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NOTE: Positive Affirmation  Session Begins at 07:40


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Hi, everybody. From Nashville, I’m Skip Orem, and this is the Anchor Pointe Podcast. Hi, everybody. From the Nashville Studios of the XBHS Radio Network, I’m Skip Orem.

Welcome to this late October episode of the Anchor Pointe Podcast.

It feels like time’s flying. Halloween this weekend and then November begins as we almost get ready to head into the 2022 holiday season. Well, perhaps we better not get too far ahead of ourselves. I was thinking about this season of Autumn, about the month of October. Later in October, some folks think, “Well, the leaves are gone. Everything’s dying. Winter is coming.” It’s a negative way to look at things, but I read this quote and it puts a much more positive spin on Autumn.


It’s from a book titled

The Cafe of Lost Youth. That’s a pretty inviting book title, don’t you think?

The Cafe of Lost Youth, written by Patrick Modiano.

He’s a French writer. The book’s written in French. This English translation, it might not be totally true to the original writing, but I like it. Perhaps you will too. Let me put some music under it and read this very short positive take on Autumn. I hope it brightens your day just a bit. “For me, Autumn has never been a sad season. The dead leaves and the shorter days have never suggested the end of anything, but rather an expectation of the future. There is electricity in the air on October evenings at night fall. I don’t feel low with that hour of the day, nor do I have the sense of time flying by. I have the impression that everything is possible. The year begins in the month of October.”


And I want to thank you all so much for the positive comments and emails. I do read and answer and really appreciate each and every email that you all send to me. My email address is skip@theanchorpointe.com. And just a quick reminder,

theanchorpointe.com, our website, is the textbook for the Anchor Pointe Podcast

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A special welcome today to all of our regular listeners, but also a very special welcome to any new listeners who might have discovered this podcast and pushed that play button today. Today’s episode will feature another of Anchor Pointe’s guided imagery sessions. Regular listeners know that on the

Anchor Pointe, we start every episode with medical news for seniors.

Our medical news for seniors headline For today,

scientific studies have shown we can improve our attitude and our health by telling ourselves or affirming what we believe in positive ways.

On Anchor Pointe, we call this activity positive affirmations. It’s a form of guided imagery, a self-guided imagery. Evidence from a lot of MRIs suggests that certain neural pathways are increased when people practice positive affirmations.

Positive affirmations have been shown to decrease health deteriorating stress.

Your thoughts can

influence your health. That’s why guided imagery and positive affirmations are important in getting

healthy and maintaining good health. Positive affirmations can be guided, but most people, they simply say them to themselves. Affirmations, what they are, are

short phrases repeated frequently which are designed to encourage positive and happy feelings, thoughts, and attitudes.

And like guided imagery, positive affirmations are an important tool which helps to keep that critical immune system of yours working efficiently. Okay, everybody, right now we are going to do a guided imagery session, but it’ll be somewhat different than the ones we’ve been doing because we’re going to use positive affirmations as the content for this session.


This will give you another Anchor Pointe guided imagery session while at the same time providing you with an introduction to positive affirmations.

As you listen to this session, it’s best to be alone with your thoughts in a quiet space where you can either sit or lie down.

Often, people will choose to do these affirmations in the morning. The reason that’s a good time is because the first thing you think about each day can often provide the mental power, the strength, the positive outlook for your day. If you are not ready to do this session right now, just push the pause button, and then once you’re ready to begin, simply push the play button and enjoy this Anchor Pointe positive affirmation session. This session will last 11 minutes, and I’ll come back at the end of the session to talk about next week’s Anchor Pointe episode.


Postive Affirmation Session Begins