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Skip Orem (00:17)

Hey everybody, from Nashville, I’m Skip Orem

and welcome to Web Radio Today. Podcasting and broadcasting today from the XBHS Radio Studios on Printer’s Alley, just off Broadway, Nashville, Tennessee. Yep. This is Web Radio Today. The podcast with the very specific goal of helping the baby boomer generation, us older folks in our sixties and seventies and beyond. The goal of Web Radio Today is to keep us baby boomers physically fit, healthy, and free of disease so that we can live long and happy lives. And we do that by using the seven elements of the Web Radio Today Disease Fighting and Fitness Model, those seven elements, faith, diet, exercise, attitude, positive imagery, music, and research.

Skip Orem: (01:35)

I hope everybody listening to this podcast had an awesome summer as we’re now in the fall season. This autumn season, especially here in the United States is… Well, it’s kind of a time for renewal. Getting our acts together. And it’s also a time right now to remember that, well,

there are diseases out there gunning for us older folks. Cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis. And unfortunately, that’s just a few of them.

We need to make some plans to do everything we can to prevent those diseases from attacking us. And then, to destroy them, or moderate their effects when they do get in our bodies. That is the goal of the Web Radio Today podcast. Some exciting and new changes are coming to the Web Radio Today podcast, including our brand new affiliation with the XBHS Radio Network. But right now let’s get to medical news for seniors.

Skip Orem: (02:59)

And just one more thing before we get to the medical news segment, I wanted to let all of you know that on our medical news for senior segment, that I don’t plan to feature any medical news about COVID. Now I know it’s the most important medical news story for all of us, but there is so much news out there. COVID news stories conflicting with other COVID news stories, and it changes. It changes almost every day. So I hope that you’re staying aware of news on COVID and that you’re always consulting with your doctors in making your decisions on how to deal with COVID. So now with that little qualifier, let’s go now to Web Radio Today medical news for seniors. Here are your Web Radio Today medical news for seniors headlines. 60% of older adults who’ve had a telehealth visit in lieu of an in-person appointment with their doctor have found that the experience was the same as, or better than their regular in person visit with their doctor.

Skip Orem: (04:20)

And then also today, another headline,

we’ll have news about how physical activity can help to prevent dementia and memory loss.

This COVID pandemic it’s changed a lot of things, including for some of us how we interact with our doctors. In response to this pandemic, the government has made it so much easier for Medicare to pay doctors and hospitals for telehealth visits. And you may not find this all that surprising, but more than half of us older folks in the United States experienced some kind of disruption with our medical care during this pandemic. I know that I was one of the many who had to delay in-person visits with my doctor.

Skip Orem: (05:16)

And it seems that well, according to surveys, that we’re all okay with telehealth visits as a replacement for that regular in-person time with our doctor.

Tele-health visits with our doctor may become one of the main ways that we see our physicians in the future. And according to surveys, most of us, well, we’re okay with that. And I’m wondering, what are your thoughts, our listeners, what are your thoughts about telehealth visits? You can email me I have links to information about telehealth visits as well as a guide for how to use telemedicine. Both of those are in the show notes for this episode at

Skip Orem: (06:15)

And in other medical news for seniors, recent studies continue to prove what we’ve said here all along on Web Radio Today since the beginning.

If you want to take care of your brain and your heart, take a walk.

A recent study in Neuro Image Journal again has proven that physical activity slows cognitive decline, and it can even cause positive changes in your brain, even at your old age. Participants in this study, where they were required to take 40 minute walks, three times a week show, they showed significant improvement, not only in brain functioning, but also better cardiovascular health. That means it also keeps your heart healthy. I’ll link to this study in the show notes. And I think that you’ll find it not only interesting, but inspiring, and it might even encourage you to start practicing or be motivated to continue practicing what we preach on Web Radio Today. And that is, everybody, your medical news for seniors on the Web Radio Today podcast.

Skip Orem: (07:55)

Hey everybody, I want you to remember that, the website, is really a significant component of what we do here on Web Radio Today. The show notes, really complete transcripts of each podcast, are right there on the website. And that means that when you go to, you can not only listen to the podcast again if you want, you can also read verbatim what we discussed on the podcast. And those show notes also contain links to more information about what we talk about on any particular episode. And that includes the medical news for seniors links. And if you want to just catch up on past episodes, they’re all there to. And if you want to listen to the special segments from our past episodes, you can do that right there from the audio bursts page at I hope you’ll visit and take advantage of all of the information available to you at

Skip Orem: (09:19)

I have two big important announcements for all of you listening today.

I’m excited to announce that we’re going to enhance the focus of what we do here on Web Radio Today beginning in January of next year. You all know that we’ve always been about using our fitness and our faith to fight off and control disease. The object being to bring us closer to God, while at the same time, living a long, healthy, and happy life. And to help us to continue to do that, to stay motivated, I’m going to add another big motivator to Web Radio Today, beginning this coming January.

Skip Orem: (10:06)

And that motivator is that I’m going to challenge you to join me in spending 2022, actually… Well

actually dedicating 2022 to getting ourselves in the best physical shape, the best physical and mental shape, and most importantly, helping us get closer to God.

2022 will be our year dedicated to improving our health, fighting disease and strengthening off faith. 2022, your faith and fitness year to get fit. Your year of renewal. I invite you to join me on our year to get fit starting January 1st, 2022. And as you and I focus 24/7, 365 on getting and staying healthy, enjoying life, and most importantly, getting closer to God.

Skip Orem: (11:27)

Okay everybody. In preparation for 2022, this very special year in our lives, the special year that’s going to be our year of renewal. To help us with our special year to get fit, our year to get healthy, I’m making some fairly significant changes to the Web Radio Today podcast, so we can be more effective in keeping you motivated and helping you along the way during your year of renewal.

