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From the Nashville Studios of the Xb h s Radio Network. I’m Skip Oram and this is the Anchor Point Podcast.


Welcome everybody to a St. Patrick’s Day episode of the Anchor Point Podcast, anchor Point, your faith and fitness podcast for us older folks in our fifties, sixties, seventies and beyond. We’re working real hard together to stay fit, stay healthy, to fight off those diseases out there, gunning for us older folks, and ultimately to live long, happy and healthy lives. We do all that by practicing the seven elements of the anchor point, disease, fighting and fitness model, faith, diet, exercise, attitude, positive imagery, music and research. And hi again, everybody. I’m Skip Oram recording this episode of The Anchor Point at the X B H S Radio Studios on Printers Alley here in Nashville, Tennessee. And on today’s episode, we’re gonna continue to focus on that special network of fighter cells. Those fighter cells inside of each of our bodies. They fight to help us get rid of infections and, and they attack and destroy those more serious diseases that tend to come after us older folks and those fighter cells they reside in.


That very special complex system in our body’s is called our immune system, our body’s first line of defense in our battle to, to keep us healthy. And if you remember those of you who listened to last week’s episode, we talked about how, well, how, how stress can have a negative impact on the immune system because stress, it slows down the immune system and it, it can’t work as hard for us. Today we’re going to continue to focus on how a positive attitude fuels those fighter cells in our immune system, aspiring them to work hard to fight off those disease carrying cells that try to enter our body. First up though, on this episode of the Anchor Point Podcast, we do this on every anchor point episode. Here is your anchor point, medical news for seniors. We’re gonna start with some bad news today. As we grow older, our immune systems, our body’s first line of defense, those immune systems become slower to respond and this slower response increases our risk of getting sick.


In fact, flu shots and other vaccines, they may not work as well or as long to protect us because of our older age. That’s why more and more there are special doses of vaccines for us folks over 65, and make sure everybody that you take those special doses if they’re available. Because of this slow response time in our immune system, our bodies, they heal more slowly. The reason for that is because we’re older now, there are fewer of those warrior cells to help bring about healing and more bad news. For us older folks, our immune system’s ability to detect and correct cell defects also declines, and this results in us being at an increased risk for cancer. There is good news though. There are ways to decrease some of these risks to our immune system as we get older. Get vaccines to prevent flu, shingles and pneumonia, as well as other vaccines that our doctors might recommend.


Get plenty of exercise. Exercise helps boost your immune system. Eat healthy foods, good nutrition, keeps your immune system strong. Don’t smoke smoking, weakens your immune system, limits your intake of alcohol and do everything you can to prevent falls and injuries because a weakened immune system can slow the healing process from injuries. To summarize all this, everybody, the seven elements of the anchor point, disease, fighting and fitness system, faith, diet, exercise, attitude, positive imagery, music and research, those seven elements are your tools to keep your immune system healthy and to keep it working hard as your first line of defense. So the medical news headline for today, us older folks need to nurture our immune system because it’s our first line of defense against illness, and that is your anchor point. Medical news for seniors for today,


That powerful immune system of ours really is our first line defense against bad health and diseases. And we know the best defense is a good offense. Help your immune system stay strong and, and keep working for you. And as medical news for seniors indicated with our immune systems starting to slow down as we age, it’s all the more critical that we do everything we can to keep it working to protect our health. We talked in detail on last week’s episode about how important it is to eliminate stress and stay positive. If you didn’t listen to last week’s episode, that information on stress and positivity and, and how they affect your immune system, that information is website on the AudioBurst page. And everybody along with maintaining that positive attitude and limiting stress, each and every element of the anchor point disease, fighting and fitness model, each of those elements is designed to keep your immune system working hard, to keep you healthy, to extend your life and, and to keep you active. Think about your immune system every day. What are you doing to help your immune system help you and the anchor point disease, fighting and fitness model? Those seven elements, try to do something with each element every day.


I mentioned the AudioBurst page. If you are new to the Anchor Point podcast and, and want to learn more about the seven out limits of the disease fighting and fitness model, perhaps you don’t have time to go back and listen to every previous anchor point podcast episode. Well, a, a quick and easy way to get caught up at your own pace is to visit the AudioBurst page. That AudioBurst page is, is website. And remember, we spell anchor point with an E. So the website address is T H E A n C H O R P O I n t Once you get to the anchor, just click on the dropdown menu and open up the Audiobus page. Those audiobus are short segments from previous anchor point episodes and they’re listed on that audio burst page by the seven elements of the anchor point disease, fighting and fitness models.


So you can click to listen to any of the AudioBurst and get yourself up to date on important information in each of the seven elements of the anchor point disease, fighting and fitness model. When you click on a particular AudioBurst, you can either listen to it right there from the website or you can read the transcript if you prefer. Each of those AudioBurst, they’re concise and fairly short. Most are under five minutes. There may be one, perhaps two that are a little longer than that. Faith, diet attitude, positive imagery, music and research. Making each of those elements a part of your life will help you fight disease, strengthen your immune system, and keep you healthy.


