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Skip Orem

Introuction (first of re-re-releases of guided imagery sessions)
Explanation of Guided Imagery
Skip’s Personal Disease Battle
Session Begins

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Close your eyes and begin to let yourself relax. And as you let yourself relax, began to take some deep breaths and then let them out. Deep breaths in, then exhale. Deep breaths in, and then exhale. As you do this deep breaths in and then out, began to clear your mind. Let all of the tension in your body, the bad thoughts in your mind, let them go out, let them go away as you breathe out with the exhale. The worry and the concern that you’re feeling about your illness, try to clear that out of your mind as you breathe in and then out. Of course, this illnesses, it’s on your mind all the time. It’s a fact of life right now. Today, you’re going to take control of this sickness. And you’re choosing right now to breathe out all of your worries, blow them away with your exhale. Deep breaths in, tension, bad thoughts, and worry out.

Think for a second about something that the Apostle Paul wrote long ago. He wrote it to the Christian Church in the Greek city of Philippi. He wrote these words, “Whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is an excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.” Think about these things now, as you began to clear your mind of everything else. Breathe in and then out. Let’s begin with this prayer from Psalms. “Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, oh Lord. You are my rock and my Redeemer.” Feel now God helping your body begin to relax, your mind clear of worrying and bad thoughts. Enjoy taking this time away for yourself and enjoy actively participating in getting well by choosing to focus on thoughts and images that will refresh, energize, and revitalize your immune system.

Imagine now that you’re comfortable those bad thoughts and tensions have, well, they’ve been put aside for now, and you’re discovering that just by imagining this, just by imagining your tension and worry leaving your body, that you are actually becoming relaxed. Think about how nice it it that for just a few minutes you are free of worry. And think about how wonderful it is to know that right now you are giving yourself this time to let your body and your mind relax and refresh, and to gain new energy, which will give your immune system the increased strength it needs to destroy your illness. Congratulate yourself for choosing to become actively involved in your healing and in your recovery process and for making the decision to get well. Because by actively choosing to take this time right now to relax and clear your mind, to let go of your stress, you are in fact enhancing your health. And by taking this time right now, you are sending this message to your illness.

“Thank you for helping me get my priorities straight. Thank you for helping me to appreciate my friends and my family more. And thank you for bringing me closer to God. But it’s time for you to go now and you will be removed from my body.” I want you now, as you are starting to feel more and more relaxed, think about a place. It can either be real or imaginary, a place you used to go to or somewhere where you’ve always wanted to be, a place that makes you feel good and safe and at peace. Imagine this place becoming more real to you in every way. Look around, enjoy what you see. Take in the entire scene of this place, this special place that feels so peaceful to you. And now begin to experience and feel whatever it is that you’re lying on or sitting against. Perhaps it’s sand on the beach, or maybe the summer grass or leaning against your favorite tree. And as you continue to imagine this place, you began to hear the sounds of this place.

Perhaps it’s the waves rolling in or the sound of birds in the air or of children playing nearby. Let your ears hear the sound of this wonderful place that’s so peaceful and so safe for you. Whatever sounds or smells or feelings that you remember or are imagining from this special place, this wonderful place of yours, hear them, see them, feel them, smell them, experience them. Maybe you feel the summer air or a gentle breeze or balmy, salty air, or the slight chill of Autumn. Let your skin begin to feel this wonderful, magical place of yours. Notice now how you are feeling so thankful for the safety and the beauty and the comfort of this place, how happy you are to be here, and you’re also feeling what’s happening, a tingling in the air, even something that makes you feel somewhat excited, a feeling that something wonderful, something you want and you need so much is about to happen.

And you know that God is watching you in this place and you know that, as it is written in songs, God will watch over you, you’re coming and you’re going, not only now but forever more. He’s here for you now in this place and he will watch, love, and care for you forever. You know that in your heart. You know that God wants you to be strong and courageous, not frightened or dismayed. And you know that God loves you. Feel his love wash all over you. You begin to smile as you recognize that for a while now you may not have had this feeling. You now know that there is certainty in God’s love and in this special place of yours and that something amazing is about to happen. And you notice a light coming from above. It’s small at first and then it starts to become wider. This light is God’s love and you can feel the area around you illuminated with God’s love.

And this light now is giving everything it covers here in your special place, it’s giving it up an even brighter, magical beauty. What this is, this is God’s love shining down on you. As God’s love, the light, continues to shine your special place becomes brighter, even more beautiful. And also then this light seems to increase your comfort, your joy, your love for everything God has created. Everything in your magical place is alive with color and brightness. Now, in addition to God’s presence, you began to feel the presence of others. And now you can see them surrounding you, smiling at you with their loving faces and begin to recognize these people, these people who are surrounding you with their love, an entire circle of people who love you. And you began to recognize them as they warm you with their protective presence, nodding and smiling. Those smiles are so familiar to you.