Skip Orem: (12:11)

The most important change is that beginning on January 1, January 1st, Web Radio Today, in addition to being a weekly podcast, we’ll also be broadcast daily on the XBHS Radio Network.

Don’t worry, you can still get the Web Radio Today podcasts. Same as you always have through whatever podcast provider you now use. And we are, and will continue to be on all of the major podcast platforms, iHeartRadio, Apple Podcasts, Outcast, Google Podcast, just to name a few.

Skip Orem: (13:00)

So if you are subscribed to the Web Radio Today podcast through any one of these platforms, you will continue to receive each and every episode as they are released. The next one during the first week in January, 2022, although I may sneak in a couple episodes yet this year. The XBHS Radio Network, XBHS radio, is an internet broadcasting radio station located at and also available now at XBHS radio broadcasts 24 hours a day, featuring some of the wonderful music of our generation, better known as oldies. So beginning in January, Web Radio Today will also be on XBHS radio every morning at 8:00 AM, and then again at 1:00 PM every afternoon.

Skip Orem: (14:15)

Right now XBHS radio is live beta testing at, and they’re playing some of our past Web Radio Today episodes every morning at 8:00 AM. I invite you to tune to XBHS radio and give it a listen as they continue beta testing for the remainder of this year. It’s said Or if you download the Live365 app from the App Store, or where wherever you get your apps, you can listen to XBHS radio right there on your phone, 24/7 by using the Live365 app. The name of that app again is Live365. So why is Web Radio Today affiliating with the XBHS Radio Network? Well you regular listeners know that music is one of the seven elements of the Web Radio Today Disease Fighting and Fitness Model. And we’ve been… Well, to be honest with you, we’ve been somewhat limited on how frequently and what type of music that we can play on the Web Radio Today podcast.

Skip Orem: (15:43)

Well, that’s all going to change in January when we broadcast on XBHS Radio. All of the great music of our generation will be available for us to play on the Web Radio Today podcast. We’ll have that music to use as part of our interval training workouts, and our many workouts which appear on every episode. And everybody, this is so cool. To help us to continue to focus on our faith, to strengthen our faith, to continue to build our relationship with Jesus Christ, we now, because of our affiliation with XBHS radio, can feature the great traditional, as well as contemporary Christian music that all of us love to listen to so much. And just to let you know,

to get your morning started right, plays about an hour of Christian music beginning at 7:00 AM every morning.

And by the way, all of the times that I’ve been talking about are Central Standard Time.

Skip Orem: (17:00)

So hopefully you can… Your brain is still functioning well enough at your older age, you can make those time adjustments so that you can listen at the correct time, wherever you’re located and anywhere around the world. I am, everybody, just so excited about all of these changes coming to the Web Radio Today podcast after the first of the year, okay? But it’s only October now. So while we’re not releasing any new Web Radio Today episodes until January, although I might try to sneak in just a couple of more before the end of the year, this time right now, before January, might be a good time for you to catch up on any past Web Radio Today episodes that you might’ve missed. Every one of the 43 past episodes of Web Radio Today, all those episodes are still available in your podcast feed, or you can find them on the podcast and show notes page at And also for the next couple of weeks, the introductory episodes of Web Radio Today are playing every morning at 8:00 AM Central on

Skip Orem: (19:00)

I know that many of you who listen to this podcast, many of you are like me, you’ve either endured a battle with cancer or you’re fighting that battle right now. I belong to a number of support groups dealing with prostate cancer. Like most cancers, once prostate cancer is removed or put into remission, there’s always the chance that it might come back. One of my friends in one of the prostate cancer support groups, he has a friend who… Well, he received bad news about his cancer this week. So for his friend, and really for all of us dealing with cancer, he posted this prayer this week, and I love this prayer. I want to pray it with you now.

These words, this prayer written by Dennis Finnegan. So now everybody, with our heads bowed, and our eyes closed, together, let’s offer up this prayer to God.

Skip Orem: (20:47)

Father, show me the path today. At times I’m just lost in my cancer. Allow me father to be there for those who might cross my path today, and help me to help them ease their burden. When my load is heavy, give me extra strength. When I’m afraid, comfort me. When I’m alone and this disease gets in my spirit, allow me to see the goodness in life. When the treatments are tough, and my body’s aching, allow my spirit to bring some peace. When I feel lost, give me the strength to reach out to my family and friends and others in my cancer support network. When hope is slipping away, let me focus on today and those who care about me. Always help me to be grateful and to be thankful for the medical personnel who work so hard to help me. And won’t you give me the strength to share my fears, my sadness, and the emotions that this cancer is causing. And lastly, Father, help me to accept this burden and to be strong so that others can see that they are not alone in their battle. We pray these things, Father, in the name of your son, Jesus Christ, who you gave to us to suffer and to die for our sins, so that we might have ever lasting life. Amen.

Skip Orem: (23:58)

If you don’t know Jesus, let me tell you this. He can help you and provide you comfort, as you deal with any illness or trouble that’s in your family or in your life right now. If you haven’t found Jesus, find him today. He’s waiting for you. He’s with you now, if you only believe. Accept the gift. Walk into any church, the first church that you see today. Walk in. Tell the first person you see that you’re looking for Jesus. You’ll put a smile on their face, you’ll probably make their day. And they will introduce you to your Lord and Savior.

Skip Orem: (25:18)

Don’t forget everybody, If you have some time, take the opportunity this fall to catch up on some of our past episodes. Perhaps some of our workouts. Experience our guided imagery sessions. They’re all there for you in your podcast feed, or at I’ll talk with you in January, if not before, for the Web Radio Today podcast and for the XBHS radio network. I’m skip Orem. Bye everybody.