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Burst 8.2  06.05.20

Skip’s Invitation To Come Home To Jesus


AUDIO BURST 8.2 June 5 2020

by Skip Orem | Web Radio Today


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8.2  BURST 06.05.20 TRANSCRIPT

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Even more important than that. If you haven’t done so. It’s time to come home to Jesus. In Acts Twenty two sixteen. Paul says And now. What are you waiting for? Get up

Be Baptized. And Wash your sins away calling on his name.

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The devil is very tricky. Come home today, everybody accept Jesus today, please because the devil he’s. He’s so tricky that he’s telling you right now. There’s no rush. There’s still time. plenty of time to to make that decision. Please don’t fall for that because you don’t have any time. Tomorrow’s not certain tomorrow was not yours. You have no idea what’s ahead. Said this before we can say today’s a good day. Tomorrow’s looking pretty good. But, it’s not yet here. And we don’t know for sure what’s ahead. No guarantee that we’re GONNA wake up tomorrow morning.If, you haven’t done so already. ACT, now Accept Jesus. Come home

02:00 – 03:04

 Here’s the thing about Jesus. It’s all or nothing. You may have friends that say you I believe Jesus lived. I believe that he taught us good things. He lived a good life. He was a good man.But he’s not the son of God. No Jesus he wasn’t a prophet. He was not just an important figure in history, who lived a good life, said good things. Jesus. He was either the son of God. or he was a liar. or he was a lunatic. There’s no fourth choice. Son of God liar or lunatic choose one because there’s fourth choice. 

03:04 – 03:25

No Jesus was not a liar. He wasn’t a lunatic. He was the son of God. And I’ll tell you this if you don’t agree with what I’m saying if you don’t think that Jesus is the son of God. You don’t agree with me. Maybe. I’m wrong, but I’ll tell you this. You’ve got a lot more to lose than I do. 

 03:25 – 04:00

Please don’t just think about it anymore. There’s no time left. This is the truth. John Three Sixteen. For God so loved the world. That he gave his one and only son that whoever believed in him will nor parish but have eternal life. 

04:00 – 5:20

 Come home to Jesus. HE WILL welcome you with a smile and open arms. You will be forgiven  Walk into any church. Tell the first person that you see to come home the Jesus what’s my next steps.  I promise you they will smile and welcome you.