ANCHOR POINTE Audio Burst with Skip Orem

TRANSCRIPT (This transcript is computer generation.  The computer sometimes makes mistakes and doesn’t get that we spell Anchor Pointe with an E


I sometimes joke around and I say that I don’t want to be in any club if I’m not the president. I don’t wanna be on any committee unless I’m the chairman. I don’t want to be in any meeting unless I’m running it. That was partially my ego speaking and perhaps me being some kind of a control freak, but you know what? I think I used to say those things as well as a way of expressing my frustration with the process of, of coming to group decisions. I’ve been humbled since then and I’ve come to realize that often group decisions are the best decisions. The more minds thinking it through, the better the resulting decision. Every one of us has seen and experienced both outstanding and then bad leaders. As we’ve gone through our lives, there are people we naturally look to for leadership, teachers, pastors, really good friends, parents, that leadership and teaching, a lot of us received from our parents back in the day. Most of it’s still good advice and, and and still very relevant in today’s world. For many of us, it’s what built our character, but here’s this, everybody. I firmly believe though, if Jesus is not in your life, you don’t have any leadership.

Luke chapter nine, verses 23 to 26. Jesus says, whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me. For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will save it. What good is it for someone to gain the whole world and yet lose or or forfeit their very self and then ending with this verse, whoever is ashamed of me and my words, the son of man will be ashamed of them when he comes in his glory and the glory of the Father and of the holy angels. In those verses, Jesus is telling his disciples in us, anyone who wants to follow him needs to realize that he is their leader. He’s telling us we are not in the driver’s seat. He is, and you know what everybody, I find comfort in that in times of trouble, Jesus has got our back.

You know, though, as as I’ve said before, you turn your life over to Jesus, things aren’t necessarily gonna get better. In fact, they might get worse, but he tells us, don’t run from suffering. Embrace it. Jesus has your back when you give your life to him because we know the ending, you and me in heaven, Jesus sitting at the right hand of God. I imagine he’ll have this proud smile on his face as he welcomes us to eternal life with him. It’s such a, such a small time we have here on earth. Heaven is forever, eternal life. That’s what we’re working for. That’s what we’re suffering for what we are all sacrificing for this podcast, the anchor point, it’s about self-help getting and staying healthy, fighting off diseases, but most important of all, the anchor point is about faith because your faith, everybody will save you.

I know that for a fact. In times of trouble, in times of serious illness looking directly into the face of death during those times, the most comforting feeling is to know that Jesus has your back. This is all in God’s hands. What peace of mind, what comfort, what joy? There is no time left. You need to let Jesus into your life today except his love, his comfort, his blessings, and his leadership. I know some of you are out there saying, you’re talking about research and education on this episode. I need to investigate this whole Jesus thing before I make any decisions. Get that. It’s just, here’s what it is. I worry because I know time is running out. None of us have even our next hour on earth guaranteed. I do this podcast, everybody, because I want you to feel the same comfort, the same joy that I do. I have very vivid memories of a dreary March day here in Nashville. My wife was driving me to the Vanderbilt Medical Center for a six hour, somewhat risky for my age surgery that would hopefully get rid of the advanced prostate cancer that had invaded my body, and I remember this was before I had any drugs. I remember the excitement, the confidence, the joy, the comfort, the positive anticipation I felt knowing Jesus had me in his arms. My future was guaranteed. Don’t you want that comfort? Of course you do.

If you are not ready to come to Jesus yet, you’re thinking you need to investigate this Jesus stuff first. You need to make sure that that’s not just your mind, your subconscious mind like a lot of us do. When we have difficult decisions to make, make sure that’s not just your mind wanting you to delay an important decision. If you honestly don’t know about Jesus and and you feel you need to investigate this Jesus thing before making a decision where you need to get going right now, today!