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Hi, everybody. From Nashville, I’m Skip Orem, and this is the Web Radio Today podcast.

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This is the first episode that I’ve recorded since, well, early January of this year. We’ve had some starts and some stops trying to get season four of the Web Radio Today podcast underway. I’m happy to report, we have finally goMen our act together. So welcome again, everybody to episode number 45 of the Web Radio Today podcast. As I menPoned, we have our act together, and the plans are for season four of Web Radio Today, first episode will drop on Friday, September 23rd, 2022.

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Most of the Web Radio Today podcast in the past, those episodes have Pmed out at about 30 minutes per episode, and some episodes actually went much longer than that. I’ve decided to make it a liMle easier for you to listen to Web Radio Today because each season four new episode, beginning in September, will last no longer than 10 minutes. That way you can get your faith and your fitness fix every Friday for just 10 minutes by punching up the Web Radio Today podcast. I promise you that I’m going to Pghten up each one of those episodes so that we can talk about our health, our fitness, and most importantly, our faith, each Friday for 10 minutes. Hopefully, well, that’ll give each of us the inspiraPon and informaPon to pracPce the seven elements of the Web Radio Today Disease FighPng and Fitness Model.

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And if you are unfamiliar with Web Radio Today, our faith and our fitness model, let me suggest that during this Pme, between now and September, that you go back and listen to a couple of our earlier episodes. All of the Web Radio Today episodes are, well, they’re available. They’re right there on Apple Podcast. And of course also, all of those episodes, including transcripts of each episode, are available at webradiotoday.com or at xbhsradio.com.

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And I especially encourage you, everybody, if you are not familiar with the Web Radio Today podcast, you should listen to episodes 2, 2B, 3 and 3B. Those are the introductory episodes, and those episodes of the Web Radio Today podcast will give you a full immersion into what Web Radio Today is all about. And those introductory episodes, they will introduce you to the Web Radio Today Disease FighPng and Fitness Model.
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I also want to menPon that we have formalized our relaPonship with the XBHS Radio Network. And while Web Radio Today will no longer be broadcasPng on XBHS Radio, we will conPnue to be featured on the XBHS Radio website, xbhsradio.com. Right there on the front page of the xbhsradio.com website, you’ll see featured on the menu Web Radio Today. Click on that and you can listen to all the previous episodes, read the transcripts of each episode if you prefer to do that, and also listen to some of the Audio Bursts we’ve recorded over the past several years. xbhsradio.com and webradiotoday.com.

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And as we have been doing for the past couple of years, each episode of Web Radio Today will be recorded right here at the XBHS Radio Printer’s Alley Studios, just off Broadway in Nashville, Tennessee. Mark your calendars for Friday, September 23rd 2022, when season four of the Web Radio Today Faith and Fitness podcast begins.

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All right then. Let’s talk just a couple of minutes about balance exercises, and we’ll do that as part of our medical news for seniors. This is medical news for seniors right here, right now on Web Radio Today. Exercise is one of the seven elements of the Web Radio Today Disease FighPng and Fitness Model. I’ve

talked a lot about heart rate, training, aerobic training, as well as the importance of strength training for seniors.

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But there’s another type of exercise that’s so criPcal for all of us older folks, us baby boomers in our 60s and 70s and beyond, and that is exercising to enhance our balance. Improving balance, especially at our age, helps to improve our mobility, our reacPon Pme, and especially our overall quality of life. And balance exercises also help to prevent falls in us older folks. Falls, they’re the leading cause of injury related death among adults ages 65 and older. And hey, that’s us.

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In the show notes for this episode I’m going to link for you to several important arPcles, with informaPon about the importance of maintaining good balance, as well as some good balance improvement exercises that are easy, convenient, and inexpensive to do. And remember, everybody, that a transcript of each and every Web Radio Today episode as well as links to addiPonal informaPon about anything we discuss on the podcast is available at both webradiotoday.com and at the xbhsradio.com websites.

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On a voyage, everybody, you and I, this health and fitness upgrading, disease fighPng, faith strengthening, life-saving journey. I started the Web Radio Today podcast because I wanted you to join me on this voyage of faith and fitness. And I hope that you’ll come back every week and keep listening to the Web Radio Today podcast. I’m trying real hard to make each episode meaningful, to provide good disease fighPng health and fitness informaPon. And to do that in a fun, in a interesPng way. And if I can help just one person improve their health and fitness, if I can bring just one person to Jesus, wow, Web Radio Today would be an unqualified success in my mind, if that could happen.
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And, everybody, if you are bogged down with worry right now, if you feel broken, if maybe there’s an empPness in your life. Maybe it’s not an empPness, maybe it’s just that you feel like something might be missing. Or maybe you are in this struggle, whatever it might be, and you feel like you can’t fight it alone. Jesus is waiPng to help you if you let Him. He’ll welcome you home. He doesn’t care about what kind of life you’ve had before. The bad things you may have done, the Pmes you might have denied Him in the past. Everybody, that can all be led behind. He’s seen it all, and sPll His arms are open to you.

Skip Orem (09:39):

This powerful verse from Isaiah 44:22, this verse, it says it all. “I have swept away your offenses like a cloud, your sins like the morning mist. Return to me, for I have redeemed you.” Faith is the most important part of the Web Radio Today Disease FighPng and Fitness Model. That’s why I talk about it on every podcast. Staying in good health, gefng fit, doing the right things to avoid and fight a disease, those acPons, well, they can all help you to live a long life.

Skip Orem (10:31):

Your faith though, your faith, everybody, your belief in Jesus, can give you eternal life. A powerful statement in my favorite Bible verse, John 3:16. “For God so loved the world that He gave us one and only son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.” If you want to talk about it, email me, skip@webradiotoday.com.
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All right, everybody, that’s it for episode 45 of the Web Radio Today podcast. The next new episode will be released on September 23rd, as we start season four of Web Radio Today. And for the staPons along the XBHS Radio Network and for the Web Radio Today podcast, I’m Skip Orem. I will see you in September. Goodbye, everybody.