith, we need to persevere in our attempts to fight off disease and to get and to stay physically fit. Staying free of disease, trying to get cured of disease, staying physically fit, well, just like our faith that involves self denial.

Skip Orem: (22:47)

I want to ask you, everybody, to make sure that you practice your faith and use it to keep yourself physically fit and healthy. The Bible tells us in 1 Corinthians 6:19, it tells us that our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit. Those temples must be cared for. Fighting disease and getting fit, there is no conflict there. Our spiritual goals and our fitness goals, they enhance each other, and that, everybody, is why faith is the first and most important element of the WEB RADIO TODAY disease fighting and fitness strategy. WEB RADIO TODAY listeners like me and you, we’re older folks, we’re part of the baby boom generation, and we’re still going strong, living and loving life in our 60s and 70s and beyond, and I pray that each one of you have started to incorporate all seven elements of the WEB RADIO TODAY disease finding and fitness model into your life where we’re so vulnerable at our age, not only to the problems of old age, but most importantly, we’re at the age where diseases start to attack us, try to take us out.

Skip Orem: (24:18)

Heart disease, diabetes, just a multitude of bone and skeletal problems, and, of course, cancer, if you can put into practice every day the seven elements of the WEB RADIO TODAY disease fighting and fitness model, you will be able to help your body and your mind fight off or limit the effects, even defeat some of these diseases. Faith, diet, exercise, positive attitude, positive imagery, music, and research, use them every day as your weapons against disease. And as your template for living a full, a fun and an active life. The next WEB RADIO TODAY episode, it will be released on July 23rd, it’s episode number 42. And as I mentioned earlier, parts of that episode will be a look at how folks at our age, how we can use cycling as a form of exercise and how we can do that safely. Have a great 4th of July weekend, everybody. And from the Nashville for the WEB RADIO TODAY Podcast, I’m Skip Orem, bye everybody.