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I get emails almost every week questioning the role of faith in this podcast. Why does faith need to be part of fitness model? Those people probably haven’t listened to the introductory episodes because if they had, they would know why. Faith is a part of the Web Radio Today podcast and our, and our special disease fighting and and fitness model, and especially why faith is such an important part of this podcast. And then some of those emails question why I specifically deal with my Christian faith. Cancer attacked me in January for a brief period of time. There at the beginning, I was devastated. I lost all hope. I was scared. Four things got me through all of that, my medical team, my elite level of physica

fitness, my wife, my wonderful wife, and most importantly, my knowledge that I was safe in God’s


My faith, my Christian faith gave me so much comfort when I was battling cancer. That’s probably the hardest thing I’ve ever had to deal with, but that cancer, the thing that came to destroy me, it brought me back to my Christian faith, back to Jesus, back to God. During that time, I, I thought a lot about how I would live my life if I was able to survive cancer. I knew I was gonna spend more time with my family and loved ones, more time serving my church, and if that sounds like I was bargaining with God, well probably was, but it was more than just that though. I, I kept thinking that before all this happened, I kept thinking I have all this time and then I was thinking that, that if I could continue to live my life, I could live it with so much more purpose. So I was gonna go forward, win this battle or lose it with a new plan for my life. And I also knew that I had a little bit of talent to perhaps help people with their health, but at the same time maybe saving a few souls. And that’s why the Web Radio Today Podcast was born.

If you want more detail about all that, go back and listen to those introductory episodes and everybody. That’s the reason why my Christian faith will always be an important part of this podcast. And I know we have lost listeners because I focus so much on my Christian faith. However, here’s the good news. We continue to gain more listeners because of our emphasis on the Christian faith. Many of you have have started listening to, to this podcast because you want to get and stay healthy, but you’re also here because of Jesus. I’m so proud to say that our listener base is growing globally. In addition to our many listeners in the usa, this podcast has listeners in Canada, France, Germany, Belgium, Brazil, the uk, Thailand, South Africa. I don’t just know that because people email me from those places. I know it because we use some pretty sophisticated listener statistics and, and demographic tracking programs to measure our reach. Now, I don’t know how many souls we’ve saved, maybe none, but I try every week I’m a professional voiceover artist and when I got this cancer, my future goals were to get well, live my life for Jesus and help people find the same Christian peace I have. And if I can use my fitness knowledge and experience to advise people on how to stay and get fit, stay healthy, fight off disease, that creates just an awesome opportunity to help people.I’ve been cured for now of this cancer. You see, Jesus not only saved my soul, he saved my life. I owe

him everything and so do you. There is this book, I’m going to link (20:42):

To it in the show notes for this episode and this audio burst. The book is called Don’t Give Up, and it’s written by Kyle Eidelman and I recommend this book for anyone who’s going through any kind of struggle in their life right now. This passage from Don’t Give Up. It. It’s so inspiring. It was so inspiring to me. It it’s sort of based on Psalm one 18. Think about this as you struggle, whether it’s with illness, with loss, family problems or, or any of the other hardships and and worry that might be in your life, the battle is not yours. Whenever you feel like giving up or giving in, remember that your strength comes from God whenever you’re down and out and can’t seem to pick yourself up. Remember, your strength comes from God. Whenever you feel weak and overwhelmed, remember, your strength comes from God. Don’t you dare give up because God has amazing things in store for you during your battle, the Lord will fight for you during the trial. The Lord will strengthen you


The test, the Lord will encourage you. You will be a winner. You are a part of a royal priesthood and you’re at the head not the tale. You shall prevail in this life. You will defeat the enemy and you will inherit eternal life through Jesus Christ our savior. Remember this, Jesus by his life and and death on the cross and then his resurrection, he’s given you strength. He gives you forgiveness. He will give you peace, and He has given you a world without end eternal life. Here’s the thing though, everybody, you need to accept that gift. Jesus, he knows your heart. He knows all the things good and bad that you’ve done in your life, and he knows God’s plan for you. And you know what? As bad as you’ve been, as lost as you are, as broken as you may be, Jesus, he still loves you. His arms are reaching out to you. He wants to put those arms around you. He offers you total forgiveness. He’s ready right now to offer you love and listen to this. He’s right there to help you and to offer you that strength that that you need to fight. Whatever battle you’re in right now, he can give you strength to fight all of life’s battles, and he wants to give you life without end.

It’s yours if you want it. If you’re elapsed Christian like I was, you know what to do. Drop to your knees and ask him for forgiveness. He’ll forgive you and he will welcome you home if you don’t know Jesus well, there are no forms to fill out, no tests to take, no fee required. All Jesus requires of you is your acceptance of his amazing free gift. The devil right now, he’s telling you, this sounds interesting. Maybe you really should think about this later. Investigate it. Study up on all this Jesus stuff. You might do that the next time that you have a a lot of free time. Nothing else important to do. Maybe then you should start to think about this Jesus stuff. That’s the devil talking to you. Here’s the truth. You don’t have any time. All you have is right now. This minute, nothing else is guaranteed to wait another minute, another hour, another day. That’s like rolling the dice. Things happen so quickly. You don’t know what’s around the corner. There is no time. If you’re already a Christian, you’ve been perhaps backsliding again like I was. Ask Jesus to forgive you and give your life back to him.

If you don’t know Jesus, aren’t really clear about who he is, how he can strengthen you, give you forgiveness, give you peace and life everlasting, do this. Please do this right now today. Regular listeners, they know what I’m gonna tell you to do. Here’s the drill. Walk into any church. First person. That person might be another church member, a secretary, a receptionist. Might be the pastor. It might be the custodian. They’re cleaning things up. It doesn’t matter. Just tell that first person that you see there in that strange church. Tell them you want to find Jesus. You’ll put a smile on their face and you will be creating a moment that both of you will never forget, and that person, secretary Receptionist, church member, pastor Custodian, whoever it is, that person will help you find Jesus. Next week on the Anchor Point Podcast. Friday, January 13th, guided positive imagery for fighting the winter blues and for the stations along the X B H S Radio Network and for the Anchor Point Podcast from Nashville. I’m Skip or Bye everybody.