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by Skip Orem | Anchor Pointe

Transcript Audio Burst FOOTPRINTES IN THE SAND 2023 with Skip Orem

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Right now everybody, I want to follow up just a little more about the importance of letting any bad things that happened in 2022, letting them go, so that you will be free to focus all your energy on this exciting new year of 2023. Here’s a challenge right now for each of you. Think about yourself this time last year and then think about yourself right now, mid-January 2023. Reflect on who you were then and who you are now. You discover this, you are much stronger now than you were at this time last year. Everything that happened last year, the good and the bad, it made you stronger. And let me ask you this, have you thanked God for the strength that he gave to you to weather any storms that might have come your way last year? Because everybody, you know this, it’s through the grace of God that you’re here today.

Faith is the first and most important element of the Anchor Pointe disease fighting and fitness model. Faith and prayer. They’re the vitamins for the soul. You can’t live a healthy life without them. Remember that dark year of 2020? A real difficult year for most of us. But going through that year, all the troubles, all the trials we went through, it made us all stronger. Longtime listeners to this podcast, they know my story, they know what I went through in 2020. I’m going to tell that story again on next week’s Anchor Pointe Podcast. The short version, what came to destroy me, brought me back to God. As we start this new year, 2023, I urge you to think about your relationship with God, and thank him for everything that happened last year; the good things and the bad things. Every challenge that God put before you last year was put there for a reason. And during those challenging times that might have come your way last year, you were never alone. God was always with you.

The poem, “Footprints in the Sand”, many of you know it. It describes how God is always there for us. The poem’s setting is a person our age walking along the beach alone, thinking about their life. Most of us who have been fortunate enough to be on a beach at some point in our older age, we’ve done that walk. Walking along the beach looking back and reflecting upon our life. The person in the poem, “Footprints in the Sand”, pretend it’s you. You’re walking along the sand near the ocean on the beach there, and you’re looking back on your life thinking about both the good and the bad times. And as you are looking back at your life, you turn around and you look back at the beach along the path you’ve been walking and what you see are footprints on the sand where you’ve been walking.

Most of the time, you see that there were two sets of footprints. One of those sets of footprints belongs to you, and then the other set belong to God. He was walking with you during your life. You also notice that during the bad times in your life, the most difficult times you’ve faced during your life, maybe especially during last year, you notice during those times there’s only one set of footprints. It seems you were walking alone. Had God left you? This seems strange, so you stop right there and you pray to God and you say in your prayer, “Father, when I was going through so much trouble during my life, why weren’t you walking with me?” God answers you, “My child, I loved you before I even placed you in your mother’s womb, and I will always love you. During those times of trouble, sadness, suffering, when you could see only one set of footprints, it was then that I carried you.”