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MEDICAL NEWS FOR SENIORS -Web Radio Today Episode 42

WEB RADIO TODAY, The Faith and Fitness Podcast

Faith, Diet, Exercise, Attitude, Positive Imagery, Music and Research



Enjoy these  Web Radio Today WORKOUT EPISODES AND AUDIO BURSTS Coached by Skip Orem


Skip Orem: (00:14)

Hey, everybody from Nashville. I’m Skip Orem. Welcome to Web Radio Today. And thank you so much, everybody for deciding to push the play button and spend a little time with me today, talking about our health, our fitness and our faith. This is episode number 42 as we bring Web Radio Today, season three to a close. And by the way, on this episode today, I’m going to give you some exciting news about my plans for season four, which will begin on October 1st. Also, on today’s episode, medical news for seniors, and some good information about cycling, bicycling as a pretty good type of exercise for us older folks in our 60s, 70s and beyond. And then later in the podcast, I’m going to talk about our personal relationship with God, specifically talking with him in our prayers. All of that coming up on this Web Radio Today episode number 42, July 30th, 2021.

Skip Orem: (01:33)

And of course you all know this, every Web Radio Today podcast episode contains a mini workout. This is where you and I, we spend a couple of minutes moving and getting our heart rates up into that healthy heart rate zone. Now, all you need to do with this mini workout is just move in any way you can, walk around, run around, jump up and down, dance, whatever you can do to get your heart rate beating just a little faster. You can even do these mini workouts sitting down. Just move whatever part of your body you can safely move while sitting down or driving.

Skip Orem: (02:16)

Okay, here we go everybody, start moving for the next two minutes. This is a Web Radio Today mini workout.

Skip Orem: (04:14)

All right, everybody. Great job. You can slow down just a bit now, but keep moving for another minute or so, and let your body start to cool down from this mini workout. Just a reminder that there are complete structured heart rate training workouts available at And I’m going to put a link to each one of those workouts in the show notes for this episode. contains so much information, all of the podcast, all seasons, all episodes, including transcripts and links to information we discuss on each one of the podcasts. And don’t forget this, everything about Web Radio Today, it’s free, including those structured heart rate training workouts and our special guided imagery sessions. So please don’t forget to check out the website,

Skip Orem: (05:14)

You are listening to the Web Radio Today Podcast. We’ve got medical news coming up in just a couple of minutes and information about cycling as a fun outdoor exercise for seniors.

Skip Orem: (05:46)

Hey, everybody. Season four of Web Radio Today begins on Friday, October 1st, 2021. And that is when I’m going to officially take Web Radio Today back to weekly episodes. With that news weekly schedule of episodes, I’m going to slightly alter the format. Now I know that your time is extremely valuable. So my goal is to tighten up the episodes, keep them from going too long. We’ve had some episodes in the past that have almost gone to an hour in length and that’s way too long. So each season four episode will last, well, no longer than 20 minutes. We’re going to be giving you the important faith, medical, and fitness information you need without taking up too much of your very valuable time. Now you all know, especially our regular listeners know that the foundation of this podcast and of the website, the foundation is the seven elements which make up the Web Radio Today, disease, fighting and fitness model. Those are faith, diet, exercise, attitude, positive imagery, music, and knowledge.

Skip Orem: (07:04)

And then the focus, the major focus of Web Radio Today, keeping us baby boomers, us seniors in our 60s and 70s and beyond, keeping us healthy and fit so that we can enjoy a long, healthy, and happy life and fight off those diseases that are just gunning for us older folks, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, any and all of those diseases, we’re going to help you fight them. In the past, together we’ve devoted a lot of time to putting our health and our fitness plan in place and acquiring the information that we need to get to stay healthy and fit. And all of that information is still available in the podcast, in the show notes library, at The Web Radio Today Podcasts for season four, beginning October 1st are going to be focused primarily on the latest medical and health news that us older folks need to be concerned about.

Skip Orem: (08:07)

Just so many awesome advances are, well they’re being made every day in medicine research and advances, which in a lot of cases, can have an immediate effect on the health of seniors. Web Radio Today will be reporting on all of that in a quick and a concise format. And of course we will continue to be focused on our relationship with God, our faith. Important health medical news updates, as well as our faith, that will be the focus of Web Radio Today’s weekly podcasts for season four, beginning October 1st, 2021.

Skip Orem: (08:50)

Another big change, season four episodes will no longer contain a mini workout. Although don’t worry, every once in a while, one of those weekly episodes, the entire episode will be a brand new stand-alone interval training workout. And we’ll also have a couple of episodes that will be stand-alone guided imagery sessions. If you are new to Web Radio Today, please visit the website where you can listen to any or all of the previous episodes. There are 42 of them available for you to listen to whenever you want. You just push the play button. Most importantly though, I would encourage you to listen to the introductory episodes, episode one, two B, three and three B. Those introductory episodes will give you all the information you need to find out what we’re all about and to get your faith and your fitness plan started.