Some of them are your current friends and some are friends from the past. And you even see your family and some past family members who’ve already gone to be with God, family members who have always loved you. Maybe a special grandparent who’s passed away, they’re here for you now. A special teacher you loved from your school days. A favorite pet who in addition to being a pet was a true friend and a true protector. Uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters, children, all surrounding you with their protective love. An entire circle of smiling and caring well-wishers. You see them in bright light. You see their faces. You feel their love. So much strength and protection. God’s presence, the light, your friends and protectors. So much positive energy filling you, penetrating into the layer of tissue deep in your body, pressing deeper and deeper into every organ, even all the way to the bone, even all the way to the cells.

This strong power, God’s light, his love and protection, your friends, all there to protect and to heal you. All of this power is recharging you. And now you can feel this power, the light, your protectors’ love, moving now into cells and parts of your body where unhealthy tissue may be located. It’s power, it’s using its energy, and its cleaning shrinking, and dissolving unhealthy tissue. And as it does that, it’s allowing your own energy to begin to move more freely through your body. You can feel this free flow of healthy energy and you know this is happening. And your new special power consisting of God’s love, the light, your protectors’ love, your special power is now mobilizing the fighter cells in your immune system. And the light is now highlighting bad cells, unhealthy cells, identifying them so that your wonderful, strong army of fighter cells, those cells in your body loyal only to you, this strong army can now see the bad cells. Illuminated by the light, now they can destroy them and clear them out.

You begin to smile knowing that you have these ingenious well-trained core of fighter cells destroying your disease. And you feel so grateful to God, so grateful for the light and to your friends who are together giving you this new super power, this new energy and strength, giving that to your loyal army of fighter cells. You can see this happening in your body. You can feel this happening in your body. Your army of fighter cells so clever, so loyal to you, they are gaining new strength and energy from God’s love and from your protective circle of family and friends, and especially from your own conscious decision to rid your body of this disease and to get well. The bad cells in your body, those cells filled with disease, they’re being destroyed and cleared from your body. You are sure this is happening, you know this is happening, and you can feel this happening.

You are also feeling the supreme intelligence of God, who loves you so much, who created you, and who created in your body such an ingenious mechanism for fighting off disease. These cells in your immune system, they’re gaining strength. They’re loyal only to you and they are destroying this disease, and you are so thankful to God for this. And also, your special family members and friends, your protectors who have gathered around you, their love has given you the special energy and renewed determination and strength. God’s light, the strength of those who love you, it’s also reaching into the painful pockets of feeling within your body. Bad feelings, old hurts, resentments are also being destroyed by the power of this light. Old griefs, fears, sadness, anger, guilt, distress, and pain are being destroyed and wiped away from your body and from your mind. You know this is happening. You can feel it happening as you relax here in your magical, special place.

Old pain, old judgments, old disappointments cleared from your mind, giving you the freedom you need to get well. And your mind is now more spacious and open, your body now much more stronger than it has ever been. So much new room now in your spirit for joy, love, gratitude, and peace. God is giving you this time, this message, these tools to make all of this happen. Your true nature is alive again and you can now sense this total shift in your mind and your body, this new excitement, knowing you’ve got this. All is in God’s hands. He created you and he is smiling at you now, so proud of your new found strength. And with this new found strength, grace, ease, and energy, you are certain that you are healing and that you will continue to heal, able to see yourself well and excited, your body at full strength, ready to take on life and enjoy all that God has given to you. With tears in your eyes, you praise God, thank him, knowing that you will not waste what he has created for you

But as you look around your circle of magical friends, you can see that they have seen this change in you. They’re smiling because they recognize this renewed confidence and determination that you now possess, this strength and desire to get well. And your special friends, your protectors, they know that you can see yourself as joyful, happy, and excited, looking to your future without this disease. They know you’re healing and you really knew that God and your group of magical friends have been supporting you all along. You just hadn’t seen it, but now you do, and you can continue to see it, a constant circle of warm protection and support surrounding you and giving you strength. And now, special one of your magical friends, one who looks a little more familiar to you, actually reminding you of someone who loves you so much or someone who guided you well in the past and gave you strength. Clearly, the leader of this amazing support group.

This person steps forward and looks at you with so much love in their eyes. And this person says to you, “Remember, we’re always here for you. We are at your service to help you heal. We’re here to help you begin to appreciate yourself and understand who you really are. Return to peacefulness and call on us anytime.” This special friend takes a piece of the light and gives it to you to keep for yourself to store in your body to help you heal. And you watch the rest of the light as it slowly begins to contract and then disappear into itself. You now have part of the light, God’s love, deep in your mind, deep in your body, deep in your fighter cells, even deep into your soul. And now feeling so peaceful, knowing that God’s light is within you and that this special place and your magical friends, they’re here for you whenever you need them, whenever you want to continue the work that you’ve already done.

And as you look again around your special place, you know and feel that something powerful has taken place. A major shift has occurred. You thank God for what he has done for you and you thank him for the peace of knowing that everything is in God’s hands. As you continue to breathe in and out, relaxed and at peace, ready to take on whatever challenges lay ahead, and with your renewed strength, whenever you are ready, you can slowly begin to open your eyes and come back into the room, knowing that you have done important healing work. And yes you have, and you’re better for this. (music)