I want to talk for just a few minutes to give you a couple more examples of, of how using the different elements of the anchor point disease, fighting and fitness model can help your immune system to help you. Let’s talk first about positive imagery. When I had prostate cancer, I was trying real hard to get it under control and I did positive imagery sessions every day. Those positive imagery sessions helped me so much to not only alleviate anxiety and stress, they were instrumental in, in helping me visualize how I was helping my body, my immune system, to gain strength and work for me for the next 10 minutes on this episode today, I’m going to replay for you so that you can experience this a short positive imagery session focusing on positive affirmations. If you’ve never experienced a positive image recession before this short session now, it’ll give you some insight into how positive imagery meditation positive affirmations can help you relax and calm your body while at the same time strengthening your immune system.




Positive imagery is so helpful in keeping you healthy and fighting disease, and I sincerely hope that you will include positive imagery in your overall good health practices. We’ve had several standalone positive imagery, image recessions, released as Anchor Point podcast episodes, and they’re all still there available for you to listen to whenever you website. If you are sick right now, a disease has invaded your body, please listen and enjoy these anchor point positive imagery sessions. In addition to the anchor point positive imagery sessions, there are other commercial positive imagery sessions out there available as downloadable recordings. Wherever you purchase your music, just search on meditations. And I can’t emphasize how much these sessions helped me to visualize what was going on in my body as I was fighting cancer. Another thing that I did with positive imagery, I drew pictures of my strong fighter cells in there in my immune system. I drew pictures of them fighting and destroying the cancer cells. I’m a terrible artist, but my childlike drawings helped me to stay motivated to visualize what was going on in my body in a positive way and help my immune system fight for me. I’ve used one of my drawings from back then as the art for this episode. That’s very childlike, but if you wanna see it, just click on this episode’s website.

Just one more example of another one of our disease fighting elements. Diet. Watching what and how much you eat and how a poor diet, eating the wrong things can have a negative effect on your immune system. Continue to be fascinated by sugar. How can something taste so good? Bring so much pleasure, be so deadly. But it is. I have this love hate relationship with sugar. I love the taste of it so much and I hate it. I hate it because I’m certain that it contributed to me getting cancer. I’ve worked hard all my life to stay in shape, but still in the past I would enjoy eating sugar and foods with a lot of sugar in them, knowing if I controlled the portion and the calories because I exercised so much, it’d be okay. I’d stay healthy. I wouldn’t gain a lot of weight.

Fact is that was a lie. I enjoyed that sugar, that candy I exercised daily, controlled my portions. I was sure I was bulletproof, but I didn’t stay healthy. I got really sick. Cancer paid me a visit and and tried to wipe me out. Lots of things contribute to us getting cancer, but I believe and much of my research proves this Cancer loves sugar flees. Everybody at the very least, stay under the daily sugar gram allowance for men. No more than 150 calories from sugar per day. No more than 37 grams per day for women. A hundred calories per day, only 25 grams per day. And if you don’t want to take the time to count the calories in sugar, just stay under the grams and know this about sugar. It can kill you. Sugar can kill you, causes weight gain, it increases your risk of heart disease. It increases your risk of type two diabetes. It increases your risk of cancer. It can cause depression. Sugar will actually accelerate the skin aging process. It ages your cells, drains your energy, can lead to a fatty liver. Sugar can kill you.

All seven elements of the anchor point disease, fighting and fitness model, they’re all important in fighting disease in keeping us healthy. I just wanted to highlight diet and and positive imagery here today to use them as examples of how these elements can work to strengthen and help your immune system fight disease. And then there’s faith. Faith. It is the first and most important element. And I wanna spend just a couple of minutes talking about our faith. But before we talk about the faith element, I wanna mention next week’s episode. Next week’s episode will be a standalone interval training heart rate training workout. It’ll be an advanced interval training workout using four heart rate training zones. If you remember the workout we released earlier this month, used three of the heart rate training zones, this new workout coming up next week, we’ll use all four of the heart rate training zones. So next week, the Anchor Point Advanced Interval Training workout, that’ll drop on Friday, March 24th. And then the episode, the following Friday will focus on the research element of the anchor point disease fighting and fitness model. Was research part of the model, the Anchor point episode released on Friday, March 31st. We’ll answer those questions.

There’s no scientific measurement to prove that faith strengthens your immune system. I know it does. My cancer brought me back to Jesus and, and my prayers and, and the prayers of so many other people healed me. And I know for a fact that faith and prayers have have healed many people. I know for a fact that miracles happen. Faith lowers stress. Faith calms you. Faith gives you a more positive attitude. And those three things, lowering stress, calming yourself, staying positive, those things have been scientifically proven to strengthen your immune system, your faith, everybody, your faith will save you. It’s so comforting to know that Jesus is with you, looking out for you all the time. God has a plan for your life and that plan was in place before we were ever born. Know the peace of God’s. Love everybody. Know and feel the peace of God’s love. Let that peace give you strength. Let God’s love help in every part of your life. My wish for every one of you listening today is you will take the time today to open your heart to God’s love. Feel the warmth of his light shining on you. Council blessings. Enjoy every minute God has given you today and look forward to an even better day tomorrow

For the Anchor Point Podcast. And and for the X B H S Radio Network from Nashville. I’m Skip Oram. Bye everybody.