Skip Orem: (09:55)

And of course, I will be looking forward to spending 20 minutes with you each week, beginning on October 1st with the latest medical news for seniors and you and I sharing our faith.

Skip Orem: (10:16)

Time now for a Web Radio Today medical news update, medical news for seniors. The big headline today, fat is flammable. You all know this, there’s so much fat in bacon grease. You could actually use it as a fire-starter. Think about this, the exact same thing is true with fat inside your body. Excess fat is like lighter fluid for cancer. Visceral fat, that’s the spare tire around your gut, or if you have a pear shaped body, that extra fat in your bottom and your thighs and your lower body. I’m not talking about the surface fat where you can pinch more than an inch. All that’s doing is just alerting you that you have a real problem deep inside. Visceral fat is fat deep inside your gut. It settles over and it wraps itself around your abdominal organs. It’s gross, right? Or more than that, it raises your risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, dementia.

Skip Orem: (11:30)

The big news, though, for the first time it’s been shown to raise your risk, guys, of getting prostate cancer. The aggressive kind that needs to be treated, the kind of prostate cancer that can kill you. Think of visceral fat as the lobby smokestack polluting your body with poisonous submissions, deathly emissions. The higher your BMI, that’s your body mass index, the higher your risk. First step everybody, make sure you know your body mass index, your BMI. Your BMI is really easy to figure out. I have a link in the show notes for this episode for a body mass index calculator. Check it out and know if your BMI’s in the danger zone. The higher your BMI, the higher your risk of serious disease.

Skip Orem: (12:25)

And if you’re in that danger zone, you need to start right away to get rid of that killer, dangerous visceral fat. Exercise, eat smarter, diet with fewer carbs and sugar and consider stress management. Stress makes you eat more, makes you gain weight and fat. So you might want to consider stress management strategies like meditation, relaxation, and deep breathing. Our guided imagery sessions are excellent stress management, meditation sessions. This is important stuff everybody, look in the mirror, that spare tire or that super fat bottom or thighs. Those are a surefire indicators everybody, that you need to start to get rid of that overload of dangerous visceral fat. We have a lot of free information Web Radio Today to help you start to stay on your plan to reduce body fat, get healthy. So get on it everybody. Look in the mirror, that’ll tell you or for sure check your BMI. You could be in a situation that needs need fixing immediately.

Skip Orem: (13:38)

Everybody, that is your medical news for seniors update for Web Radio Today. Web Radio Today listeners know that at our advanced age, it’s so important to keep our weight under control, to continue to strengthen our muscle mass and to keep our heart healthy and fit. That is why we need to exercise every day. I’ve talked a great deal about the importance of walking and running as a good form of heart training. And then the need to do strength training on alternate days. I’ve received some emails lately asking about cycling at our age. Cycling has all the same benefits as walking and running, and it has the additional benefit of less wear and tear on your body. Get you outdoors, gives you a dose of natural vitamin D and fresh air. Hey, remember that everybody, sunlight it’s natural vitamin D.

Skip Orem: (14:40)
Like all good exercise activities, cycling slows down the aging process. And unlike running or walking, there’s less stress on your joints with cycling. Biking is now becoming much safer for folks in our age group. Many communities now have paved paths exclusively for bicyclists, walkers, and runners. So if you’re worried about biking with traffic, I know that scares me. No problem. Just go to one of the many parks or bike paths that are now available in most communities. Bicycles are so much better now than you might remember, so much lighter, and they’re available at a lot of different price points. You might want to check out e-bikes. They’re perfect for folks in our age group. I’m thinking about getting an e-bike. I’m going to put a link in the show notes for this episode, talks all about e-bikes. E-bikes are pretty cool, and they can add a lot of fun to cycling.

Skip Orem: (15:42)
If you’re serious about maybe getting into cycling as a form of aerobic exercise, definitely do your research, go to a bike shop, not a big box store and try to find a bike shop that’s accustomed to dealing with us older folks. There will also be a link in the show notes to an article that gives you some really good information about cycling for seniors. Show notes for this episode on the podcast and show notes page at And as if I haven’t told you enough, this is Web Radio Today, episode number 42.

Skip Orem: (16:22)
Everybody, if you are looking for a good, outside aerobic type of exercise, maybe you’re just not a walker or a runner, or perhaps you are a runner or a walker, and you want a little more variety in your aerobic exercise program. Whatever the reason, cycling can be a safe, effective and fun way to get outside and do some aerobic exercise and stay young and stay healthy.

