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Hi, everybody from Nashville. I’m Skip Orem, and this is the Anchor Point podcast


And a very happy 2023. Everybody from the X B H S radio studios here on Printers Alley in Nashville, welcome to the January 6th, 2023 episode of the Anchor Point Podcast. Again, I’m Skip Orem. I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday and that you are excitedly looking forward to 2023 because this will be your year to get healthy, to get fit, and to wage war on those diseases lurking out there just gunning for us older folks in our fifties, sixties, seventies, and beyond. And I know that many of you are dealing with one of those diseases right now, so if you haven’t done so already, I hope that you will resolve, resolve right now to live a law AIE and happy life by making 2023 your year to get healthy and fit. We’re all doing that together on Anchor Point, the Faith and the Fitness podcast.


On today’s episode, I’m gonna help you to get started on a total 2023 reboot of your focus on faith and fitness using the seven elements of the anchor point disease, fighting and fitness model. Together we are gonna finish this year healthier, happier, much more fit than we are today. Those important seven elements of the anchor point, disease, fighting and fitness model, faith, diet, exercise, attitude, positive imagery, music and research. As we start this year, we begin by focusing on the attitude and faith elements of our disease, fighting and fitness model. And then in addition to that, a little later in the episode, I’m gonna give you a short update on my health. In December, I was again reminded that we can’t make ourselves totally bulletproof from disease as we age, but that physical fitness can be so important in moderating and fighting diseases when they come to attack us. Let’s get started on this first episode of Anchor Point for the new year with a regular segment on each episode of Anchor Point Medical News for seniors. Today’s medical news for seniors. Headline, the surprising link between faith and good health. Faith can reduce blood pressure, strengthen the immune system, and faith can help to moderate the effects of depression almost as well as many of the drugs on the market today.


Faith can reduce stress and remember everybody, stress has a direct negative effect on your immune system and of course, we all know that God, God heals sometimes in miraculous ways and I definitely believe everybody. This isn’t scientifically proven, but I definitely believe that prayer can heal people. Let’s shorten this first medical news headline. Let’s shorten it to this simple statement. Faith gives you strength. Faith heals. Researchers at John Hopkins Medicine suspect that there’s a very strong link between positivity, that’s positive attitude and good health. Studies have found that a positive attitude improves outcomes and life satisfaction across a broad spectrum of health problems like cancer, heart disease, and even stroke and brain tumors. A positive attitude is so important in improving your outlook in getting and staying healthy and in getting fit, that everybody is your anchor point. Medical news for seniors for today,


I was thinking a positive attitude. Perhaps that’s something we’re just naturally born with and and not something we could change, but there certainly are steps each of us can take to improve our attitude, improve our outlook on life, be more positive so that we reduce stress and reduce the chances for serious disease. And of course, if we’re fighting a disease, that positive attitude not being negative is s

important. So here’s what I want you to try to do. Smile more. Even fake smiling reduces your heart rate, reduces your blood pressure, especially in stressful situations. Practice reframing as an example, instead of sitting there stressing about the fact you’re caught in a traffic jam, appreciate the fact that you can afford a car or the chance to enjoy listening to the radio or or listening to some music on your radio while you’re sitting there for that additional time in traffic. And I want you to build resiliency, that ability to adapt to stressful or negative situations. Be positive, everybody gonna help your immune system keep you healthy. It’s gonna put you in the right frame of mind to take a hold of 2023 and make it your year to get healthy and fit.


If you are a new or first time listener to the Anchor Point Podcast, and especially if you’ve decided to join us on this year to get fit, I encourage you to visit the website, the anchor, and we spell Anchor Point with an E at end. So the Anchor point website address is T H E A N C H O R P O I N T Don’t forget that e, the anchor contains important disease fighting information and you can listen to any of the past Anchor point episodes right there from the website. And it also contains audiobus, which are short, informative segments from past Anchor point episodes. And if you’re a new listener, I encourage you to check out the website and listen to episode number two. It’s called, this is Anchor Point, and it was recorded last September as as we were just getting started, and it contains important information for anyone joining us on the podcast and planning to use this year as your year to get fit and to get healthy.


In fact, as we start 2023, it might be a good idea for all of us to re-listen to that episode. And just a reminder, new episodes of Anchor Point drop every Friday. You can subscribe to the Anchor Point podcast wherever you get your podcast. We’re on Apple Podcast, Spotify, iHeartRadio, wherever you get your podcast, just search on the anchor point with an E or on my name, skip or Elma, o r E M. Hit the subscribe button and you will ensure that every episode of the Anchor Point arrives right there in your podcast feed each Friday. And by the way, I try to keep each episode between 20 to 30 minutes long. Now, this one might go just a little longer since it’s this all important first episode of 2023, your year to get fit and healthy.


