EPISODE 31, January 29, 2021

WEB RADIO TODAY, The Faith and Fitness Podcast

Faith, Diet, Exercise, Attitude, Positive Imagery, Music and Research



Skip Orem (00:19):

Hi, everybody, I’m Skip Orem. Welcome to Web Radio Today, and thank you everybody so much for pushing the Play button on today’s episode of the Web Radio Today podcast. This is episode number 31. On the episode today, we’re going to talk about you using all of the elements of the Web Radio Today Disease Fighting and Fitness Plan to stay healthy, stay fit, and fight off disease. And also, a little bit later in the podcasts, I want to discuss with you my thoughts about, well, adding a new one element to the Web Radio Today Disease Fighting and Fitness Plan.

Skip Orem (01:03):

And talking about new things, based on last week’s guided imagery episode, I’ve added a new motto, or you might want to call it a tagline, to Web Radio Today. I’ll save talking about that to a little bit later in the episode today. Also, I’m going to highlight, well, the importance of all of us, all of us older folks, in our sixties or seventies and beyond, the importance for us to stay up to date and informed about our health and about those diseases that are out there that might attack us or some of us may even be dealing with right now.

Skip Orem (01:26):

In staying healthy and, and fighting disease, knowledge really is power. Knowledge is power. More about that later. And I am also going to provide you with some additional information that I’ve found as I continue to do my research into sugar. Because faith is the most important element of the Web Radio Today Disease Fighting and Fitness Plan, I will spend just a few minutes today talking about Bible study and about prayer. All of that, plus a mini workout coming to you on today’s episode of the Web Radio Today podcast. We’re coming to you today from the XBHS Radio Studios here on Printers Alley in Nashville.

Skip Orem (03:01):

Are you ready, everybody? Let’s start today’s episode by doing a mini workout, just a few minutes here at the start of the podcast for you and I to get up and start moving, get the blood flowing, get our heart rates up, and burn a few calories. This is the part in every Web Radio Today podcast episode where we take some time to expend some energy. You can dance, run, walk fast, jump up and down, whatever you want to get moving. If for reason you can’t get up right now, you need to stay in your seats, just move your body in any way that you can while you’re seated. This, everybody, is a Web Radio Today mini workout.

 Skip Orem (06:43):

Okay, you can slow it down, but don’t stop yet, let’s spend another minute or so cooling down. Your movements are less intense, and you’re slowly bringing your heart rate down to a slower rate after that mini workout.

Skip Orem (07:03):

My goal during season two of Web Radio Today is to help you use all of the elements of our Disease Fighting and Fitness Model to make 2021 the absolute best year of your life. We have folks listening to this podcast right now who are at very different stages of health and physical fitness. Some of you are very healthy and fit. Others are a little out of shape, maybe overweight or haven’t been taking real good care of themselves. Some of our listeners are fighting one of those terrible diseases that attack us baby boomers in our older years, heart disease, bone disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes. We have listeners currently battling those diseases. Other listeners are like me, we have just successfully, for now anyways, defeated one of those diseases, and we realize that we don’t want it to come back

Skip Orem (08:23 ):

All of us, we want to do everything we can to keep ourselves healthy and free of disease. Any of our listeners have decided that 2021 is going to be a new beginning and they’re planning to take steps to get and stay in shape and get and stay healthy, so that they can live law happy and disease-free lives. It’s for all of those reasons, to help folks in all those different stages of health and fitness that Web Radio Today was created. The cornerstone of this podcast is the Web Radio Today Disease Fighting and Fitness Model, combining faith, diet, exercise, positive attitude, positive imagery, music, and research. Combining all of those seven elements together to form the Web Radio Today Disease Fighting and Fitness Model.

Skip Orem (09:31):

On future episodes this season, we’re going to deal with each of those elements in some pretty deep detail. But right now, if you haven’t done so already, and even if you have by way of review, let’s put a plan together. I mentioned earlier in the podcast that I was thinking about adding a new element or maybe a sub-element to our Disease Fighting and Fitness Plan. One of my New Year’s 2021 resolutions is to start journaling. Because I was reading where just by writing down three sentences a day, you can vastly improve your attitudes, your mental health, and your productivity. And we are all about improving your health.

