ANCHOR POINTE Audio Burst with Skip Orem

So Long Bourbon

by Skip Orem | Anchor Pointe

Transcript ( Computer Generated) Audio Burst SO LONG BOURBON  with Skip Orem

SKIP OREM:  Some personal news, I I stopped drinking at the beginning of the year. I was never a big drinker i’d, I’d sip a bourbon at night and I’d enjoyed drinking bourbon when my wife and I were out to dinner or, or on a trip somewhere. I love the entire bourbon culture.

       One of my favorite things when we’d go on trips is sitting at the hotel bar and, and talking with the bartender about the different bourbon brands. I never really started drinking anything other than an occasional beer un until I got into my sixties. That’s my sixties, not the sixties. In my sixties. That’s when I discovered bourbon and all the ceremony and culture around it. Mad men was popular on TV then. Well now studies not funded by the wine and liquor companies. New studies, they make it pretty clear no amount of alcohol is good for you. Studies have shown that to be true. We all kind of knew that. But what harm can a drink in the evening cause, right? It’s an individual choice for everyone. It’s, it’s just for me right now. I’ve decided to stop drinking. I haven’t really been a non-drinker long enough to notice any significant changes in how I feel.

   I do seem to sleep better. I tend to feel better in the mornings. Perhaps I’m more alert. I’ve always had a lot of energy. So I can’t really tell you that my energy level has increased. I am though comfortable and okay with my decision to quit. I don’t really miss the alcohol, but everybody, I do miss the culture and the ceremony. Looking forward to happy hour, my bourbon collection, my decanters, my special collection of high end double old fashioned glasses. Now everything just sits there all alone in the cabinets. I even have special round ice cubes for my bourbon. I’ll probably keep the glassware, but most of my bourbon collection is gonna be hauled up north. Given to my brother-in-law, brother-in-law. And I, we became closer. We became much closer friends. We bonded over our mutual love of the bourbon culture. Now his bourbon collection is gonna grow.

    Thanks to me through all of this, I can honestly say I, I don’t mind being around people when they’re drinking. I still enjoy, I don’t miss the alcohol in those situations. I do miss having a drink in my hand when everyone else does. And I worry. People will feel they are offending me by drinking. And that’s not true at all. I’ve just made this decision to stop drinking and I know I’ll never drink again. That part’s so easy. Getting over the culture, the ceremony, the hunt for rare bourbon, the ice cubes and the glassware. My prize bourbon collection, that’s gonna take some time. Little personal rant for me today. I’m not advocating no alcohol as part of our plan to get fit, fight disease, and stay healthy. I think for some people, uh, a drink in the evening or with friends may, may really help to lower stress and controlling stress as we know is, is good for our health. This is just me ranting about a change I’ve made in my life. And then here’s the thing, and then thinking how really hard it is to change old habits, to do new things we’ve never done before.

      Many of our listeners are making changes to their lives right now so that they can get fed and stay healthy. Some of you’ve never exercised before, never really cared about your diets, and now you’re starting to exercise daily and pay attention to what you’re eating. My guess is that me giving up alcohol was a small challenge. Small compared to some of you stepping outside and starting to exercise for the very first time. We’re all in this together, everybody making positive changes in our lives so that we can live long, healthy, active, and happy lives. If I was still a drinker, I’d offer up a toast, A toast to all of you out there. And thank you so much for joining me on this anchor point Health and fitness quest. We’re all on most of these changes we need to make. They’re not easy, but new challenges at our age, I think they’re kind of fun. Something new to do and think about every day. Here’s to us everybody,