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From the Nashville Studios of the XB H S Radio Network. I’m Skip Oram and this is the Anchor Point podcast. Hey everybody from the studios of the X B H S Radio Network here on Printers Alley in Nashville, Tennessee. Welcome to the Anchor Point, your faith and fitness podcast for us older folks in our fifties, sixties, seventies, and beyond. Now this is your April 28th, 2023 episode. And by the way, this is the first of three remaining episodes before we take a summer break. But don’t worry, we will be back with an all new season of the Anchor Point Podcast this September


On today’s episode. Music and Exercise, how music can Be a Motivator for Exercise. Music is one of the seven elements of the anchor point, disease, fighting and fitness model, faith, diet, exercise, positive attitude, guided meditation research, and the element we’re gonna feature on today’s episode. Music. I was at the Pacific Ocean last week and I want to share with all of you some of my thoughts about the ocean and that’ll be coming up later in the podcast today and also later A Father’s love. First up though, I wanna spend just a couple of minutes talking with you, with our listeners about where we are right now at this point with the Anchor Point Podcast and my plans for next season and what’s more boring, I guess, than a podcaster talking about his podcast instead of delivering important content, right? Well I think most of our regular anchor point listeners might be interested in this next short segment, but if you don’t want to hear about my thoughts for the podcast, what you can do right now is go ahead and skip to the seven minute 55 second mark and that’s where we’ll start medical news for seniors and the rest of today’s podcast as we bring season one of the Anchor Point Podcast to a close with the May 12th episode two take some time to let you all know what I’m planning for Anchor Point season two, which will begin with the Autumn Equinox on Friday, September 22nd.


The Equinox actually happens on Thursday the 21st, but Anchor Point releases new episodes on Fridays. So that first episode of the Anchor Point Podcast season two will happen on September 22nd, 2023. That’s a Friday season, one’s not over yet. We have two more all new episodes next week and and then the following week, next week’s episode will be a special guided meditation episode. And yes, I uh, officially changed the name of the Positive imagery element of the Anchor Point Disease Fighting and Fitness model. I changed the name of that element to guided meditation cause that’s what it really is. You spending some time with yourself, relaxing, refreshing and thinking as you’re guided through a 20 to 30 minute meditation session. So next week, guided meditation and that episode will be called The Soltice and I think you’re really gonna enjoy it. I’ve spent quite a bit of time thinking about and praying about the direction of next season’s Anchor point.


I had kind of a brainstorming session with myself, reached out to some listers who have emailed me with suggestions over the past couple of months with their help. I’ve decided on the direction of next season’s Anchor Point episodes. First and probably most important anchor point will remain a faith and fitness podcast. I’m gonna try to keep each episode around 30 to 45 minutes, but three big differences for next season. Helping all of us baby boomers increase our faith, stay fit, healthy, happy, and live in a long life will continue to be the overriding mission of the Anchor Point podcast. And we will continue to spend significant time with content in all of the seven elements of the Anchor Point disease, fighting, and fitness model with two exceptions. Thinking about exploring and talking about our faith will play a bigger part in each episode. Perhaps as much as half of each week’s podcast will be devoted to faith.


The second change will be adding a new segment, especially for us older folks, baby boomers, interesting stories from back in the fifties and sixties focusing on history, music and the arts. Now that segment will simply be called Anchor Point Reflections. I’ve already begun doing research and I know as a baby boomer myself, this new segment, anchor Point reflections will be a big plus and make the Anchor Point podcast all the more interesting. And I plan to preview one of the new anchor point reflection segments on the May 12th episode coming up in a couple of weeks. And then the final change for next season. I wanna make sure each episode has valuable content about our faith and our fitness and our overall health. I’m going to change to a podcast release schedule of a new episode every two weeks. This new schedule will help me ensure that every episode of the Anchor Point has new and meaningful content, three significant changes for next season. Faith gets an upgrade. The new anchor point reflection segment and the new episodes will drop every two weeks, beginning on September 22nd, 2023. All right everybody, that’s more than enough housekeeping information for today. Let’s go now to anchor points medical news for seniors.