Skip Orem: (17:02)
I know that most of you folks who listen to Web Radio Today, I know you talk with God every day. We want to thank him, praise him, confess some things we’ve done wrong and ask him to sometimes intervene and help us in our lives. When I had prostate cancer, I asked him every night to help me fight it and get it out of my body. And at the same time I thanked him for the prostate cancer. And that’s funny, but you know why? Because that prostate cancer, that thing that came to destroy me, it brought me back to a much closer relationship with God. I pray to God every day, sometimes more than once, mostly to thank him for the many blessings that I have in my life. I know they always come from him.

Skip Orem: (17:57)
I ask him sometimes for guidance. I ask him to provide protection for those I love and for my country. But here’s the thing. This is the thing that, well, I need some help on. I’m not comfortable knowing exactly how to talk with God on a more personal level. All of the models I have of prayer, ever since I was a little kid, all the praying I observed other people do, it was in a public setting. It was a public prayer. And those were always sort of formal showing great respect for God. And in many cases, they were just so elegant.

Skip Orem: (18:50)
And you know what? I’ve modeled that. And so my private prayers to God, if you heard them, you might think that, well, you might think that I was performing. Now, I know for sure that God’s not offended by that. I know that he listens to our prayers however we say them. But I think maybe the best way to pray to God, at least what I’m striving for, the way to pray to God privately is to be, well, maybe to be less formal, more real, more honest.

Skip Orem: (19:34)
I’ve talked to people I respect about praying. I’ve tried to research prayer. The first bit of advice I got was that I should understand that prayer is really talking with God, not to him. I guess if you understand the fact that God’s very willing to listen to you, that he knows you’re better than anyone else. That’s one of the important things about God. He knows us better than anyone else. He knows us better than ourselves. He knows our past. He knows our future. He knew all of it before he created us.

Skip Orem: (20:16)
On top of all of that, he loves us so much. He is our heavenly father. And when I think about all that, it really makes sense because of how close God is to us. It makes sense that prayers don’t need to be all that formal. Especially those private prayers, just us and God. There are so many reasons why we pray to God. First and foremost it’s that he wants us to do that. He wants to talk with us. He wants to help us. I think praying, and I try so hard for this. I think praying should come naturally. Believe me, everybody. When I was fighting cancer, my prayers were so natural. Those words, they just spilled out of my mouth as I was praying, as I was pleading with God. And maybe that’s the way it should be.

Skip Orem: (21:17)
I’m trying real hard to get back to that, to be more comfortable, less formal with my relationship to God. Just think everybody, about the many blessings that prayers and a deep relationship with God can provide, asking for and receiving immediate forgiveness of sin from God. What a gift, eternal life, what a gift. It all comes from God. A gift from God because of how much he loves us. He loves us as our father. He is our father. Think about this. He sacrificed his only son, that terrible death on the cross Jesus endured for all of us so that we could be forgiven of our sinning and have eternal life.

Skip Orem: (22:10)
That forgiveness frees us, gives us a new life, a new life that’s for now and forever. Let me ask you this, because I know some listeners first-time to Web Radio Today may not know what we’re all about. If you don’t know about Jesus, the fact that he’s God’s son sent to earth, not just to set an unattainable perfect example for us, but to forgive us for the bad things we’ve done and that we’re going to continue to do. I also know because of emails that we have some listeners who know about Jesus, but for some reason, they’ve drifted away. Well know this, know this, everybody. Jesus is standing there with open arms ready to accept you, ready to accept you back. Forgive your sins, welcome you home and give you eternal life.

Skip Orem: (23:16)
I want you to accept that gift, acknowledge the love. Probably should do it today. No, you should do it today because well, you don’t have any time. The devil is telling you right now in your head, he’s saying, don’t do this right away. Just need more research. You need to think about it for a while. You’ve got plenty of time. Not true. There is no time. The next year, the next minute, nothing is for sure. Nothing is guaranteed, except for God’s love and forgiveness through his son, Jesus.

Skip Orem: (24:20)
So if you don’t know about Jesus, do this today, do it today. Walk into the first church you see. Just walk in any time, any day. There’ll be people there, and tell the first person you see that you want to know more about Jesus. I promise you this, I know this happens. People have told me about it. You will put a smile on their face and they will welcome you home, and they’re going to introduce you to your Lord and savior, Jesus Christ.

Skip Orem: (25:03)
I’ll talk with you again on October 1st, when we begin Web Radio Today season four. And for the Web Radio Today podcast from Nashville, I’m Skip Orem. Bye, everybody.