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Hi everybody from Nashville. I’m Skip Orm, and this is the Anchor Point podcast. And this is the December 2nd, 2022 episode of the Anchor Point Podcast. This episode today, everybody is not being recorded up at the X BHS Radio studios in Nashville. Instead, I’m here at my home studio and the quaint little Nashville suburban town of Nolansville, Tennessee Nolansville sits right here on the southeast corner of the Music City. Hello again, everybody. I’m Skip or, and I’m so happy that you’ve punched up today’s episode because we’re gonna give you a strategy for managing your diet and not letting things get too crazy over the holidays.


Anchor Point is the Faith and Fitness podcast for us older folks, people in our fifties, sixties, seventies, and beyond. And we’re doing everything we can to stay fit, to stay healthy, and to live a long, happy and healthy life. I mentioned this episode is is being released on December 2nd. We typically release Anchor point episodes ever every Friday. The Anchor Point podcast is free, no advertisements, and you can subscribe to the anchor point from wherever you get podcasts. We’re on all of the major podcast platforms, even though everybody I might have mentioned the date of this episode. For the most part, each of our anchor point episodes are not really date specific. They are, well, they’re subject specific. That means if you are new to the anchor point and you wanna go back and catch up on our earlier episodes, you can do that. Learn about things we talked about on any particular episode, and it doesn’t really matter when you listen. For instance, this episode today where we’re going to focus on a holiday diet strategy, well, it’s gonna be just as meaningful and informative if a listener was punching up the podcast in December of next year. And on today’s anchor point episode, we’re gonna be all about keeping our diet and stress level under control during the coming holiday season. And then also later in the episode today, I’m gonna share some of my thoughts on heaven right now though. Let’s get this episode underway with medical news for seniors.


Today’s medical news for seniors comes from the Mayo Clinic this holiday season for sure. It is a time for family and good cheer, but making sure that the house is clean, the food is ready, the presents are all bought and wrapped. That can all be a challenge when you think about it. All of the things that go on during the holidays can be so overwhelming and and bring some unwanted stress and depression in a time that’s really meant for so much happiness. As we start to move into this holiday season, the Mayo Clinic suggests that we try these steps to help to ensure that we have a stress-free holiday. Step one plan ahead during the holidays. It always seems like there’s not enough time in each day to do all that we need to do and to to see the people we wanna see. So make a plan in advance. Next, plan your holiday spending. Make a budget and stick to it.


Turn on some music like some candles. Do everything you can to create relaxing surroundings. And of course, we all know that the holidays, they are notorious for ruining healthy habits. So I want everybody out there to make sure that you do everything you can to keep practicing your fitness habits during the holidays. Those seven elements of the anchor point, disease, fighting and fitness model, faith, diet, exercise, attitude, positive imagery, music and research. Keep those elements in the forefront every day, especially during the holidays. And take some time for yourself each day to relax, meditate, and de- stress. And of course, remember the real reason for the Christmas season. You’re celebrating the birt

of your savior, Jesus Christ. And especially during the holiday season, you wanna make sure that you’re

talking with him every day and that everybody is your anchor point. Medical news for seniors for today. (05:57):

We are here for you, everybody with the Anchor Point Podcast to help you relax and enjoy this holiday season. Not only with today’s episode, but also next week, Friday, December 9th, next Friday, anchor point is releasing a special episode just for the holiday season. That entire episode will be a 30 minute guided image recession designed especially to help you deal with the stress and anxiety that often comes along with the holidays. I know everybody that you will want to listen to that episode perhaps a few times during the holiday season. Anchor points, guided imagery for holiday relaxation next week, December 9th.


Let’s talk for a few minutes about the challenges we all will face. Trying to maintain a healthy diet during this holiday season that’s just now beginning. In order for you to make it through to the end of the year diet wise, you really need a plan so that you don’t overeat and gain weight because I’ve gotta tell you, I’ve been there. If you gain too much weight over the holidays, it’s just gonna put you into more post holiday stress as you feel the shame. And then have to get started to try to lose those extra pounds that you gained over the holidays. And then the other thing is that if you eat a lot of unhealthy foods, sugars, foods, high and fats and sodium, you might put your immune system at risk and put yourself at risk of getting sick after the holidays. So here we go with the anchor points. Suggested plan to help you not overeat too much during the holiday season.

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First though, if you have a specific condition like diabetes, heart disease, cancer, (

With those situations you, you really don’t have a lot of flexibility with your diet. You know what foods you need to stay away from. So that means with those foods, there really isn’t any flexibility. Stay away from those foods. Your healthcare provider or your research told you that you cannot eat in those situations. You don’t get any vacation or holiday pass cuz remember, you’re fighting a disease. Don’t let up, don’t retreat. Step one in the plan is to not eat at all any of the foods that can kill you. Those foods you are absolutely not allowed to eat because if you think you’re gonna eat just a little take, perhaps just one bite, you’re gonna want more. And then you’re gonna say, what the heck? It’s the holidays. I’ll take care of this after the first of the year. You cannot go there. If you’re fighting a disease like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, these next steps are to control overeating. During the holidays. You know that you shouldn’t be eating them. You know they’re gonna make you gain weight, make you feel bad, send you off of your fitness plan. But you’re asking, it’s the holidays. Is there any kind of leeway here? My recommendation is to stay on your diet, but if you can’t resist temptation because it’s the holidays, I have some modifications.


