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I was thinking a positive attitude. Perhaps that’s something we’re just naturally born with and and not something we could change, but there certainly are steps each of us can take to improve our attitude, improve our outlook on life, be more positive so that we reduce stress and reduce the chances for serious disease. And of course, if we’re fighting a disease, that positive attitude not being negative is so important. So here’s what I want you to try to do. Smile more. Even fake smiling reduces your heart rate, reduces your blood pressure, especially in stressful situations. Practice reframing as an example, instead of sitting there stressing about the fact you’re caught in a traffic jam, appreciate the fact that you can afford a car or the chance to enjoy listening to the radio or or listening to some music on your radio while you’re sitting there for that additional time in traffic. And I want you to build resiliency, that ability to adapt to stressful or negative situations. Be positive, everybody gonna help your immune system keep you healthy. It’s gonna put you in the right frame of mind to take a hold of 2023 and make it your year to get healthy and fit.