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by Skip Orem | Anchor Pointe


Transcript Audio Burst THOUGHTS ON HEAVEN with Skip Orem (This is a computer generated transcript:

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Let me ask you a, a question everybody, have you ever had anyone ask you what heaven would be like? Have you ever thought about it? There have been articles and, and even books written about what heaven might be like. I think everybody has a, has an opinion of that, a vision of what heaven might be like, but nobody really knows. But yet a whole bunch of us want to live our lives so that we will be in heaven when it all ends. I have my own thoughts about what heaven might be like. I didn’t really like those guesses that I had as a very young little kid about what heaven might be like. Just more church, right?

When I think about heaven now, I think about it being another creation of God

I think about the creations of God that we already know about. What an amazing architect and creator God is. I mean, look at where we live on this beautiful green and blue ball that is earth. God created our world for us. The ocean, the sky, the beauty that is, that is our world right now created by God. Now us humans, we’ve done some things to mess it up. God did give us free will. He wanted us to have free will. And beginning with Eve, things got crazy and we started messing everything up. But just think about this creation of his before we started messing it up. Think about how, how your body responds to things of this earth that were created by God. A summer’s day, a flower. Think about how even your mind responds to those things. The ocean, the beautiful blue sky, a tree, the smells of summer, of autumn. They were all created by God for us to enjoy the changes of the seasons and how we respond to them. The cycle of life, everything there is, God created that. What a masterful creator. And then when you think about heaven, of course that’s his special creation ready for us. When we get there, it’s gonna be so wonderful and will be in the presence of God’s love and Jesus. Our hearts will be right. They’ll be filled with love. No more hate, no more jealousy, no more bad stuff. We’re not gonna mess up heaven, just beauty, eternal happiness and love forever than ever.

We need, well sort of a ticket to get into heaven. That ticket, it’s, it’s free. That ticket is Jesus. He is our savior. If you try and fail and you try and you fail again, if you’re constantly attempting to live your life like Jesus, even though you, you fail miserably at it. If you have him in your life, you get a free ticket to heaven. He doesn’t care how many times you fail him. He will always forgive you if you pray to him. If you love him, if you believe in him, if you follow him, you will have its eternal life. Jesus. He is the light and the way your free pass, your ticket to eternal life. If you don’t know Jesus, don’t wait another minute. Find him and let him into your life. He’s waiting with open arms just for you today. Walk into any church. Doesn’t have to be a Sunday any day right now. Today. Walk into the first church you see. Tell the first person you meet no matter who it is. Tell the first person you meet that you want to know about Jesus. You want him in your life.

They’ll give you this really big smile and they’re gonna welcome you home.