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The four hidden dangers from sugar. Every older adult needs to know, and we’re focusing specifically on added sugar. That’s sugar that’s either added by you or by the manufacturer. Think table sugar, brown sugar, agave, corn syrup, honey, molasses, danger number one, it’s loaded with calories, but those calories are useless. They have no nutritional benefit. Danger number two, sugar’s harmful effects get worse with age. Since we’re older, it’s more difficult for our bodies to burn calories, so why do we wanna add useless calories with sugar? All that does is make our efforts to stay at a healthy weight that much more difficult. And as we get older, our bodies become less effective at regulating sugar in the bloodstream and high levels of sugar in our bloodstream can damage organs in our bodies danger. Number three, listen to this. Sugar intake can shorten your lifespan and danger. Number four, eating sugar is habit forming. The more you eat, the more you want. Sugar can kill you, everybod

Sugar, it really can kill you everybody. Excessive sugar consumption, it plays a role in so many chronic diseases and besides it just messes with how we feel and because of that, it’s important for all of us to do all we can to reduce the amount of sugar in our diet. And the absolute best way to do that is to work on reducing your reliance on sugar and sugary foods. If you work on doing that, eventually your palate will adjust and you won’t have to worry about your sugar intake anymore. Well, that’s easier said than done, right, and unfortunately, even using some kind of sugar substitute like those that appear on your restaurant table in those pink and blue and yellow and green packages, unfortunately, none of those sugar substitutes are really good for you because even though they might be calorie free, they tend to do the same bad things to your body that sugar does.

You get those same sugar highs and then those lows from artificial sweeteners as you do from sugar. If you really want to eat something sweet after a meal, perhaps your plan should be to substitute fruit for dessert fruit. It contains other nutrients, and the fiber in fruit causes it to be digested more slowly, and then that limits the spike in blood sugar and insulin that added sugar causes. Now, as I mentioned in the news segment, there are other kinds of sugars, maple syrup, honey date, sugar, coconut, sugar. You’ll sometimes hear them build as more natural, but to your body, they’re essentially sugar and your body reacts to them the same way as sugar, and so they’re really empty calories. So rather than use artificial sweeteners or alternative sugars like Honey, I want you to work real hard to eliminate or significantly reduce the amount of sugar in your diet. I’m almost down to no sugar in my coffee. That one’s hard, and I try as much as I can to keep reducing the amount of sugar that I use, love my dark chocolate, but I’m working to be extremely moderate with that bottom line advice. Everybody think about sugar every time you start to use it or eat something that contains sugar.

I continue to be fascinated by sugar. How can something that tastes so good, bring so much pleasure, be so deadly? But it is. I mean, I have this love hate relationship with sugar. I love the taste of it so much and I hate it. I hate it because I’m certain that it contributed to me getting prostate cancer. I had worked hard my whole life to stay in shape, but I would enjoy eating sugar and foods with sugar in them because I knew that if I controlled the portion and the calories and then added my exercise program, I’d be okay. I’d stay healthy. I wouldn’t get fat. The fact is that was a lie. I’d enjoy that sugar, that candy I exercised daily. I controlled my portions. I was sure that I was bulletproof, but I didn’t stay healthy. I got really sick. Cancer paid me a visit, tried to wipe me out.

Of course, lots of things can contribute to us getting cancer, but I have this strong belief and much of my research proves this out. Cancer loves sugar. Please, everybody, at the very least, stay under the daily gram allowance for men. That’s no more than 150 calories per day for sugar, no more than 37 grams per day for women, it’s a hundred calories per day, only 25 grams per day. Be constantly aware of the number of sugar grams that you’re putting into your body every single day and know this about sugar. Sugar can kill you. It causes weight gain, it increases your risk of heart disease. It increases your risk of type two diabetes. It increases your risk of cancer and it can cause depression. It actually accelerates the skin aging process. It ages your cells, drains your energy. It can lead to fatty liver sugar’s. Not good stuff, Stu.