ANCHOR POINTE Audio Burst with Skip Orem


by Skip Orem | Anchor Pointe

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 Audio Burst JOURNALING with Skip Orem


A couple of years ago I started journaling. I had been researching how journaling can really help you to boost your mood, enhance your sense of wellbeing, reduce depression, improve your memory, and bring you closer to God.

Those five things I mentioned, boosting your mood, enhancing your sense of wellbeing, reducing depression, improving your memory, and bringing you closer to God. Those five benefits of journaling can help you to get that positive attitude that’s so important as you’re starting your day. It can help improve your overall health and fitness. If you’re fighting a disease right now, positive attitude is a must in your healing. We’ve talked about the importance of a positive attitude on several previous anchor point episodes, and I know for a fact positive attitude destroys cancer cells enlightens the load on your heart.

In addition to all those big health benefits, journaling can help you keep your thoughts organized and improve your writing skills. Journaling can help you set and achieve goals, and I really think that’s important at our age. Journaling allows you to self-reflect. Journaling can boost your memory, it can inspire creativity. Writing in a journal daily can help keep our aging brains in top shape. And not only can journaling boost memory, it can actually increase your memory capacity and that memory capacity often starts shrinking as we get older. Daily journaling, and you know what else? Daily journaling, it can bring us closer to Jesus. When I started journaling, I kept it real simple, just dealing with three things, one sentence each. Number one, what will I focus on today? Number two, one sentence, what am I especially grateful for today? And number three, one sentence, what will I let go of today?

One of the things that helped me accept the idea of doing journaling every day was to think of it as not being anything permanent. Nobody’s gonna read it but me. It’s boring stuff to other folks. Only important for me to use today. I’m writing these things down because it helps me get my day organized and it might be fun at some point to go back and see what I was thinking over time. But everybody don’t be intimidated by journaling, nobody’s archiving anything. As I continue to journal each day, I actually increase the amount of stuff I’m writing down each day. I’ve added my detailed to-do list for the day

it down on paper. If you’re writing down on paper, it helps you make sure that you don’t lose your I’ve started to brainstorm podcast ideas and write them down in a journal, and I’ve started to include my thoughts about how I would apply my Bible lesson for the day to my life on that day.

I’ve started to make that Bible study application a to-do list item for each day. I can honestly say journaling has increased my already positive attitude and it’s given me a feeling of accomplishment, a feeling of accomplishment. You just don’t notice and unless it’s written down right there in front of you, there are programs on the internet and and phone apps that are available to help you journaling. I think it’s really more fun doing it old school, taking a pen and writing ability to write cursive or script and you know the way things are going nowadays. It’s up to us older folks to keep cursive or or script writing alive. Nobody’s doing that anymore. Everybody’s either printing or or inputting words into their device. The increased benefits of journaling adds your attitude, your productivity, your health and your happiness. All those benefits make it well worth the time you give to yourself to sit there, think and write down your thoughts