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Hi, everybody from the studio host of the X B H S Radio Network on Printers Alley here in Nashville, Tennessee. I’m Skip Orem, and this is the November 18th, 2022 episode of the Anchor Point Podcast, anchor Point, your Faith and Fitness podcast. And on today’s episode, we’re gonna start to put the pieces of the disease fighting and fitness puzzle together. Thank you everybody for punching up the Anchor Point podcast today. Our listener numbers, they continue to grow and I’m so appreciative of that. I can’t emphasize how much it means to me to have each of these weekly episodes so well received. It just continues to inspire me to make sure that each episode is meaningful and important to you. Wow, with Thanksgiving next week, we are starting to move into the holiday season. And with that, there’s are gonna be some minor scheduling changes for the Anchor Point Podcast through the rest of 2022.


And first of all, that means there will not be an Anchor Point episode next Friday. The next episode of Anchor Point will be on Friday, December 2nd. That episode will be a very important episode for this time of the year. It will outline your anchor point holiday diet strategy, that episode released on December 2nd, and then on December 9th, another important holiday episode, positive imagery for Holiday Relaxation. And you may wanna listen to that episode more than once during the month of December. It’s a special guided imagery session to help you relax during the Christmas season. I’ve already recorded that guided imagery for holiday relaxation episode, and I’m very proud of it because I know it will be an important tool for you to use during the holiday season. That episode, guided imagery for holiday relaxation drops on Friday, December 9th. After that episode for the rest of the month of December, the Anchor Point podcast will go dark.


But don’t worry, we’ll come back strong with weekly podcast episodes beginning on Friday, January 6th, 2023. And if anybody out there has been reluctant so far to go all in with the anchor point disease fighting and fitness plan, January 6th might be the perfect time to start because you just might want to use that date, January 6th, 2023 as your date to start, your year to get fit, to get healthy, to get your body ready to fight off any of those diseases that are just gunning for us older folks. The best way to make sure that you get all of our episodes is as soon as they’re released is to subscribe to the Anchor Point podcast. We’re on all of the major podcast platforms, apple Podcasts, Google Podcast, iHeartRadio, literally anywhere you get podcasts, just search on the anchor point. And remember, we spell Anchor Point with an e v anchor point. Also, you can subscribe by visiting the anchor point website, the anchor If you want, you can actually listen to the episodes right there from the website and the anchor website contains transcripts of each episode with links to important health and fitness information on the internet. Also, the website is where the anchor point audio blurbs are located. Audio blurbs are short segments from Anchor Point podcasts with important short and sweet health and fitness information.


Staying healthy is so important for us older folks in our fifties and sixties, seventies and beyond. And to do that, we need to have all of the pieces of the health and fitness puzzle. It’s not just about diet or just about starting an exercise program. The good health and fitness puzzle has so many different pieces that need to come together for you to reach your health and your fitness goals. The Anchor Point Disease finding and fitness model is it’s a good overview of all of the major areas of focus for you to begin your year to get fit. But even with those seven major elements, those seven elements by the way, are faith and diet and exercise, positive attitude, positive imagery, music and research. But even with those seven elements, there’s still so many different pieces and parts to get healthy and to stay fit.


As we start 2023 on Anchor Point, we’re gonna continue to be focusing on each of those seven elements. And if you haven’t started already, I hope that you’ll make 2023 your year to get healthy and to get fit and to start a lifestyle which will help you in fighting those diseases that do tend to target folks in our age group. Anchor Point podcast will be here every Friday during 2023 to guide you, motivate you, give you fitness and health information, and be your fitness partner during your year to get fit, everybody. I’m even suggesting that you might want to make pursuing good fitness and good health a new hobby. It goes without saying that staying healthy and practicing good health habits is important at any age, but for us seniors, it’s even more important because it’s critical for us if we want to live a long, happy, healthy, and active life. As we look at some of the other pieces of the good health and fitness puzzle, the anchor point Medical News for senior segment for today is going to feature a checklist for good health, which is designed especially for seniors. It’s from an article on the website, banner Health, and I’ll link to that article in the transcript for this episode. Let’s go right now to Anchor point Medical news for seniors.