I’m focusing on the attitude element of the disease and fitness model because I know for many people coming out of the holiday season that the January can be a bit of a down month and feeling down in January possibly with the winter blues that can make you sick. And you need to start this year with a positive attitude. As we mentioned in the medical news for senior segment, research has proven there is very much a link between a positive attitude and good health, positive attitude. It affects your health in so many good ways. While a negative attitude can make you sick and and may even contribute to the shortening of your life, I know many folks will suffer from the winter blues and and not feel positive at all, especially in January before I worked on a major attitude change, I suffered every year from really bad depression.


Every January right on cue Anchor Point is here to help you with the winter blues to help our listeners keep a positive attitude, especially this month, next week’s episode released on Friday, January 13th. It’s gonna be a guided imagery session for combating the winter. Blues guided imagery is an element of our disease, fighting and fitness model. So even if you’re feeling okay, next week’s episode, guided imagery for the Winter Blues. We’ll give you a, an opportunity to relax and spend some positive time with yourself, thinking good thoughts. And then the following week, January 20th, we start talking about th

importance of strength training for seniors. And just a reminder, every episode of the Anchor Point is absolutely free. There’s no cost and no advertisements during this podcast, and also when you visit the anchor No advertisements of any kind there either. We’re here everybody, just for the folks in our audience, baby boomers like me in our sixties, seventies, and beyond, using our faith and our fitness to help us live long, happy, and healthy Lives.


I want to take just a couple of minutes here to talk about my own personal health situation. I think it’ll show first how important good physical fitness and health is to fighting diseases, but it also shows us that at our age there are diseases out there. They’re just gunning for us and we need to do everything we can proactively to keep them away and then be able to destroy them when they come to destroy us. Regular listeners know that I had prostate cancer in 2020 and that because of my high level of health and and physical fitness, I was able to have a very successful robotic prostatectomy and quickly recover from both the cancer and the surgery. I’ve remained cancer free since then. In fact, I was celebrating early this December after just having another clear PSA test, which indicated that I continue to have no prostate cancer in my body.


Funny thing was though some of the other blood work I get annually, well, it looked a little funky to me. I started comparing my blood test results over the past couple of years, and I noticed that my red blood cell count was decreasing slightly from test to test. I decided to ask my primary care doctor what the heck was going on. That was the research element of the anchor point disease fighting and fitness model at work, I was keeping myself informed and up to date on what these tests mod indicate. My primary care doctor then referred me to a hematologist who ordered more detailed blood tests. The result of these tests indicated that I needed a bone marrow biopsy that happened late in December, and the results of all these tests along with the the bone marrow biopsy indicated that I have a type of blood cancer called myeloid plastic syndrome.


The good news is with a combination of this very early detection, as a result of me staying on top of my medical records and my excellent physical fitness, this condition can be treated and at least right now is totally manageable. I wanted to take the time to mention this today because it’s an example of how important it is for us older folks to stay on top of our health information, and that includes challenging our doctors when something just doesn’t seem right. You might notice trends in your health test results that your doctor might not see. It’s so important to stay on top of all the information that you have available to you about your health.


I get emails almost every week questioning the role of faith in this podcast. Why does faith need to be part of fitness model? Those people probably haven’t listened to the introductory episodes because if they had, they would know why. Faith is a part of the Web Radio Today podcast and our, and our special disease fighting and and fitness model, and especially why faith is such an important part of this podcast. And then some of those emails question why I specifically deal with my Christian faith. Cancer attacked me in January for a brief period of time. There at the beginning, I was devastated. I lost all hope. I was scared. Four things got me through all of that, my medical team, my elite level of physica

fitness, my wife, my wonderful wife, and most importantly, my knowledge that I was safe in God’s



My faith, my Christian faith gave me so much comfort when I was battling cancer. That’s probably the hardest thing I’ve ever had to deal with, but that cancer, the thing that came to destroy me, it brought me back to my Christian faith, back to Jesus, back to God. During that time, I, I thought a lot about how I would live my life if I was able to survive cancer. I knew I was gonna spend more time with my family and loved ones, more time serving my church, and if that sounds like I was bargaining with God, well probably was, but it was more than just that though. I, I kept thinking that before all this happened, I kept thinking I have all this time and then I was thinking that, that if I could continue to live my life, I could live it with so much more purpose. So I was gonna go forward, win this battle or lose it with a new plan for my life. And I also knew that I had a little bit of talent to perhaps help people with their health, but at the same time maybe saving a few souls. And that’s why the Web Radio Today Podcast was born.