Skip Orem (10:27)

The article that I read stated that if you write down just these three sentences every day, that you’re going to greatly improve your attitude your day, your overall wellbeing. Those three sentences are, number one, what will you focus on today? Write it down. Number two, one sentence, what are you especially grateful for today? Write it down. And number three, I like this one, what will you let go of today? Write it down. What that is everybody, is journaling, daily journaling. It’s interesting, right?. So I’m going to do some additional research on this connection between journaling and its overall effect on our wellbeing. And then on next Friday’s episode, you and I, we’re going to spend the entire episode talking about journaling and how it can improve our attitude, which will improve our wellbeing. And if your wellbeing is in the right place, is going to help you stay healthy.

Skip Orem (11:46):

Before anybody gets started with the Web Radio Today Disease Fighting and Fitness Program, it’s important to set some goals which will not only measure your progress, but also serve to motivate you along the way. You need to make those goals gigantic. Supersize them, gigantic, big goals. And then you take those super big goals, one big goal for each one of our seven elements, and then you break each of those gigantic goals down into measurable data points or signposts along the way. Now, if you haven’t set your health and fitness goals yet, why don’t you do that this week? Let’s make that your homework assignment if you haven’t done it already. Set your goals for each of the seven elements of the Web Radio Today Disease Fighting and Fitness Model, a big, gigantic, supersized goal for faith, one for diet, exercise, one for getting that positive attitude in place, one for guided imagery, music, how are you going to use music to make yourself feel better and get healthy, and one for knowledge.

Skip Orem (13:12):

If you just started listening to Web Radio Today at the start of season two, or if you haven’t done this already, if you’re unfamiliar with what each of those elements represents, listen to those broad strokes audio burst there at Web Radio Today. Listen to them, well, so that you can get a good understanding o

what we’re talking about with each one of those elements. You need to do that before you set those goals. Once those big, gigantic, supersized goals are in place, then break those goals down to perhaps five, as much as 10 if you want, measurable objectives for each one of those elements. What’s the objective? How are you going to know when you’ve achieved it? How are you going to measure your success? And then once you have those goals and those objectives in place, you’re going to be able to use the elements of the Web Radio Today Disease Fighting and Fitness Model to get yourself in shape, fight off, prevent, and deal with disease and live a long, healthy, and happy life.

Skip Orem (14:34):

We will go into much more detail on each of those elements on future episodes this season. But for now, everybody, I can’t emphasize this enough, if you’re not familiar with those elements, if you weren’t with us during last season, make sure that you listen to those broad strokes audio bursts. You can listen to all of them in less than 10 minutes, and there are at webradiotoday.com, click on the Audio Burst page.

Skip Orem (15:17):

Everybody, if you haven’t done so already, I hope that you’ll get a chance to listen to last week’s episode. It dealt very specifically with that element of positive guided imagery. What that episode is is a standalone guided positive imagery session. It lasts for about 30 minutes, and I guarantee you that you’re going to find it well worth your time. It’s a great opportunity for you to relax and to think with clarity and to think positively about 2021 and all these new beginnings that are going to be available to you. Lots of folks all over the world are downloading and listening to that specific episode. I know that because, well, of the 30 episodes that we’ve released so far, that’s all of season one and then the episodes in season two so far, Web Radio Today, episode 30, the guided imagery session is Web Radio Today’s most downloaded, most listened to episode of all time. And get this, as of today, it’s only been available for about seven days. And of course like all of our episodes, it will always be available for you to listen to it anytime you want at webradiotoday.com.

Skip Orem (17:00):

One of the thoughts that I shared during that guided imagery session was a thought that received just so many positive comments from listeners. It was my reference to a feeling that you might be having there in your special place, a feeling that something wonderful was about to happen. That statement, that thought, that feeling seemed to especially inspire listeners. And after getting so many positive emails about that part of the guided imagery session, I thought that a good positive thinking type of approach to everything would be to always be thinking something wonderful is about to happen. You don’t know for sure what it is, you don’t even know when it might be coming, you just have this feeling. It’s there in your mind that something wonderful is about to happen. Because that thought seems to touch so many of our listeners, I’ve decided to adopt that thought, that statement, and I’m making it the Web Radio Today motto. Web Radio Today, something wonderful is about to happen. Believe it, everybody.