This is the anchor point medical news for seniors. The headline today, A checklist for good health. Number one, make sure that you schedule at least annually your well visits and screenings with your healthcare provider. These well visits with your healthcare provider, they’re different now and they go way beyond a regular physical. Allowing your doctor or other healthcare provider to identify preventive measures that will keep you healthier and save you money. Number two, we stress this on the anchor point. Exercise and stay active. Exercise so important to us older folks and staying healthy and just improving our overall quality of life. Quality of life meaning everything from how much activity we can do to what kind of mood we’re in. And we’ll get deeply into this as we go further into the anchor point element of exercise. Exercise has two important parts, heart rate training and strength training to strengthen our bones.


Check list item number three, keep your mind active, both the research and the music elements of the anchor point. Disease fighting and fitness plan will help you focus, broaden, and keep your mind active. Item number four, eat a healthy diet. Many of next year’s episodes of the anchor point will focus on eating right, managing what goes into your body, and then checklist item number five, make sure your hearing is loud and clear. Take care of your eyes. And then item number six, keep your medications organized and safe beginning in January on anchor point. Each one of these checklist items will be the focus of at least one of our anchor point episodes and probably several providing you with the information and the motivation you need to schedule and complete your well visits in depth health with exercise and diet, keeping your mind healthy, discussing ways to make sure you’re hearing loud and clear that your eyes are taken care of and keeping your medicines safe, putting the pieces of your good health and fitness puzzle together on the Anchor Point Podcast in 2023. Everybody. On last week’s episode, I wanted to talk for a couple of minutes about how our medications need to be taken int

consideration as we start our plan to get our weight under control. I spent so much time on that episode talking about how sugar’s trying to kill us, that I didn’t have time to do that part. So let’s talk right now for just a second, how medications need to be taken into consideration as we strive for and then maintain a healthy weight.


One of the many challenges with weight control and diet as we age, is that many of us take medications and those medications might cause us to gain weight. Medicines for diabetes and anti depression, some blood pressure medications, some heartburn drugs, and there are others. If you’re taking any of these medicines with weight gain as a side effect, it will make the battle to maintain a healthy weight even more difficult for you. So you’ve gotta have a plan to deal with this. How you gonna do it? Well, actually, by using the same methods that you would use to control your weight without the added effects of the medications exercise and eating a healthy diet, anyone on a diet needs to avoid too much sodium, and especially if you’re on steroids or antidepressants, you need to pay very close attention to the amount of sodium in your food in limiting sodium.


You need to avoid processed foods, canned foods, and fat foods, since they’re usually just packed with sodium. It’s a good idea to increase the amount of potassium in your diet. Eat foods like bananas, sweet potatoes, spinach, and offens, the beans. And if you know a specific medication is causing you to gain weight, you might want to ask your doc if there are any alternative medications or treatments that might not add the extra pounds. Some medications though, just flat out increase your appetite, so it’s gonna make controlling your weight all the more difficult. But hey, you can do this if you’re always hungry, you can help to deal with that by eating smaller, more frequent meals, and of course, stay active exercise, burn those calories and get quality sleep. So whether it’s medicines or whatever has caused you to get overweight following the anchor point, disease, fighting and fitness model, the elements, faith, exercise, diet, positive imagery, music and research, you follow each of those elements and we’re gonna talk about them through these coming episodes. On the anchor point, it’s gonna help you stay fit and healthy and get you to a healthy weight. I mentioned on a previous episode in my Bible studies recently, I have been focusing on the life of David in the Old Testament, and there are two qualities of David that just jumped out at me this week. I say qualities, but I think of them more as strengths. And these two strengths. If we could achieve them and live them in our lives, well, in addition to vastly making us better human beings, they could actually improve our health and our lives in general.