If you want more detail about all that, go back and listen to those introductory episodes and everybody. That’s the reason why my Christian faith will always be an important part of this podcast. And I know we have lost listeners because I focus so much on my Christian faith. However, here’s the good news. We continue to gain more listeners because of our emphasis on the Christian faith. Many of you have have started listening to, to this podcast because you want to get and stay healthy, but you’re also here because of Jesus. I’m so proud to say that our listener base is growing globally. In addition to our many listeners in the usa, this podcast has listeners in Canada, France, Germany, Belgium, Brazil, the uk, Thailand, South Africa. I don’t just know that because people email me from those places. I know it because we use some pretty sophisticated listener statistics and, and demographic tracking programs to measure our reach. Now, I don’t know how many souls we’ve saved, maybe none, but I try every week I’m a professional voiceover artist and when I got this cancer, my future goals were to get well, live my life for Jesus and help people find the same Christian peace I have. And if I can use my fitness knowledge and experience to advise people on how to stay and get fit, stay healthy, fight off disease, that creates just an awesome opportunity to help people.

I’ve been cured for now of this cancer. You see, Jesus not only saved my soul, he saved my life. I owe

him everything and so do you. There is this book, I’m going to link (20:42):

To it in the show notes for this episode and this audio burst. The book is called Don’t Give Up, and it’s written by Kyle Eidelman and I recommend this book for anyone who’s going through any kind of struggle in their life right now. This passage from Don’t Give Up. It. It’s so inspiring. It was so inspiring to me. It it’s sort of based on Psalm one 18. Think about this as you struggle, whether it’s with illness, with loss, family problems or, or any of the other hardships and and worry that might be in your life, the battle is not yours. Whenever you feel like giving up or giving in, remember that your strength comes from God whenever you’re down and out and can’t seem to pick yourself up. Remember, your strength comes from God. Whenever you feel weak and overwhelmed, remember, your strength comes from God. Don’t you dare give up because God has amazing things in store for you during your battle, the Lord will fight for you during the trial. The Lord will strengthen you


The test, the Lord will encourage you. You will be a winner. You are a part of a royal priesthood and you’re at the head not the tale. You shall prevail in this life. You will defeat the enemy and you will inherit eternal life through Jesus Christ our savior. Remember this, Jesus by his life and and death on the cross and then his resurrection, he’s given you strength. He gives you forgiveness. He will give you peace, and He has given you a world without end eternal life. Here’s the thing though, everybody, you need to accept that gift. Jesus, he knows your heart. He knows all the things good and bad that you’ve done in your life, and he knows God’s plan for you. And you know what? As bad as you’ve been, as lost as you are, as broken as you may be, Jesus, he still loves you. His arms are reaching out to you. He wants to put those arms around you. He offers you total forgiveness. He’s ready right now to offer you love and listen to this. He’s right there to help you and to offer you that strength that that you need to fight. Whatever battle you’re in right now, he can give you strength to fight all of life’s battles, and he wants to give you life without end.


It’s yours if you want it. If you’re elapsed Christian like I was, you know what to do. Drop to your knees and ask him for forgiveness. He’ll forgive you and he will welcome you home if you don’t know Jesus well, there are no forms to fill out, no tests to take, no fee required. All Jesus requires of you is your acceptance of his amazing free gift. The devil right now, he’s telling you, this sounds interesting. Maybe you really should think about this later. Investigate it. Study up on all this Jesus stuff. You might do that the next time that you have a a lot of free time. Nothing else important to do. Maybe then you should start to think about this Jesus stuff. That’s the devil talking to you. Here’s the truth. You don’t have any time. All you have is right now. This minute, nothing else is guaranteed to wait another minute, another hour, another day. That’s like rolling the dice. Things happen so quickly. You don’t know what’s around the corner. There is no time. If you’re already a Christian, you’ve been perhaps backsliding again like I was. Ask Jesus to forgive you and give your life back to him.


If you don’t know Jesus, aren’t really clear about who he is, how he can strengthen you, give you forgiveness, give you peace and life everlasting, do this. Please do this right now today. Regular listeners, they know what I’m gonna tell you to do. Here’s the drill. Walk into any church. First person. That person might be another church member, a secretary, a receptionist. Might be the pastor. It might be the custodian. They’re cleaning things up. It doesn’t matter. Just tell that first person that you see there in that strange church. Tell them you want to find Jesus. You’ll put a smile on their face and you will be creating a moment that both of you will never forget, and that person, secretary Receptionist, church member, pastor Custodian, whoever it is, that person will help you find Jesus. Next week on the Anchor Point Podcast. Friday, January 13th, guided positive imagery for fighting the winter blues and for the stations along the X B H S Radio Network and for the Anchor Point Podcast from Nashville. I’m Skip or Bye everybody.

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