Medical news for seniors for this episode comes from the scientific American, the psychology of music and exercise. There’s been significant research over the last 10 years on the effect of music on your workout. Research now proves music changes both the body and the mind while exercising music distracts you from fatigue, elevates your mood, increases your endurance, and reduces how you feel about your effort during exercise. It helps you feel perhaps this exercising is not really so hard. Research shows that while listening to music, people run farther and harder, bike longer and swim faster than they normally would if not listening to music. For many folks who jog cycle lift weights and otherwise exercise music is essential to peak performance and a satisfying workout. The anchor point Medical news for senior’s headline for today, music can help you exercise longer, harder with less perceived effort and make exercising much more enjoyable.


On previous anchor point episodes, I I’ve talked about the overall advantage of listening to music and getting involved in the arts and how it can help extend your life, fight disease and keep you healthy. Let’s follow up on that medical news for signer’s segment and focus for just a couple of minutes on using music while you exercise. If you get up one day and and decide you don’t feel like working out, don’t feel like exercising right now, try this, try putting on the headphones and start listening to some motivating music. Maybe a special workout playlist you’ve put together. I’ll bet that all of a sudden you’ll get a hanker and to start moving and to start your workout, let’s try this little experiment right now. I’m gonna play Joe College’s cover version of Shamble lot and I want you to see if just for a couple of seconds you can just stand or sit there and listen without moving. And I know that you will not be able to do that as we listen to this song. Start moving in any way you can sway dance, run in place, exercise. If you can’t get out of your seat right now, just move your body in any way that you can. If you’re in a car driving right now, do anything that you can safely do to get your body moving in some way. Here’s Joe College’s cover of the Three Dog Knights. Number one classic from 1973. Shambala

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A special thanks to Joe College for making his recording of Shamble Law available to us for this episode of The Anchor Point. If you haven’t included music as part of your exercise routine, try this. Build a playlist of your favorite workout songs, music that you might want to listen to while you’re working out. And then once you put that playlist together, keep switching out the songs as you continue to exercise over time. Or you can create multiple playlists. There is so much music out there no matter what your musical taste. So many varieties of music you can use to include in your workout playlist. And I know we’re, we’re all different and everyone has their own musical taste, but let me give you some general guidelines for choosing your workout music. What kind of a workout are you gonna be doing? Is it an aerobic workout like heart training?


Then you wanna choose upbeat up tempo positive music. If you are doing a strength training workout, then your music choice might be a little different. I have friends who just love to play 1990s heavy metal songs during their strength training workouts with strength training. The tempo of the music is not as important as the power in the music. I like songs with heavy bass while I’m doing strength training. And if you’re doing yoga or stretching exercises, then maybe you want a more peaceful kind of a sound in building a workout playlist first, determine what you want the music to do for you. Do you need it to get you moving and then moving faster? Do you need it to give you strength? Do you need it to mellow you out? I thought about putting a suggested playlist together, but then I was thinking workout music, it probably works best when it’s individualized to each person’s taste and their own determination of what motivates them.


The important thing though is to include music maybe not in every workout. Sometimes it’s motivating enough just to engage with your surroundings. Other times though, you need music to kickstart your workout and drive you to give your best. There’s a study out there that determined runners who listened to motivating music during a race completed the race faster than runners who weren’t listening to music. You know about endorphins, those cool chemicals your body releases when you exercise, they make you feel good. One study found listening to music releases other body chemicals associated with pleasure. Music will also help you maintain your pace. When you’re working out that rhythm of the music, the beat, it gets you moving and step with a song. And let me ask you this, even though I know your answer. Do you ever get bored during your workout? Music will distract you from boredom and keep you going.


And one more thing, listening to music during your recovery period of the workout will actually help to bring your heart rate down as you’re cooling down and recover. Here’s an anchor point homework assignment. Start listening to music and find your workout favorites and put ’em together in a playlist for your next workout. Remember, music works together with your faith, exercise, diet attitude, positive imagery and knowledge to keep you healthy and to fight disease. One more song today on the Anchor Point Podcast since this is all about music today and then I’ll be back to talk about the ocean. Get up, get ready, start moving. Here’s the flying machine on the Anchor point Podcast hopelessly alone

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I was in California this week and I had an opportunity to spend some time at the ocean just thinking for a while. I love watching the ocean. It makes me think real hard about the miracle of creation.