Skip Orem (18:45):

Knowledge, it is power, everybody, and knowledge about your health, your body, your fitness level, any illness that you might be dealing with. Knowledge really is a very powerful tool to have in your tool bag as you’re working hard to stay fit, stay healthy and to prevent and fight disease. I try to help a little on each episode of Web Radio Today to give you some new things that I might have discovered in my research. Research, after all is, is one of the elements of our Disease Fighting and Fitness Model. But it’

also important that you continue to keep yourself informed on the latest developments, the latest information that affects your health and your wellbeing. It’s also important that you filter out the junk information that is so readily and so easily available on the internet.

Skip Orem (19:53):

When I first found out that prostate cancer had come to pay me a visit, I was scared and worried. But you know what? After going to the internet and googling information about prostate cancer, I was even more scared. I thought for sure that I was a goner. My fear, my anxiety went to such a high level, I almost gave up right there at the start. There is so much junk, junk information on the internet. So much of it’s not true. So much of what is disguised as information is actually paid advertising. Reading this stuff, this junk, it can actually make you sicker. It can actually get in the way of your ability to get well. I know, I know, you’re actually craving information at the time you’ve been diagnosed with the disease. And doctors, they don’t often have the time to give you all the information and the particulars that you may want and that you need. So how do you go about getting good, solid information about your health, your illness, disease prevention?

Skip Orem (21:18):

First of all, the gold standard is the time that you spend with your physician. Everybody, I want you to plan every visit with the doctor so that you can get as much information as possible during, well, that very limited time that our doctor can make available to you. Spend some time before the appointment thinking about the information you want to get from your doctor, questions that you need answers to. Write all those questions down and take your list with you. You’re not going to remember them all when you’re in with your doctor. Then here’s one of the really hard parts, listen, listen to what your doctor is saying. Listen to the answers that they’re giving you to your questions, and then I ask follow-up questions right then and there, as you think about them.

Skip Orem (22:21):

For us older folks, this can be hard. Some of us, well, we plain don’t hear well. For a lot of us, we’re so nervous about those appointments, sometimes even intimidated by our physician or the surroundings there on the office that, well, it’s just so hard to understand what’s going on and to really listen and understand what our physician is saying to us. The biggest help that I found is taking my wife along with me. Four ears are better than two. Take your spouse, your partner, or a friend with you to help you get the most out of the very limited amount of time that you have to spend with your physician. Take a recording device with you. Many physicians will let you record all or at least parts of the visit. Be sure to be courteous, and ask before you turn on the device. The gold standard, the best source of knowledge about your own health is your doctor. Plan the visit, write the questions down in advance, listen carefully, if you don’t understand, ask again, ask follow-up questions the second they occur to you, and take a partner along with you. And also, consider using a recording device during your visit.

Skip Orem (23:59):

When we started talking about all of this, I mentioned the dangers of getting information on the internet. There is good information on the internet, you just need to filter through all of the junk to find it. Don’t blindly google. A good place to start is the websites for the associations for the diseases. Heart disease, all the different cancers, diabetes, stroke, bone disease, they all have websites that are just full of information and the latest studies. Many of these associations, they also have Facebook pages and Twitter handles. Now, this may take me a couple of days, but I’m going to put links to all the importan

associations on the webradiotoday.com website as part of the transcript page for this episode. Just go to Web Radio Today, click on the podcast and show notes page, and then click on this episode, this is episode 31. Give me a couple of days to get those links ready.

Skip Orem (25:021):

There is also a library page at webradiotoday.com, and that page has links to several books that I know, I know this for a fact, can be a great help to anyone who’s been diagnosed with any kind of life- threatening disease. And please remember this, everybody to reach your goals this year of getting in shape, staying healthy, fighting disease, knowledge is power.

