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Transcript Audio Burst HELPING GOD HELP US with Skip Orem

I mentioned on a previous episode in my Bible studies recently, I have been focusing on the life of David in the Old Testament, and there are two qualities of David that just jumped out at me this week. I say qualities, but I think of them more as strengths. And these two strengths. If we could achieve them and live them in our lives, well, in addition to vastly making us better human beings, they could actually improve our health and our lives in general.

Those two strengths. The first is kindness, and the other is a willingness to help God help us to answer our prayers. That’s kind of presumptuous, don’t you think? Us helping God? But I’ll explain in a couple of minutes what I mean by helping God to answer our prayers. First, let’s talk about this other strength. Kindness. There is a quote. It goes, when I was young, I admired clever people. Now that I’m old, I admire kind people. David, for much of his life, was a very kind man. He was able to empathize with people, even his enemies and the show sympathy for them. Well, sometimes his enemies, they didn’t know how to accept that kindness. I think some people now, the way they react to people who are being kind, that they don’t understand the kindness and they think of people offering them kindness as being weak. But David demonstrated that being kind often requires so much courage, so much strength. We can improve our health by being kind. You know how to show kindness. You know what kindness is. Always be looking to help people have sympathy for them when they’re going through bad times. And our enemies, people who might be mean to us or who are always angry with us

If our first goal is to show them kindness instead of anger, it will often diffuse the whole situation. We’ve all probably heard the saying that people who want to hurt us, well it’s actually because they are hurting so much themselves. I wrote in my journal today, I want to help God, to help me be a kinder person and to react to things in a more kind way. That’s gonna be tough. I’m striving for that because I know it’ll make me a less angry person. And we all know anger, getting upset with people. It’s not good for our health or our wellbeing. And the other thing about anger, it can have a really bad effect on decisions we might make when we’re angry in the spur of the moment. Maybe we know we shouldn’t make any decisions under the influence of alcohol. Well, we also shouldn’t be making any decisions under the influence of anger. Calm down and think about it. Let kindness play a part in all of your decisions. Let’s do random acts of kindness today and every day. The other strength of David that I think can help us is to help God help us with the things that we ask for in our prayers

In the Bible, when David asked God for something, he didn’t just wait around for God to answer his prayers. He helped God with a spirit of cooperation. We need to do that. We know that God answers prayer, but he often wants us to help him grant our requests. I pray every night I pray to God to keep this prostate cancer that invaded my body last year and then was removed. I pray that God will keep it from coming back, but I need to help him answer my prayer. I need to eat right exercise. Do everything I can on my part to help God out with this, which a lot of us, we pray every night that someone we love will let Jesus, God will help them to let Jesus back in their life so much. We want him to answer that prayer. Are we doing enough to help him with that? Are we setting a good Christian example? Are we taking whatever steps we can to help God lead that person back to Christ? Okay, so maybe it seems a little prideful to think that we can actually help God out. I think it’s more like we need to do everything we can to work with God, to have our prayers answered. God loves us so much, his son, Jesus sacrificed for us. He loves us so much. They do answer our prayers,

That wonderful feeling to know that Jesus loves us. And how do we know that? Like the little children sing, yes, Jesus loves me. This or no, for the Bible tells me so. Jesus, he loves us so much. He forgives us Our sins offers us eternal life. I pray that everyone listening to this podcast, I pray that Jesus is in your life. If not, just know this. Know that Jesus, he’s waiting there for you. He died on the cross and then was risen again to give you forgiveness. Peace, peace and eternal life. Let him into your life. He’s waiting there for you. The devils well, the devil’s telling you that everything’s okay. You don’t need Jesus. Even if you are, you’re starting to think about Jesus. The devil’s telling you no need to worry about it today. Plenty of time in the future to do that. After all you, you’ve got so many more important things that are on your plate right now. Here’s the truth, everybody, there really is no time you have right now. Tomorrow’s not guaranteed the next hour or the next minute. You can’t know the future. Let Jesus enter your life today. You can walk into any church, tell the first person you see, tell them you wanna learn more about Jesus. You’ll put a smile on their face and they’ll introduce you to your savior.