God created the oceans and you know, if I start to think about it in too much detail, if I start to think about God’s creation, it starts to overwhelm me. All of the intricacies and planning of creation. Genesis 1 21 says, so God created the great creatures of the sea and every living thing with which the water teams and moves about in it according to their kinds and every winged bird according to its kind. And God saw that it was good. Think about all of that detail. God is the creator, the ruler of the universe, the supreme being. The deeper you go into thinking about creation, you can’t help but realize how amazing God is. The planning, the engineering, the architecture that went into creating this world that we live in and our relationship to it. If you think really hard about the miracle of creation, you know without a doubt that God exists. You know, he has always existed. The uniqueness of just one human cell, this all just didn’t happen as a result of a Big bang God planned and created it all and that everybody is what? Put a smile on my face looking out there at the Pacific Ocean off of Laguna Beach, looking out there at that beautiful ocean and thanking God for it.


One more time, let me remind you of the Anchor Point episode release schedule for the remainder of this season next week, a special guided meditation session, the Soest, it’ll be released on Friday, May 5th, and then the final episode of Anchor Point, season one until September. We’ll drop on Friday, May 12th, and I have lots of important faith and fitness information planned for that episode. And the until September anchor point episode on May 12th will feature the very first of our Anchor point reflections segment. I hope you’ll plan to join me on both of those upcoming anchor point episodes.


Being in California this week, watching the beautiful sunsets started me thinking about what a wonderful blessing it is to be a father. I can’t imagine my life without my children. They’re all adults now and I’m so proud of them and love them all so much. And then for us baby boomers, being a grandparent or a great-grandparent, that’s pretty cool too. Think for a minute about the love that you feel for your children, that love we feel for our kids. It’s such a complete love. And then when you think about the love that you have for your child, it’s just so easy to understand and appreciate the love God has for us cuz he loves us just the same, a parents’ love for their children. It’s such a total and and complete. Love it. It never goes away. Psalms 1 0 3 13 says, as the father shows compassion to his children, the Lord shows compassion to those who fear him. God made us, he created us where his children, he created us in his image and then he gave us this world and and He also gave us our free will. And then he, he further showed his love. We were lost. We became lost sinners. This world becoming darker and darker


And then like my favorite Bible verse says, this is the father’s love. Everybody. John three 16 proclaims God, he loves us so much that he gave us his only son to save us from our sins. Whoever believes in him would not perish but would have everlasting life. Our father taking us from the darkness and offering us the light. Many people have made that connection to our Father in heaven and his love for us. God sacrificing his son for us, whoever believes in him will have everlasting life. There are others who have in theory made the connection In theory, they believe in theory, they want Jesus in their life, but in practice they haven’t really given themselves to Jesus. They haven’t really let Jesus in. Are you like that? That’s kind of sad to know Jesus, to believe in him and then to not let him in your life. There’s so little time left. We don’t know. There might not really be any time left,


Won’t you Let Jesus in Now you know the stories you celebrate. You believe in the Christmas story, you believe in the Easter story. Now is the time to make the full commitment. Open your heart, open your life to Jesus. He can help you solve your problems. Accept the love you know is there. Accept the forgiveness for your sins. He’ll even forgive your waiting. Your delay in letting him in you already know and believe He died for you. Take advantage of that. Have eternal life. Let him in and honor our Father who gave us His Son, who he loved so much He gave him to you. Yes he did. Think about this today. Walk into the light. You don’t have time to think about it anymore. Accept the law. Accept the forgiveness. Let Jesus put his arms around you and walk with

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Thank you so much everybody for joining me on this week’s episode of The Anchor Point Podcast. And remember, if you subscribe to the Anchor Point Podcast, you will receive every new anchor point episode right there in your podcast feed as soon as they’re released. The Anchor Point podcast is on all the major podcast platforms. Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, iHeartRadio, wherever you get your podcast. Just search for the Anchor Point podcast. We spell Anchor Point with an e A N C H O R P O I N T Next week guided meditation. And for the XB H s Radio Network and for the Anchor Point Podcast from Nashville. I’m Skip Orem bye everybody.

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When he saw her face, he thought that nothing could go wrong. And then he saw her smile.

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