Skip Orem (25:49):

I continue to be fascinated by sugar. How can something that tastes so good, brings so much pleasure, how can it be so deadly? But it is. I have a love/hate relationship with sugar. I love the taste of it so much, and I hate it. I hate it because I’m certain that it contributed to me getting prostate cancer. I’ve worked hard all my life to stay in shape. I would enjoy eating sugar and foods with sugar in them because I knew that if I control the portion and the calories, with my exercise program, I’d be okay. I’d stay in shape. I’d stay healthy. I wouldn’t get fat. Fact is that was a lie. I enjoyed sugar, the candy. I exercised daily. I controlled my portions. I was sure that I was bulletproof.

Skip Orem (26:47):

But, everybody, I did not stay healthy. I got really sick. Cancer paid me a visit, tried to wipe me out. Lots of things combine together to give us cancer. But I have this strong belief, and much of my research proves this out, cancer loves sugar. Please, everybody, at the very least, stay under the daily sugar gram allowance. For men, no more than 150 calories from sugar per day, no more than 36 grams per day. For women, it’s even lower, 100 calories per day, no more than that, only 25 grams of sugar per day. You don’t really need to count the sugar calories if you just stay under the grams. And everybody, know this about sugar, sugar can kill you. It causes weight gain. It increases your risk of heart disease. It increases your risk of Type II diabetes. It increases your risk of cancer, I know that. It can cause depression. It’ll actually accelerate the skin aging process. It ages your cells. It drains your energy. Again, I’m going to say, know this about sugar, it can kill you.

Skip Orem (28:31):

Staying strong in your faith, knowing that Jesus, he has your back, loving God and what he has created, everybody, that’s why faith is the number one element, the most important element in the Web Radio Today Disease Fighting and Fitness Plan. If you want to live a healthy, happy, a long life, faith needs to be the rock on which you build your life. My personal faith story, I’ve talked about it on some of the earlier episodes, you can listen to them if you want. I work real hard every day to strengthen my faith. One of my faith goals or this year, well, it’s to try to gain more of an understanding of the Old Testament. I’ve read and I’ve studied the New Testament. I know, and I believe the gospels. I’ve studied those gospels in some detail.

Skip Orem (25:16):

But here’s the thing as it regards the Old Testament, except for those general stories that I was told in Sunday school, the creation, Joseph’s story, other than those stories, I know little about the Old Testament. I’ve read Genesis, but beyond that, I really have trouble reading and understanding the Old Testament, it’s a difficult read. To get myself up to speed on the Old Testament, as another one of m

2021 resolutions, I’ve started this year doing the Old Testament Bible studies developed by Beth Moore. Well, they were designed especially for women, but they’re so good that men are going to also enjoy and learn from them too. I’ve started my first series this month, David. David is so important in the Bible and, well, other than the fact that Jesus is his descendant and he did kill Goliath in that battle, I really don’t know much about him, so that’s my first Bible study project for this year, David, seeking a heart like his.

Skip Orem (30:53):

The reason that I’m mentioning this is because I also started following Beth Moore on Twitter. You may also want to do that. She tweets some really good, inspirational stuff almost every day. Her tweets, I think it was Tuesday of this week, were especially meaningful and helpful to me because I’ve struggled with how to ask God for guidance, especially as it relates to using any of the talents that I may have, to use this podcast to spread God’s message. Beth Moore’s tweets on Tuesday of this week were specifically about this. I love them so much, they’ve helped me so much that I’m going to share them verbatim with you right now. I don’t have her permission to do this, but she did put them out there on Twitter, and I suspect she’ll probably approve of me reading them. This is Beth Moore. She’s @BethMooreLPM, it’s all one word, BethMooreLPM on Twitter. Maybe this’ll help you too.