Those two strengths. The first is kindness, and the other is a willingness to help God help us to answer our prayers. That’s kind of presumptuous, don’t you think? Us helping God? But I’ll explain in a couple of minutes what I mean by helping God to answer our prayers. First, let’s talk about this other strength. Kindness. There is a quote. It goes, when I was young, I admired clever people. Now that I’m old, I admire kind people. David, for much of his life, was a very kind man. He was able to empathize with people, even his enemies and the show sympathy for them. Well, sometimes his enemies, they didn’t know how to accept that kindness. I think some people now, the way they react to people who are being kind, that they don’t understand the kindness and they think of people offering them kindness as being weak. But David demonstrated that being kind often requires so much courage, so much strength. We can improve our health by being kind. You know how to show kindness. You know what kindness is. Always be looking to help people have sympathy for them when they’re going through bad times. And our enemies, people who might be mean to us or who are always angry with us.


If our first goal is to show them kindness instead of anger, it will often diffuse the whole situation. We’ve all probably heard the saying that people who want to hurt us, well it’s actually because they are hurting so much themselves. I wrote in my journal today, I want to help God, to help me be a kinder person and to react to things in a more kind way. That’s gonna be tough. I’m striving for that because I know it’ll make me a less angry person. And we all know anger, getting upset with people. It’s not good for our health or our wellbeing. And the other thing about anger, it can have a really bad effect on decisions we might make when we’re angry in the spur of the moment. Maybe we know we shouldn’t make any decisions under the influence of alcohol. Well, we also shouldn’t be making any decisions under the influence of anger. Calm down and think about it. Let kindness play a part in all of your decisions. Let’s do random acts of kindness today and every day. The other strength of David that I think can help us is to help God help us with the things that we ask for in our prayers


In the Bible, when David asked God for something, he didn’t just wait around for God to answer his prayers. He helped God with a spirit of cooperation. We need to do that. We know that God answers prayer, but he often wants us to help him grant our requests. I pray every night I pray to God to keep this prostate cancer that invaded my body last year and then was removed. I pray that God will keep it from coming back, but I need to help him answer my prayer. I need to eat right exercise. Do everything I can on my part to help God out with this, which a lot of us, we pray every night that someone we love will let Jesus, God will help them to let Jesus back in their life so much. We want him to answer that prayer. Are we doing enough to help him with that? Are we setting a good Christian example? Are we taking whatever steps we can to help God lead that person back to Christ? Okay, so maybe it seems a little prideful to think that we can actually help God out. I think it’s more like we need to do everything we can to work with God, to have our prayers answered. God loves us so much, his son, Jesus sacrificed for us. He loves us so much. They do answer our prayers,


That wonderful feeling to know that Jesus loves us. And how do we know that? Like the little children sing, yes, Jesus loves me. This or no, for the Bible tells me so. Jesus, he loves us so much. He forgives us Our sins offers us eternal life. I pray that everyone listening to this podcast, I pray that Jesus is in your life. If not, just know this. Know that Jesus, he’s waiting there for you. He died on the cross and then was risen again to give you forgiveness. Peace, peace and eternal life. Let him into your life. He’s waiting there for you. The devils well, the devil’s telling you that everything’s okay. You don’t need Jesus. Even if you are, you’re starting to think about Jesus. The devil’s telling you no need to worry about it today. Plenty of time in the future to do that. After all you, you’ve got so many more important things that are on your plate right now. Here’s the truth, everybody, there really is no time you have right now. Tomorrow’s not guaranteed the next hour or the next minute. You can’t know the future. Let Jesus enter your life today. You can walk into any church, tell the first person you see, tell them you wanna learn more about Jesus. You’ll put a smile on their face and they’ll introduce you to your savior.


I’m taking some time off for Thanksgiving next week, so there’ll be no anchor point episode next Friday, but we’ll be back on Friday, December 2nd with the Anchor Point Holiday Diet Plan. And I hope that you’ll join me for that important episode as we head into this holiday season. So for the stations along the X B H S Radio Network and for the Anchor Point Podcast from Nashville, I’m skip or wishing you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving

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