If you want to vary just a little off of your diet, here’s some ideas I have that have worked for me in the past and they might give you some freedom, but not totally. Send your diet down the drain for every meal. Eat what foods you want, but only half portions. If your fist is the measure of a full portion and i

is, eat only half of a fist. That way you still get a taste without totally going off of your diet. With buffets and potluck, this is a real challenge. Only one trip. And remember only those half portions keep looking at your fist. It helps me with buffets and with potlucks to use a, a salad plate instead of a regular plate for my one trip to the buffet. Those, those salad plates are smaller with alcohol. If you are allowed to drink alcohol, one or two drinks per day, that’s all.


And you need to make a plan for that because it’s so easy to plan and stick to your one or two drinks a day. If you plan when you’re gonna have your drink the next day, is it for some reason gonna be in the afternoon or perhaps a, a happy hour drink or a drink with dinner or after dinner with your one or two drink limits? You can’t drink at all those occasions during the day. And believe me, there are a lot of temptations to do that during the holidays. But based on what you think the next day will be like, look ahead, think about the situations that might call for drinking and then pick just one or two of those situations. Let’s think about sugars and sweets. We need to deal with them the same way that we made a plan for alcohol. Allow yourself one, helping of sweets per day and then plan when you’re going to have those sweets the next day.


And of course, with sweets, nothing larger than one half your fist, that’s a nice little taste with without destroying everything. If you follow those easy few steps, no eating foods that you must avoid because of your condition. Plan your day in advance. Have an eating plan, half portions of everything, only one trip to the buffet or food table. Plan for only one or two drinks per day and plan for only one one half of your fist serving of sweets per day. If you follow those steps, you’re gonna be able to keep your weight gain and your mood under control. You’re gonna gain a pound or two, that little gain of a pound or two or three, that’s okay. Your goal is to not overdo it. You don’t want to get totally off track and lose everything that you’ve worked so hard for. Up to now. Pay attention to what you put on your plate, everybody. And remember the calories in alcohol. And also don’t forget that alcohol may cause you to to pay less attention to how much you’re eating. So think before you drink and during the holidays, try to exercise every day. Now it’s gonna be hard, especially on extra busy days, but it’s so important to exercise every day if you can during the holidays


And you wanna make sure that you’re getting enough rest during the holidays, slow down, breathe and try your best not to get stressed out. There’s consequences for going off the deep end during the holidays. You don’t wanna start January 1st, the new year depressed and in a bad mood. And that everybody is your anchor point plan to not only keep your eating under control, but also to enjoy this wonderful holiday season that’s just now beginning. And then when January one arrives, you’re gonna be ready for your year to get fit already having a headstart. Let me ask you a, a question everybody, have you ever had anyone ask you what heaven would be like? Have you ever thought about it? There have been articles and, and even books written about what heaven might be like. I think everybody has a, has an opinion of that, a vision of what heaven might be like, but nobody really knows. But yet a whole bunch of us want to live our lives so that we will be in heaven when it all ends. I have my own thoughts about what heaven might be like. I didn’t really like those guesses that I had as a very young little kid about what heaven might be like. Just more church, right?

When I think about heaven now, I think about it being another creation of God.


I think about the creations of God that we already know about. What an amazing architect and creator God is. I mean, look at where we live on this beautiful green and blue ball that is earth. God created our world for us. The ocean, the sky, the beauty that is, that is our world right now created by God. Now us humans, we’ve done some things to mess it up. God did give us free will. He wanted us to have free will. And beginning with Eve, things got crazy and we started messing everything up. But just think about this creation of his before we started messing it up. Think about how, how your body responds to things of this earth that were created by God. A summer’s day, a flower. Think about how even your mind responds to those things. The ocean, the beautiful blue sky, a tree, the smells of summer, of autumn. They were all created by God for us to enjoy the changes of the seasons and how we respond to them. The cycle of life, everything there is, God created that. What a masterful creator. And then when you think about heaven, of course that’s his special creation ready for us. When we get there, it’s gonna be so wonderful and will be in the presence of God’s love and Jesus. Our hearts will be right. They’ll be filled with love. No more hate, no more jealousy, no more bad stuff. We’re not gonna mess up heaven, just beauty, eternal happiness and love forever than ever.


We need, well sort of a ticket to get into heaven. That ticket, it’s, it’s free. That ticket is Jesus. He is our savior. If you try and fail and you try and you fail again, if you’re constantly attempting to live your life like Jesus, even though you, you fail miserably at it. If you have him in your life, you get a free ticket to heaven. He doesn’t care how many times you fail him. He will always forgive you if you pray to him. If you love him, if you believe in him, if you follow him, you will have its eternal life. Jesus. He is the light and the way your free pass, your ticket to eternal life. If you don’t know Jesus, don’t wait another minute. Find him and let him into your life. He’s waiting with open arms just for you today. Walk into any church. Doesn’t have to be a Sunday any day right now. Today. Walk into the first church you see. Tell the first person you meet no matter who it is. Tell the first person you meet that you want to know about Jesus. You want him in your life.


They’ll give you this really big smile and they’re gonna welcome you home. Next week on the Anchor point guided imagery for holiday relaxation. That episode will be available Friday, December 9th. And for the X BHS Radio Network and for the Anchor Point Podcast, I’m Skip OREM  by everybody.

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