Skip Orem (32:26):

Beth Moore said these things and quoted these scriptures. “Please know that these are the furthest things from virtue signaling. These are ways that older man and women of faith have learned to cling to Jesus for dear life. Because this many years in, we are woefully aware of how prone we are to wander, how weak, frail, and vulnerable and sinful we are. First thing I do when I wake up is to have a brief time of worship and confession of sin. Then I pour my coffee and grab my spiral notebook and Bible. Then these are scripture petitions the Lord led me to put together, to pray regularly before I began my Bible reading so that I’m fully open to him. These are arranged to go from head to feet. Open my mind to understand the scriptures, Luke 24:45.   Open my eyes to see the wonders of your Word, Psalm 119:18.         Open my ears to hear as a good student you equip with words for the weary, Isaiah 50:4.    Open my mouth and put words in it that I might boldly proclaim the mystery of the gospel, Ephesians 6:19  Open my heart to pay attention, Acts 16:14.   Open my hands to the poor, Proverbs 31:20.   Open the doors of opportunity you would have my feet walk through, 1 Corinthians.”

Skip Orem (34:31):

Beth Moore said these things and quoted these scriptures.

Skip Orem (35:06):

  Let me ask you a question, everybody, have you ever had anyone ask you what heaven would be like? Have you ever thought about it? There have been articles and even books written about what heaven might be like. I think everybody has an opinion of that, a vision of what heaven might be like, but nobody really knows. But yet, a whole bunch of us want to live our lives so that we will be in heaven when it all ends.

Skip Orem (35:45 ):

I have my own thoughts about what heaven might be like. I didn’t really like those guesses that I had as a very young, little kid about what heaven might be like. Just more church, right?

Skip Orem (36:05):

When I think about heaven now, I think about it being another creation of God. I think about the creations of God that we already know about, what an amazing architect and creator God is.

Skip Orem (36::20)

I mean, look at where we live, on this beautiful green and blue ball that is earth. God created our world

for us, the ocean, the sky, the beauty that is our world right now, created by God. Now, us humans,

we’ve done some things to mess it up. God did give us free will. He wanted us to have free will. Beginning with Eve, things got crazy, and we started messing everything up. But just think about this creation of His before we started messing it up. Think about how your body responds to things of this earth that were created by God, a summer’s day, a flower. Think about how even your mind responds to those things. The ocean, the beautiful, blue sky, a tree, the smells of summer, of autumn, they were all created by God for us to enjoy.

Skip Orem (37:26):

The changes of the seasons and how we respond to them, the cycle of life, everything there is, God created that. What a masterful creator. And then when you think about heaven, of course, that’s His special creation ready for us. When we get there, it’s going to be so wonderful. And we’ll be in the presence of God’s love and Jesus. Our hearts will be right. There’ll be filled with love. No more hate, no more jealousy, no more bad stuff. We’re not going to mess up heaven, just beauty, eternal happiness, and love forever and ever. Wow.

Skip Orem (38:13  ):

We need, well, sort of a ticket to get into heaven. That ticket, it’s free. That ticket is Jesus. He is our Savior.

Skip Orem (38:28):

If you try and fail and you try and you fail again, if you’re constantly attempting to live your life like Jesus, even though you fail miserably at it, if you have Him in your life, you get a free ticket to heaven.

Skip Orem (38:53):

He doesn’t care how many times you failed Him, He will always forgive you. If you pray to Him, if you love Him, if you believe in Him, if you follow Him you will have eternal life. Jesus, He is the light and the way, your free pass, your ticket to eternal life.

Skip Orem (39:28):

 If you don’t know Jesus, don’t wait another minute. Find Him and let Him into your life. He’s waiting with open arms just for you.

Skip Orem (39:46):

Today, walk into any church, doesn’t have to be a Sunday, any day. Right now, today, walk into the first church you see. Tell the first person you meet, no matter who it is, tell the first person you meet that you want to know about Jesus. You want Him in your life. They’ll give you this really big smile, and they’re going to welcome you home.

Skip Orem (40:20):

I want you to have a wonderful week, everybody. Enjoy your life, keep your hearts full of love, and remember this, something wonderful is about to happen.

Skip Orem (40:41):

We’ll talk again next week. For the Web Radio Today podcast in Nashville, I’m Skip Orem. Bye, everybody.