ANCHOR POINTE Audio Burst with Skip Orem


by Skip Orem | Anchor Pointe

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 I mentioned as part of my daily journaling, I had a little note in my journal about how I would apply what I’d learned in my Bible study that day. I hope we’ve made the case. Faith is so very important in leading a happy, a healthy, productive, a meaningful, a good life. That’s why faith is the number one element in the anchor point. Disease, fighting and fitness plan.

And speaking of things which can help you maintain a positive attitude. Well, faith is a wonderful driver of attitude. Knowing that everything’s in God’s hands, knowing he’s always there for you, he answers your prayers, he’s your creator and he loves you.

What an uplifting and positive feeling to have every day when it comes to really grounding your faith. Bible study is so important. Daily Bible study is where God talks to you. Parts of the Bible are really easy to read and understand God’s message, but other parts for me, especially the Old Testament, I need help. I’m constantly searching for quality Bible courses, especially focused on the Old Testament. But if you’re just getting started with Bible study, especially if you didn’t have the benefit of going to Sunday school, Bible school, church camps as a youngster, and even if you did all that, you still need to read and study the Bible.

I feel closer to God and learn new things every time I open my Bible and read His word. Even if I’ve read it so many times before, I love reading the gospel. The story of Jesus’s life is told in each gospel in a slightly different way. I think Luke is a good gospel to start with if you’re just beginning to study Jesus’ life. Luke, in addition to being a doctor, he’s a historian. He’s writing the story of Jesus’s history. I find the gospel’s easy to read and understand because of my early experiences in Sunday school, do you really want to get seriously into Bible study? I would first and foremost recommend group Bible study. It’s the absolute best way to study and understand and learn from God’s word. There are also some good Bible study courses available that you can do individually. However you choose to read and learn from God’s word, won’t you make it a part of each day, even if you think you don’t have much time in your day, just 10 minutes a day, read and think about what you just read. Write down your thoughts. I promise as you continue to study your Bible each day, you’ll start making more and more time each day because your curiosity about it and your love for Jesus will just grow and grow.